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Practice Depends on Faith

November 25, 2008 |   By a practitioner in Inner Mongolia

(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner in China, and I have been practicing for ten years. I would like to take this opportunity of the Fifth Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China to write about my experiences. I have experienced plenty of hardship, but Dafa has forged my strong will, solid like diamond. I was previously a very sensitive and emotional person. I didn't encounter any big tribulations, and I was able to make it through these nine years of persecution because I totally relied on my faith in Dafa and Teacher. Because of my righteous faith, I was able to withstand the evil conduct by the police, who tortured me with electric batons, put me in shackles, beat and kicked me, and I was able to see through their ploys. Due to my righteous faith, I experienced "there will be bright flowers and another village ahead" innumerable times during hopeless situations.

On July 20, 1999, Jiang Zemin's regime began persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. At that time I had only practiced for less than a year. No matter how difficult the environment is, how unendurable the day is, since I have Dafa in my heart, even when it is very dark, I still have a bright light in my heart that is connected to heaven. It drives away the darkness and breaks apart the dense fog in me.

It was the hottest summer. A fellow practitioner couldn't withstand the painful tortures and revealed information about a materials production site and some fellow practitioners. A fellow practitioner told me about this anxiously. Looking at this practitioner's nervous and painful expression, I was shocked and thought about those painful years that I spent in the evil's den. Later, we consoled and encouraged each other.

I comforted her, told her to stand firm and not to be distracted by the evil, and that we should suffocate and disintegrate the evil. We went out separately and told other practitioners to collectively send forth righteous thoughts to rescue this detained practitioner. The evil was subsequently disintegrated due to fellow practitioners' righteous thoughts. Practitioners who have righteous thoughts will do things well. I quickly wrote down a suggestion to collectively send forth righteous thoughts to rescue this practitioner and a brief summary of this practitioner's suffering, and asked someone to send it to the Minghui website.

I then went out to convey this message to fellow practitioners. After I returned, I reorganized our Dafa books and materials, and prepared to transfer them. Where could I keep them temporarily? I remembered a close friend, who was not a practitioner, so I asked her to visit me and told her what I was thinking about. She immediately turned hostile and reprimanded me loudly, "You suffered in jail for several years, lost your job, and your family doesn't look like a family. Do you still want to live, can your child go on, ..." and so on. She also rejected my request. Her rebuke was a blow, but actually caused me to think more clearly and calmly. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, and I am here to save people, so I should bring Dafa's beauty to sentient beings. How can I let a non-practitioner get involved with the evil persecution and play a negative role toward Dafa? I didn't look to my supernatural powers and righteous thoughts granted to me by Dafa, but actually tried to depend on everyday people. Is this being a true practitioner?

I decided to keep the Falun Dafa books at home. I went nowhere and just stayed in my local area. That area is my responsibility, and I must disintegrate the evil that dares to persecute me. However, when placed under pressure, I was always a bit nervous. I quietly recited, "I have Teacher here, the evil can do nothing to me," but I was taking measures in case I was arrested. I told my child where the money is and other items at home. I also told him that regardless what happens, to remember that Falun Dafa is good, and that good days will come again. I was already in a passive position and moved imperceptibly by the evil.

I thought about Teacher telling practitioners to study the Fa more. I increased my study time and memorized the Fa, and intensively sent forth righteous thoughts. I felt that Teacher was strengthening me, thus disintegrating the evil, and my fear gradually disappeared. I was no longer afraid and became very firm in my cultivation.

