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Prison Guards and Inmates Torture Dafa Practitioners Held in Siping Prison in Jilin Province

January 07, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) The "Education Ward" (the 9th ward) of Siping Prison of Jilin Province specifically jails and persecutes Dafa practitioners. The ward leader Yin Xiangdong and deputy head Geng Mingcai have forced detained practitioners to go through various brainwashing sessions.

They assigned criminals to serve as monitors to watch practitioners all the time. They would follow practitioners wherever they went, be it working, eating, using the restroom, or meeting with their visiting families. They were by the practitioners' side even during sleep. In order to curry favor with prison guards, some monitors used all kinds of torture on the practitioners. Some of the most severely tortured practitioners include Liang Zhenxing, Yang Zhanyou, and Wang Weizhi.

Deputy head Geng Mingcai and police officer Zhang Yejun directed guards Li Haifeng and Gao Gewei to instigate monitors to beat practitioners. They also shocked practitioners with electric batons.

In May, practitioner Zhao Lianli from Liaoyuan City refused to sign a pledge to give up practicing Falun Gong, and he was beaten by guards and monitors. Huang Weilin, a practitioner in his 50's, was beaten so badly that he spit up blood. Dong Enhao from Fusong County was left with fluid in his lungs due to the torture. He had to be sent to the hospital twice to get the fluid removed. When his family learned of this, they went to ask for his release. However, the prison officials stopped them at the gate and refused to let them in.

Many practitioners are now in critical condition due to long-term torture.