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A University Student's Understanding of Computer Games

October 16, 2008 |   By a young practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) I am a teenage Falun Dafa practitioner. I have been practicing Dafa for eleven years. Dafa has given me a new life. I was very sick as a baby. I used to have injections all the time. When I was in Year 5 at primary school, I cried my heart out every day, and nobody could stop me. I didn't know what it would be like after I died or what the purpose of life was. I didn't know whether there was an edge to this universe or what was it like outside this universe. I couldn't get answers to these questions; not anywhere I looked.

When I was in Year Six, I came across Falun Dafa. The boundless meaning of Dafa deeply attracted me. I was a stubborn person and didn't easily believe others, but I totally believed what Master said. Encouraged by my father, I began to study the Fa by myself and I studied the Fa very well. When I was a kid, my father would chat with me when he found that my thoughts were not right, and would help me realize the problem. I was not in contact with anything that was not good for me. When we had time, my whole family listened to the Fa together. When our minds were really in the Fa, we would feel a harmonious and compassionate field just as what Master described. Our minds didn't have any bad thoughts and we felt so comfortable. I was in such a state until I finished high school.

On the night before the university entrance examination, I was so nervous that I couldn't go to sleep. I was still awake at 2am. I was very anxious. My father played Master's Guangzhou lecture video for me. While I was listening to Master's Fa, I felt so comfortable in my heart that I let go of my attachment to the exam. When the results of the university entrance exam were published, I was at the top of the whole school. I knew many little Dafa disciples around me had assimilated to the Fa and let go of fame, interest and qing. They were excellent students at school. But many ordinary people didn't know that it was because they studied Dafa that they strictly required themselves to do everything well and thus they achieved good results in their study.

After I entered university, I changed. Without my parents' supervision, without the good environment of cultivation, I was tempted to computer games and Internet and slid down the giant current of contemporary society. I knew I was looking outward. Would my parents not cultivate diligently without the supervision of other practitioners? Is other practitioners' diligent cultivation a result of their fellow practitioners' supervision? How come I expected other people to play a role on the path of my cultivation? Isn't it I who should be responsible to my own cultivation? If I abandon myself, who else would save me? I was making an excuse when I said that there was no environment for studying the Fa or practicing the exercises. I could download Master's Fa onto my mobile phone, electronic book or MP4 and I could study the Fa at any time. If I really tried, I would have found a place to practice the exercises. Only I didn't want to study the Fa or practice the exercises. I found excuses to tell myself that without a cultivation environment I could just let it go. How irresponsible I was to my own life!

Computer games and the Internet are the two things that distract young disciples studying at universities most. Nowadays the moral standard of society is sliding downwards a thousand miles a day. People's minds, thoughts, and behavior drift further away from the righteous way. The superficial prosperity of modern science and technology attract our minds and hearts more and more. Especially in contemporary society, the evil Communist Party madly damages China's traditional divine culture and educates people with atheism. It reinforces the mentality of self-indulgence and lack of moral restriction. On the Internet, people can indulge their desires and lust, competitiveness, and fight for fame and interest. In order to increase their clicks ratio, websites publish pornographic stuff, violence and immoral things, which are irrational and inhumane. When we are browsing websites and forums, we unknowingly accept those bad thoughts. The websites present those immoral people to you and it is hard for you to differentiate them. When you absorb it, aren't you the same as they are? I started with browsing websites and forums, and unknowingly developed lust and desire and became interested in games. Then little by little I was looking for more stimulating things. In the end I played games and visited bad websites.

I threw myself into the big cesspool. I smelt the stink and didn't want to come out. Often times I had a try-my-luck mentality. I told myself that I would be on the Internet this last time and no more. So I clung to the computer for a long time and indulged myself. But Gods are watching my every move and everything is in their sight. The old Chinese saying says that there are divine beings three meters above our heads. So how could I possibly face Master? I indulged myself and read pornographic things and played those demonic killing games. Was I a practitioner? I was not even qualified to be a human being. I felt uncomfortable in my body and didn't feel any happiness. I often felt tired, regretful and remorseful. One day I saw Master in my dream. Master said to me that he would not meet me when I completed my cultivation because I was not qualified. I had so much regret.

Several young male practitioners I knew also played games. Some did poorly at university as a result. They knew this was not good, but were not determined to give up the games. They exhibited demonic behavior after playing the games, including: not wanting to do anything but play games; having no interest in the actual world; being very indifferent to life; having thoughts that were disrespectful to Dafa and which told them that they should give up Dafa; and indulging in lust and desire. Computers are not something passed down to humans by Gods. Master has repeatedly talked about the issue of modern science and computers. Nowadays, computer games and Internet games are vividly animated and many young people are trapped by them and cannot come out of it. Is this accidental? Isn't it that they want to destroy our generation? The games are manipulated by demons, animals, ghosts and other evil beings.

I wonder if the word "game" isn't misleading us. We mistakenly think that we can get pleasure and relaxation by playing them. Isn't it a deviated word that misleads young people? Most Internet games are virtual killing machines. How could we still have compassion and kindness if we indulge in these things? So I think we shouldn't recognize the name. Traditional entertainment includes things such as swimming, exercise and picnics. If we take virtual killing as a means of recreation, don't we become demons killing human beings?

I didn't live up to the compassion of Master. I was irresponsible to my own life after I entered the university. I have not been in a good cultivation state. I am not qualified even to be a human being. Traditional studying uses paper books. People say that the computer is a temptation. It is better not to use the computer for studying. So let us use computers less. I should first try to rectify myself and behave within the boundary of a human being, then make a good plans for studying the Fa and memorizing the Fa and doing the three things. I should treasure this limited period of time.

Above is my personal experience and I hope my fellow practitioners will compassionately point out anything inappropriate.