A few days ago, this fellow practitioner visited me again. She told me to hide because the detained practitioner had been "transformed". After she left, I decided to notify practitioners in other cities to assist us in sending forth righteous thoughts and disintegrating this evil. I traveled one hundred miles to practitioners' homes, asked them to intensively send forth righteous thoughts, and disintegrate this persecution. I also asked them to not give up on the "transformed" practitioner. In addition, I asked them to use righteous thoughts to eliminate the rotten matter and evil in this practitioner's field. This collective sending forth of righteous thoughts was very powerful and disintegrated the evil, and caused the attempts to persecute practitioners on a large scale to fail. Several years have passed, and when I recall this experience, I feel that as long as our thoughts are righteous, Dafa's mighty power will appear, and Teacher can resolve everything instantaneously. It allows us to sense that Teacher is next to us at all times, closely protecting genuine practitioners and preventing the evil from persecuting practitioners.

The persecuted fellow practitioner indeed was lost at that time. I met with her once, but was unable to change her mind. However, I believe that Dafa is capable of doing anything and will change everything, so I didn't give up in sending forth righteous thoughts for her. I did this several times every day, and attentively called her name every time, and called upon her main consciousness to quickly awaken, to quickly rectify itself. I also asked Teacher to strengthen me when I sent forth righteous thoughts every day. I called her name for an entire year. One day after a year, she suddenly came to see me, and together we walked again on the path of cultivation in the Fa-rectification period. When I asked her whether she sensed that I had called her every day, she burst into tears. I thank Teacher for not giving up on this practitioner, even though she had made mistakes. Teacher cherishes every practitioner.

As long as practitioners study the Fa more, look inward more, we can pass every test. When we feel uncomfortable and indulge in our attachments, it is because we pay too much attention to ourselves. Every case of external interference is caused by a negative factor, and thus the evil can take advantage of our attachments and create all sorts of tribulations for us. When our righteous thoughts and faith are strong, the evil will have no loopholes to take advantage of.

I have many shortcomings and also made big mistakes on my path of practice. During ten years of hardships, my steps of returning have never stopped. I simply believe in Teacher. From the beginning of my practice until now, not once did any one thing cause me to doubt Teacher. Questions like, "Teacher has already said it in the Fa, so why did it not happen that way?" and similar questions have never occurred in my mind.

A police officer once tried to shake my faith. He viciously said, "Your parents pay for you to go to the university, you have lost what you should have, you are suffering here, does your Teacher know? Do you know how many mansions your Teacher has? Do you know your Teacher is enjoying life in America?" I told him seriously, "My Teacher treats people purely and righteously, and his life is simple. Teacher's words and actions are the highest standards for practitioners. Even if my Teacher were to live in a mansion, and eat delicacies of every kind, he deserves it. It is also a practitioner's wish and hope that our Teacher lives well. Why can others have everything, but my Teacher can't? My Teacher unconditionally expelled diseases and purified the thoughts of one hundred million practitioners. He gave so much, why can't he enjoy something?" This evil being realized that my faith in Teacher was rock solid and gave up.

Teacher told us that practitioners should study the Fa more and melt into the Fa. Since I became a practitioner, I have been very diligent in Fa study. I have memorized Zhuan Falun over ten times, read it several hundred times, and transcribed it four times. I have also transcribed every lecture once, and can recite Hong Yin and Hong Yin II. In the most severe situations, I relied on my faith in Teacher and Dafa to make it through every difficulty. Here I would like to suggest that new and veteran practitioners alike make every effort to study the Fa, because the Fa is the basis for practitioners, and our guarantee for progressing toward consummation. If your Fa study is minimal, then doing the three things may not go smoothly. When you have the Fa, you are capable of doing anything.

Regardless of what I do, explaining the facts and saving people are my main goals in this life. Whether I go to buy clothes or food, or meet friends and people who have a predestined relationship, all of these situations are my opportunity for clarifying the facts. When I have the earnest wish for saving people, Teacher always helps me with supernatural powers. I have traveled hundreds of miles to tell my friends and relatives about withdrawing from the CCP, and I have experienced many touching situations. I remember a high school teacher who held my hands tightly and said in tears, "I have been waiting for this, I thank you so much." This teacher held my hands, while wiping his tears. Every success is due to Dafa and our righteous faith.

Thank you Teacher!

Thank you fellow practitioners!