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Many Police are Gradually Awakening

November 20, 2008 |   By a Dafa practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) Being a police officer is a very special profession as it entails upholding justice and human dignity for the good of society. But in mainland China, the majority of police officers are no better than common thieves and criminals. They are a pitiful lot, as most of them are unaware that the Chinese Communist regime is simply using them to carry out their evil agendas. But in terms of how each police officer understands and views Falun Dafa, they are not all the same, as the following three stories will show.

Police Officer A in the "Judiciary Instruction Class"

After the 2001 Chinese New Year, I was released from a detention center and then taken to a so-called "Judiciary Instruction Class." About a week later, the staged self-immolation incident occurred in Tiananmen Square. Policeman A said to me, "The self-immolation is true! You have nothing to say anymore!" I firmly told him, "It was a staged event that deceived you but cannot deceive me." Since I was not in Tiananmen at the time of the incident as I was locked up in the detention center, 'A' asked me how I could possibly have known that it was a staged event.

I told him, "Since gasoline was used to start the fire, how is it possible that the fire was extinguished in just a few seconds... in sprawling Tiananmen Square, no less? Also, the plastic Sprite bottle filled with gasoline 'miraculously' survived the intense heat of the fire without melting. I ask you, how is that possible?" After 'A' thought for a while, he said,: "Why did the police do such a thing, then? What were they trying to achieve?" I answered, "Their aim was to manipulate public sentiment against Falun Gong so they can justify their persecution against this peaceful group of people."

He kept shaking his head in disbelief, saying "It's impossible!" He suddenly bellowed at me, "You are really bold! As soon as you saw this self-immolation incident you dared to analyze it and say that it is a fake."

I smiled and said, "It is because evil cannot suppress righteousness. My Master has given me a pair of wisdom eyes. Since the state-run media will broadcast this slanderous propaganda non-stop, I would suggest that you consider carefully what I just said and make sure you don't get taken in by what you see and what you hear."

Several days later he came to me and told me his real thoughts.

After having suffered a four to five inch knife wound during the Vietnam War, he was assigned to a desk job at the local police station. He told me that whenever it rains, this scar tissue becomes very painful and uncomfortable.

Before the persecution of Falun Gong started on July 20, 1999, 'A' knew that Dafa was good and that it could quickly heal peoples' illnesses, including incurable diseases. So he made up his mind to take up the practice and asked his wife to make him a meditation cushion. She worked on the cushion in her spare time and completed the project within about a week--a few days after the persecution began on July 20, 1999.

He thought it was a stroke of luck that his wife took so long to complete the cushion, otherwise he might have been targeted for persecution. He even thanked her for taking her time. I told him that even if he had learned the exercises at the exercise site for three days, he would have been able to do them on his own after that. He shook his head but smiled very thoughtfully.

I also urged him to practice the exercises even if his health was good, as this practice could give him something that money or power could not. I told him that even finding a Dafa exercise book now would not be easy. He immediately said, "I can find a book, no problem." I told him to look for the book with photographs of Master Li teaching the exercises.

When I urged him to change his job, he replied, "I am an army veteran and don't have professional skills, so it would be difficult for me to find an employer who would be willing to hire me." I said, "There is nothing in this world that is too difficult to do. If you really want to change your job, an opportunity will present itself." He walked away with a very satisfied look on his face.

Resident Permit Officer 'B' at the "Judiciary Instruction Class"

Since 'B' and I have known each other for a long time, our conversations are always very pleasant. One day 'B' suddenly said to me: "If I, as a police officer, asked you whether you have ever distributed Dafa circulars, I know you will not answer me. If I mention a certain time and place where I found some circulars, you will not acknowledge them. I know that every one of you practitioners is capable of distributing Dafa materials and are very skilled at doing it, too." We both laughed.

He said, "Several times I have seen fliers posted up somewhere, but I could never catch the people who posted them. Male or female, young, or old, they all disappear in an instant; it's really quick!" I said, "When you see these fliers but you cannot catch the people who posted them, it is because you are not supposed to catch them. If you caught them, you would have committed a crime against Heaven and would surely receive retribution." He immediately said, "Retribution really exists and I have received it!" After I asked him about this, he told me the following story:

"On more than one occasion I've seen you practitioners putting circulars in newspaper boxes, so I fabricated a metal clamp and walked around the different neighborhoods in my civilian clothes, removing every circular that I saw. Sometimes when other people saw me doing this they cursed at me, thinking that I was stealing their newspaper. I was terribly embarrassed when this happened.

"One evening after getting off work, I saw a woman putting something in several newspaper boxes. But when I tried to catch up to her, she suddenly disappeared out of sight. So I went over to grab the circulars with my metal clamp, but I could not remove them no matter how hard I tried (the newspaper box was high in the air).

"So I picked up two bricks from the ground, piled them on top of each other, and then stepped on them to reach further into the box with my clamp. While doing this, I lost my balance and fell down, rolling into a puddle of rainwater, then into a pile of coal. I thought it was very strange that I rolled so far and then slammed into a pile of coal. When I got up, I was covered in black soot, from head to toe."

I could not help laughing at his story, but when I apologized to him, he began laughing, too. After that I sincerely told him. "From now on you should not do those things." He replied, "It is my job; I get paid to do this." I said, "Who would know if you did this part of your job or not? With each circular you grab, you will be committing one more crime against Heaven. You've already been given a warning not do this. If you don't stop now, your family members may even suffer retribution. "That is true!" he yelled. "My daughter was hit by a motorcycle and my wife was hit by a car. How dangerous it is!" I told him that we should pay attention to what Heaven wants us to do. Then I told him a little story.

