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Ms. Shen Honglei Put on Trial Five Times in Shanghai

October 27, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Shen Honglei has been illegally arrested and detained for one year by the policemen and CCP's agents of the 610 Office in Shanghai. During this period, she has been put on trial five times, and still has not been sentenced. However, the personnel of the 610 Office sent her to a forced labor camp for three years.

Ms. Shen Honglei, 53 years old, lives on Qinghe Road, Jiading District, in Shanghai. At midnight on October 9, 2007, the CCP's agents of the 610 Office and the local police broke into the home of Ms. Shen's elder sister, arrested Ms. Shen and detained her in the Heiyuqiao Detention Center in the Jiading District. She is still detained there one year later. During this period, Ms Shen's family members have not been allowed to visit her, nor were they informed when she was on trial.

During the afternoon of September 4, 2008, before the last trial began, with the help of some kind people, Ms. Shen's elder sister arrived at the Court in advance, wanting to attend the hearing. However, Zhu Peihua, a CCP agent, ordered other people to drive her out of the Court and she was forcefully detained by the Residence Management Committee. They didn't let her go until the trial was over. No sentence has been handed down.

After the fifth illegal trial, Ms. Shen's elder sister went to the District Court and the local 610 Office several times to ask for information about Ms. Shen's case. They told her that the court intended to sentence Ms. Shen to prison for one year. However, three days later, family members received a letter informing them that Ms. Shen had been sentenced to be detained at a forced labor camp for three and a half years. The date on the letter was later than the expiration date by which they were allowed to appeal the case to an upper-lever court. As a result, they didn't have any way to appeal for her.

610 Office in Jiading District, Shanghai City: Zhu Peihua (86-13122331202(Cell)), Wang Min

October 17, 2008