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China Central Television Broadcasts a Fabricated Program about a Falun Gong Practitioner in Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp

November 08, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Because I practice Falun Gong, I was "illegally imprisoned" in the Sixth Division of Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp. At that time, 90 percent of those imprisoned were Falun Gong practitioners. In 2007, prison guard Bai Lianna, who was head of the Sixth Division, made everyone watch CCTV's (China Central Television's) "Sky Net" TV program. The program was about our division, the Sixth Division of Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp. It showed prison guard Xia Xi, who is Bai Lianna's most efficient assistant, patiently and kindly helping to "transform" a so-called "Falun Gong practitioner." This "practitioner" was quite emotional and appreciative, and the family members appeared to appreciate the prison guard's work. The guard and practitioner hugged upon her release from prison; they were even reluctant to leave each other. Anyone who doesn't know the facts about Falun Gong and the brutality of the persecution would be fooled by this program.

After seeing this, everyone was startled, because that so-called Falun Gong practitioner was, in fact, not a practitioner at all, but a criminal inmate. No one in the Sixth Division has ever witnessed the kind of "help" and "patience" portrayed in the program. What actually takes place there is that, if you aren't "transformed" (that is, if you don't succumb to the pressure and renounce your belief in Falun Gong), you aren't allowed to sleep and you're insulted, beaten, and scolded, among other forms of torture. For example, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Lu Yulian, over 60 years old, was persecuted because she refused to be "transformed." We saw that she was frequently forced to stand motionless in the hall at noon and in the evening. She was eventually so severely tortured that she could not even eat and she was just skin and bones.

The imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners were astounded to see such a slanderous, fabricated program. They stared at the guards and demanded an explanation. A young prison guard said that this had taken place in the past in an incident unrelated to Falun Gong, but that CCTV had pieced it together to create this program.

CCTV and Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp colluded to create a false news story to deceive the Chinese public. No wonder people comment that the only truth reported in the Chinese Communist Party's media is the date.