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A Dafa Practitioner's Every Thought Must Be Righteous

October 25, 2008 |   By a practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) Righteous thoughts are divine thoughts. As long as our righteous thoughts are strong, Master can help us pass tribulations. If we have unrighteous thoughts, they are human thoughts. If human thoughts guide practitioners on their cultivation way, the vicious old forces can easily find loopholes, and use them as an excuse to persecute us.

It has been over sixteen years since Master first taught the Fa in China. The persecution, however, has lasted for more than nine years. Why hasn't the persecution ended? The major reason is that Dafa practitioners still have many attachments that the old forces use as excuses to "test" us, which has brought interference with Master's Fa-rectification. We have staggered and sometimes fallen down on our path to where we are today, and the experiences and lessons we have gone through have helped us to become more mature. Nevertheless, the consequences of righteous thoughts or human thoughts are different in the things we are doing.

Riding my bicycle one day in August, I fell, damaging my bike. After I came home, my mind became unclear. My spouse asked our children to take me to the hospital, but the CT scan did not find any problem with me. At home, I noticed that one of my fingers had a bandage on it. The doctor at the hospital had given me an injection of anti-tetanus serum, as I had not been clear-minded. Ever since I started practicing Dafa, however, I never believed in the effects of any kind of medicine on me.

The hospital was unable to diagnose my physical condition, but the left side of my body was in extreme pain due to the fall. The pain was almost intolerable; however, it did not stop me from doing my chores, nor did it distract me from doing the three things. When practicing the exercises, I would sweat so much from the pain that my clothes were completely soaked. It hurt even more when I slept. Every day I sent forth righteous thoughts. I asked Master to help strengthen me. In the meantime, I searched inside. Once I found the reason why I fell, the pain disappeared right away.

Before practicing Dafa, I was full of diseases: bronchitis, neurasthenia, otitis media (middle ear infection), uterine cancer, and stomach disease. Thirty years of medicine did not heal any of the diseases. However, after I started to practice Dafa, all of these diseases disappeared and I did not have to take any medicine at all. Whoever saw me would say that I was very healthy, young, and that I looked like I was in my sixties. Hearing these compliments, my attachment of showing off started to grow. Because of that, I fell down that day. I should have clarified the facts to people to prove the magnificence of Dafa since I am very healthy. Everything was granted by Master. Yet, back then, when I told people the truth about Dafa, I even carried with me the mentality of showing off. Although I was clarifying the truth, my heart was not pure. To validate oneself is a strong sign of showing off. Hence the old forces latched on to my loophole to persecute me.

After this incident, I concluded that cultivation is a serious matter. I need to study the Fa even more in the future and compare my every single thought with the Fa. I will try not to develop any kind of human mentality or attachments so that the vicious old forces will not be able to find any loopholes. I will walk honorably on the path arranged by Master.