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Be Concerned about Fellow Practitioners' Families

November 30, 2008 |   By a Dafa practitioner in Jinzhou, China

(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to discuss what is sometimes regarded as a trivial issue here. I want to remind mainland Dafa practitioners to be concerned about fellow practitioners' families, and to be compassionate to them. Doing so can resolve their grievances, can reduce tribulations for their family members, and can save a lot more sentient beings. The reason I wish to speak about this is that for the moment it appears to me that practitioners in my area are not doing very well in this respect.

In spring 2008, a practitioner from Shandong Province (let us call him Practitioner A) was arrested by the Jinzhou police during a big police raid. Because Practitioner A did not know any Jinzhou practitioners, and Jinzhou practitioners only heard that a Shandong practitioner was arrested in Jinzhou, no one knew who the practitioner was, or where his home was.

Just one week before his trial, we finally got Practitioner A's name and home address. But when we called the inquiry phone number "114", we were told that Practitioner A's home phone number was not registered. What should we do? At that time, we were not discouraged. We agreed that we should go to his home in person. Two female practitioners volunteered to go. One of them was working to make a living. She requested permission from her boss to have some time off. Then, they went to the railway station to buy tickets that night, but they were told that all the tickets had been sold out. Yet, they were not moved by that. They sent righteous thoughts and asked for Master's help. When they were about to head back, the ticket counter told them, "There are two returned sleeping-car tickets. Do you want them?" They were surprised and replied, "Yes, we want the tickets!" At the time, they thought they would take even standing tickets. That night, they headed to Shandong with the train tickets.

The two practitioners had righteous thoughts all the way. Other practitioners also sent righteous thoughts for them. After a night trip, they arrived at a city which is 100 km (or about 62 miles) away from Practitioner A's home. They then took a bus and a taxi, and finally arrived at Practitioner A's home at noon. A's wife welcomed them to her home. When she learned of the purpose of their visit, and of their having come from so far away, she had tears in her eyes and was too excited to say anything. Because of the long trip, the two practitioners were thirsty and hungry and asked for some water. A's wife went outside to get some water but returned empty-handed in a short while. The two practitioners asked for water again. Her mind returned to her and she said, "Sorry, I forgot." She then got the water. Later, the two Jinzhou practitioners learned that A's wife was working and it was her lunch hour. She said, "If you came a bit earlier or later, you would not be able to see me. I need to go back to work after lunch." We want to thank Master's benevolence for helping us find her.

Practitioner A's wife does not cultivate in Dafa yet. She was grateful to Jinzhou practitioners and also has strong righteous thoughts. In the rescue of her husband later, she was very cooperative with us. She has been to the Jinzhou persecution offices several times. She has always been positive when talking about Dafa everywhere and resisted all sorts of evil interference. Especially at the time of the trial, she performed very well at the Chinese Communist Party court. When she heard that another Shandong practitioner (Practitioner B) was also arrested at Jinzhou and was secretly sentenced, she left her daughter who was in middle school, and found Practitioner B's father and aunt after several twists and turns. She accompanied them to Jinzhou and borrowed two thousand yuan from her friend to help B hire a lawyer, although she has financial difficulties herself. When the Jinzhou police raided her home, they had taken away all her savings, including both cash and bank deposit certificates. Since her husband was arrested, she has to work in order to make ends meet and to pay her daughter's school tuition. Her monthly income is only 500 yuan. She came to Jinzhou several times to rescue her husband, which wasted some working hours. Her actual monthly income is less than 500 yuan. Yet, she did not have any complaints. She said, "Jinzhou Dafa practitioners do not know my husband, and were as concerned as a relative about him. I am his wife and I should do better. Dafa practitioners are the best people in the world. When my husband was arrested by the Jinzhou police, I did not get any paperwork. At that time, I was not home. I felt that the sky was falling and I ran into a dead end in life. For a long time, there was no one inquiring about me and my daughter. I could not find any local Dafa practitioners. Where could I find my husband? How could I and my daughter make a living? I started to hate my husband. He left me this family to take care of. He left me a 15-year-old daughter to take care of. Previously, we had a small store to make ends meet. After the Jinzhou police took away all our money, we did not have any cash flow. We had to close our store. I missed my husband every day. But how could I find him? Later, I came to Jinzhou by myself. Because I did not know the place, and I did not have any local friends to ask, I had no choice but to ask the police. They told me my husband was in a detention center. I went there, but I did not see my husband. I returned home after several days. Because I did not leave my daughter enough money, she did not have money to buy food. I felt very sad. With bitterness, I have to work. I make only 500 yuan monthly income. I myself need to support my daughter to go to school. My daughter and I have to have food. One day, I remembered that my husband often said, 'Believe in Teacher. Believe in Teacher.' I thought, I will also ask your Teacher for help. I asked Teacher Li to help me in my heart.

"Suddenly one day, two people from Jinzhou appeared. They were the people to help me find my husband. They were so kind and friendly. I felt like it was relatives visiting. I cannot say enough to thank them. Later, when I was in Jinzhou, Jinzhou practitioners were just like relatives. I was moved by their compassion. They are not my friends or relatives. They have their families. Yet, they can put behind their safety to find me. Then, I understood very clearly that only a great Master can teach such good practitioners. I changed completely. I do not complain about my husband any more. He too is not selfish. He has no relationship with the people in the world, yet, he took so many risks to clarify the truth to save sentient beings. I became strong with the Jinzhou practitioners' benevolence and kindness. I should stand up, and work with Dafa practitioners to resist the persecution!"

Now, Practitioner A's wife has returned home. I believe that she and her daughter will be able to pass through the difficult time with the great benevolence of Master and Dafa practitioners. The CCP used the Olympics as an excuse to arrest Dafa practitioners. There are tens of thousands more practitioners detained. Let's not forget their family members when we send righteous thoughts for detained practitioners.

November 7, 2008