An older female practitioner who lives by herself on a retirement pension of 360 yuanper month gives 200 yuan to practitioners each month so that they can make truth clarification materials. When the Chinese New Year was approaching, a fellow practitioner went to visit her.

After being at her home for just a short while, she realized that this older practitioner ate only gruel with a few vegetable leaves mixed in, three times a day. She couldn't help crying when she saw this. This elderly practitioner had silently persevered like this for many years with the understanding that, "As long as everyday people can understand the truth about Dafa, it's not a big deal for me to endure some hardship."

After finding out about this, the other practitioners did not want to take her money anymore, so she cried and cried, saying, "I am old, and I cannot use a computer to print materials by myself. Master saved me from near-death and I don't know how to express my gratitude. If you do not take my money I won't know how to go on living!"

Everybody who heard her words burst into tears. Finally an agreement was reached whereby only 100 yuan would be taken from her each month to make materials. After telling this story I, too, burst into tears, and 'B's' mood also became very solemn. I urged him not to do these things anymore and told him that our Master has come to save people.

Guard 'C' at a labor camp

A female guard that I know frequently talks with me in private. It is in this way that I came to know that she was in very poor health. I knew that if I directly spoke to her about Dafa, she would not be able to accept what I had to say. Instead, I spoke about the origin of qigong and its healing effectiveness.

When our conversation became more open and friendly, I told her that regular qigong methods do not cultivate the mind, so they cannot truly eliminate the root cause of a person's illness. I told her that I started practicing Dafa only after I had thoroughly understood this one point.

Bit by bit I told her about the wonders of Dafa, and she finally accepted some of what I was saying, at her level. One day she came to me saying, "I will be on leave for a week, so I'll see you when I get back. Take care!" I said, "Your health is not good, and you cannot sleep well. Let me teach you a method that will enable you to sleep soundly."

Then I told her, "Sit in meditation without thinking about anything and try to enter a tranquil state. Gradually try to extend the length of time you are in this state." Then I sat on a bed and taught her the movements. She said, "That's good, I will do it before I go to sleep, starting tonight."

A week later she came and told me, "I have practiced this exercise for a week and I feel very comfortable." We both smiled. I then told her about Master's Fa lectures and the limitations of science, which she accepted quite readily. After talking about two and a half hours, she suddenly asked me, "Are you teaching me Falun Gong?!"

I said, "Really, you don't care what practice this is, as long as it works, right? Also, it is truly rescuing you." She blushed and said that she had something to do and then left. As time went by, she frequently asked me questions about Dafa and told me how her practice was coming along. I urged her to find a Dafa book to read, to which she replied, "I think there's a copy of Zhuan Falun in my office," and then smiled. Even after I left the forced labor camp, we still kept in touch with each other.

My neighbor, Police Officer 'D'

In 2002, just after I was released from a forced labor camp, 'D' came to my home to visit me, saying, "Nothing can change you, you only talk about one word, 'cultivation.'" We both smiled. Even my family members all smiled.

I urged him, "Since you work at the local police station, you must treat Dafa practitioners kindly. Also, you must take good care of the Dafa books that you confiscate. Whatever you do, do not destroy the books as this would be a crime against Heaven." He said in a very serious tone, "Yes, I remember."

Then he said to me, "Your Falun emblems are all alive. How come you didn't tell me that? In the past when I would get them I would put them in a box. In total, I had collected at least a hundred emblems. Afterward some people told me they are alive and are able to spin, and spin very fast, too. So I went to open the box and take a look and not a single emblem was there. The other police officers had gotten them and taken them home. They obviously knew about these emblems before I did!"

When I asked him about the Dafa books he confiscated, he replied, "In those two years we had books coming in every day, including books from people who gave up the practice. We stored these books in a separate room, which filled up most of the room. For four years nobody dared to destroy these books. Within the past two years, each officer took one book, leaving us with only about one third of the original volume of books. Everybody in their heart knows what's going on." Then we both smiled.

A retired local police station director, 'E'

I met 'E' at a wedding where he poured out his grievances and indignation about the state of affairs in the world today. When we talked, I urged him to do the "three withdrawals" (withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party and its two youth organizations). It turned out that he was aware of everything from Heavenly disasters to man-made disasters; from the head of the evil, Jiang Zemin, to Falun Gong, and also the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party". Within 20 minutes he agreed to the three withdrawals using his real name.

Since he knew that I had a computer and printed Dafa circulars at home, the second time we met, he asked me if he could have a copy of all the different circulars I had. He said that after he read them he would pass them on to others, and that it's more convenient for him to do that than me.

When dealing with each of these police officers, I came to know that some practitioners had urged them to do the three withdrawals before I did, but they all refused. Why? Because we did not pay attention to minding our speech.

Practitioners, please pay attention to this issue as it is very important for us to make a good impression on people so that they will trust us. And whatever you do, please do not try to persuade people to quit the Communist party by telling them, "Someone you know has already done the three withdrawals." Some people refused to quit for this one reason alone.

The most difficult thing for a human being to do is to change his way of thinking. Under the mighty force of Fa-Rectification, on the surface it looks like it is the police officers and prison guards who are trying to make us change our belief, when in fact, it is us changing their thinking and saving them!

In our interactions with everyday people, there is no matter that cannot be solved if we discipline ourselves to act according to the "Fa" principles and patiently try to save each and every being we meet. I know deep in my heart that if I run across a problem that I cannot solve, it is because I have some attachments that I have not yet relinquished.

Heshi to Master and to my fellow practitioners!