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Pick Up Your Pen and Write an Experience-Sharing Article

October 19, 2008 |   By a practitioner from China

(Clearwisdom.net) The Fifth Mainland China Falun Dafa Practitioners Cultivation Internet Experience Sharing Conference will soon start. Many practitioners do not want to write experience sharing articles because they believe that they have not done anything worth writing about. I had the same thought before. I wish to share my experiences participating in the third and fourth on-line experience sharing conferences. I hope this article helps fellow practitioners and myself to overcome the obstacles in our minds and write down our experiences before the deadline.

When the third conference started, at first I did not think at all about writing down my experiences. I just read other practitioners' articles. During that time, a local practitioner encouraged me to write an experience sharing article. He told me that writing an article would help me improve and advance in my cultivation. I felt that I had stumbled on my cultivation path and that I had not done anything extraordinary. He reminded me that writing an article was very important and that not every practitioner could do it. With his encouragement, I started to think about writing down my experiences. I am educated and can express myself well. Certainly I had something to report to Teacher after so many years of cultivation? If not, what kind of practitioner was I?

I then started to write. I carefully analyzed my thoughts and wrote them down, and I wrote about the deeper understanding of Fa I was gaining as I wrote the article. Just as the practitioner had told me, writing this article provided me with an opportunity to ascend in the Fa. This was the first experience sharing article I had written. Beforehand, I never realized I could validate Dafa through writing. I sent the article to the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom), but it was not posted. I thought this was reasonable since there was nothing special about my experience.

When the Fourth Experience Sharing Conference was announced, the local practitioner again encouraged me to write an experience sharing article. He told me that my last article was simple and pure and that another practitioner thought it was a very good article. He said that the reason I did not feel it was a good article was because I was the author. Readers of the article would feel different. I told him I really did not have anything to write about, and I was quite busy.

After he left, I was browsing the Minghui website and noticed an article with a very familiar title. I thought to myself: "How could this article have the same title as the one I wrote? Perhaps a fellow practitioner had a similar realization." I read on and discovered that the article was the one I had written for the Third Experience Sharing Conference. A year had passed since I had submitted the article. I thought it was strange for my article to be posted on the Minghui website one year later. I did not have time to think too much about the issue since I had to leave for work. When I saw my fellow practitioner, I told him about it.

The practitioner said, "Nothing that happens to a practitioner is a coincidence. Why was the article posted now? This is Teacher encouraging you to write down your experiences." I agreed, but I still felt that I had not cultivated very well and that my cultivation experiences were not worthy of an article. Then I thought about Teacher: It seemed that he wanted me to write an article, so there must be something for me to write about. In fact, Teacher is looking after me every step of the way so I that can cultivate in Dafa. If I did not act, I would not be worthy of Teacher's thoughtful arrangement.

One night, I tried to calm myself and started to write about my experiences. I finished the draft at around 1:00 a.m. I went to bed but could not sleep. All of a sudden, a paragraph appeared in my mind. I was almost moved to tears by the words. I quickly got out of bed and wrote them down. I was able to send in the article before the deadline. I thought that my article was not well-written since I was so rushed, and there were still many obstacles in my mind.

To my surprise, my article was posted on the Minghui website as one of the experience sharing articles for the conference. The editors placed the paragraph that had greatly moved me as the opening remark. I thought to myself, "The article was probably posted because of that paragraph." I read other practitioners' experience sharing articles and thought that each one was very good. Every article touched me deeply and moved me to tears. Compared to those articles, I thought that mine was not as well-written, and perhaps Teacher was using this experience to encourage me.

Shortly afterwards, another event changed my original thinking. One day I read all the daily articles on the Minghui website. In one of them, a fellow practitioner mentioned that he was inspired by something I wrote in my article. I was so thrilled to learn that my article had helped another practitioner. It was gratifying to know that I played the role of a Dafa particle in the Fa-rectification period. I know that Teacher was again giving me encouragement. Thanks to Teacher, I got rid of my inferiority complex.

Looking back at how reluctant I was to participate in the two online experience sharing conferences, I encourage every practitioner to write an experience sharing article. Most of us have been cultivating for years and I am sure we have had different experiences. For us to become kings and lords of different paradises in the future, we need to have our own understandings about the Fa of the universe. We should not be too worried about whether we have good writing skills or whether our cultivation state is good or whether our article will be posted or not. Writing the article provides us with an opportunity to ascend in the Fa. Additionally, what one practitioner considers a very normal thing may be something other practitioners have not yet enlightened to. Fellow practitioners, let us write down our experiences and advance together diligently.