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Suggestion - Overseas Practitioners Should Memorize the Fa

November 10, 2008 |   By a practitioner outside of China

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioners outside of China are very busy. Everyone has responsibilities in multiple projects, especially the coordinators, who need to spend more time and energy to fulfill their responsibilities. I really admire them. They are responsible to the "Fa' and participate in truth-clarification projects wholeheartedly. Besides, they need to work for a living and take care of their families. Wherever they fail to do well will bring problems and troubles. It would be difficult to know how hard it is, had you not experienced these things.

Because there are so many things to do and everybody is busy with various projects, we have to find time to study the Fa. If we cannot study the Fa with a peaceful mind, it is hard to maintain good quality Fa study. Because our mind is not calm, even though our eyes are looking at the words, our mind may still think of the Dafa projects and other work related issues. We may think about resuming work after we study the Fa in a hurry. Some practitioners listen to the recordings of Falun Dafa lectures while they are working on something else to make good use of time. This makes it harder to have a calm mind. If we study the Fa in this state, it is going through the motions without actually studying the Fa.

We may resolve this problem by memorizing the Fa. We have to concentrate our attention and focus in order to remember the Fa when we are trying to memorize it. This will help one overcome the problem of studying the Fa without a calm mind. I recommend that all fellow practitioners who are too busy to study the Fa with a calm mind to try studying the Fa by memorizing it. You may memorize the paragraphs and recite them one by one. It does not matter if you forget some contents you have previously recited. It is still fine if you can recite each paragraph one by one. After you persist in doing this for a while, you will be surprised to discover the benefit of memorizing the Fa.

The purpose of Fa study is to assimilate to Dafa. Only if we study the Fa with a calm mind and melt into Dafa and continue looking inward, are we able to assimilate to Dafa. If one day we don't study the Fa, we are not cultivating on that day. Work and doing truth-clarification projects cannot replace cultivation. Neither can we do well in validating Dafa if we don't have a good cultivation state.