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Canada: Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference Held in Vancouver (Photos)

January 30, 2008 |   By Wang Mei in Vancouver

(Clearwisdom.net) On January 27, 2008, Falun Dafa practitioners in Vancouver held a regional Falun Dafa cultivation experience sharing conference.

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Fa conference venue

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A practitioner shares her cultivation experience

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A practitioner shares her cultivation experience

Twenty-three practitioners read their papers at the conference. The papers covered different aspects of practitioners' Fa-validation, such as assisting the Eastern Canada groups in reporting on Divine Performing Arts' performances, participating in ticket sales for the Chinese New Year Spectacular, making phone calls or sending emails to clarify the facts and advise Chinese people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, doing work in the media, balancing family relationships while validating the Fa, and so on.

A western practitioner from Victoria talked about her experience in doing ticket sales for Divine Performing Arts' performances. With insufficient sleep for days on end, she overcame her physical discomfort, and was able to maintain high spirits for several consecutive days, and her xinxing was improved as well. She also gained a deeper understanding of the significance of offering salvation to sentient beings through reporting on the Divine Performing Arts' performances.

Another practitioner talked about how he broke through his human notions and overcame difficulties in reporting on the Divine Performing Arts performances. He was able to provide reports at the earliest time possible as a result.

Several practitioners shared their experiences in offering salvation to sentient beings and advising people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. One practitioner said that although at first she did not know the technique, with Master's hints on several occasions, she was able to send emails to clarify the truth. She prepared the materials carefully and was considerate of the recipients' situations. So far, she has sent out over 40,000 emails and received positive feedback.

A practitioner has been clarifying the truth at a popular Chinese tourist spot for several years. At the beginning, she was able to persuade a few people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, and gradually she became more effective at it. On several occasions more than 30 people quit the CCP organizations in one day. She also talked about how she let go of complacency and her attachment to the number of people that she has persuaded to quit the CCP. When making phone calls to mainland China, after persuading one person to quit the CCP, she would encourage him to persuade his relatives and friends to quit. This has proven to be very successful, especially as she followed back up later.The practitioners who shared their experiences in persuading people to quit the CCP talked about its urgency. They found that their mindset is very important, and that it's also important be considerate of the recipients' mindsets. We can only save a person with a sincere and earnest heart.

A middle-aged woman practitioner talked about her cultivation experience in making ads in the media. She stayed up until two to three o'clock every night working on it, especially given the challenges of constant changes. She faced the difficulties calmly and head-on, and she realized from studying the Fa that work is not cultivation, but rather, her state of cultivation will be reflected in her work.

One practitioner talked about how he had drifted along with the decline of society, and then rectified himself through cultivation. Several practitioners shared how they got rid of the attachment to comfort, how they realized the importance of offering salvation to sentient beings and their mission, and how they overcame all kinds of difficulties to participate in ticket sales for the Divine Performing Arts performances. Other topics also included submitting articles to ordinary media to clarify the facts, cultivation experiences in the Divine Land Marching Band and breaking through the test of sickness karma through improving in the Fa.

An elderly practitioner shared that since she started practicing Falun Gong, she has had good health. Even her hair, which had turned white, began to turn black. She also talked about a miraculous experience. One night, several practitioners who work in the media studied the Fa and exchanged their understandings at her home. They were very calm and peaceful. They analyzed their deficiencies and discussed how to improve. When considering the problem, no one blamed others. She was in another room at the time. When she looked up, she saw that those practitioners were Buddhas wearing cassocks, sitting in the air discussing. She thought she was imagining things, but when she looked carefully, it was still so.

Practitioners at the Fa conference felt the atmosphere was solemn and peaceful, everybody listened to the sharing attentively, and even children who were usually very playful quietly sat beside their parents, listening quietly.

Many practitioners thought that they benefited a lot because the things that were shared at the Fa conference resonated with their own situations. They were touched and found where they have fallen short, and said that they would do better in the three things and eliminate the partitions between practitioners. They said that they would work together to validate the Fa and live up to Master's benevolent and arduous salvation, and live up to their historical missions.