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Toronto: Chinese Show-goers Are Proud of the Way the Chinese New Year Spectacular Showcases True Traditional Culture (Photos)

January 25, 2008 |   By Ke Bei and He Yu in Toronto

(Clearwisdom.net) Divine Performing Arts presented five shows of the Chinese New Year Spectacular in Toronto from January 19-21 and drew a large Chinese audience. Those who saw the shows had high praise for the performances and traditional Chinese culture as showcased by Divine Performing Arts.

The echo of beauty and compassion

Audience in Toronto watching the show intently

Founder of Federal Chinese Conservative Party of Canada: I feel the responsibility as well

Mr. Wen Yishan is one of the founders of the Canada Federal Chinese Conservative Party, and chair of its development committee in the greater Toronto area. He's been serving the Chinese community in Toronto and promoting multi-cultural development in Canada.

Mr. Wen Yishan, one of the founders of the Canada Federal Chinese Conservative Party, said he thought the show was very good and the performance amazing.

After watching the first show by Divine Performing Arts, Mr. Wen said with excitement, "I find this show very good and the performance amazing. Their costumes are beautiful. I think I share the responsibility to introduce such culture to the West. I wish to condense this show's performances into a 12-minute CD and give it to the Ministry of Education and let the people in the education system know how profound and historical Chinese culture is. The next generation of Chinese in Canada should know how beautiful the Chinese culture is."

Mr. Wen learned about Falun Gong from the show, "Chinese have the tradition of being truthful and kind. The Buddhist religion talks about tolerance. Many Chinese youngsters don't understand these virtues anymore; we need to promote them."

Immigrant from China: I can feel the strong energy of Chinese people

Ms. Wu Suyun immigrated to Canada three years ago. During the intermission she said, "The performers are very professional and have firm foundation in basic techniques. The choreography is great and so is the content. It is true that Falun Gong is persecuted in China. I think that doing good will be rewarded. ... The dances show the performers' inner strength." "The makeup of the artists is outstanding. I can feel the strong energy of Chinese people. My family loved the show," she added.

Visitor from China: Only by turning to the face of compassion will there be hope

Ms. Sun came from Shanghai three months ago to visit her son. She learned about the show from the newspaper and asked her son to take her. Ms. Sun seemed excited, "Terrific! There is nothing like that in China. The show has a divine message that brings God's will. It feels like humans and Gods are on the same stage. The content is good and helps to bring out people's conscience and compassion."

Ms. Sun said the only way to stop the degeneration of values in society is to make people's heart become more compassionate, "Some people in China believe in Gods and some don't. I do. The terrible Communist Party has ruined the good traditions and that results in people nowadays becoming not as good. The good traditions need to be promoted in order for people's hearts to become compassionate. Only when everyone turns to goodness and kindness in their daily lives will there be hope."

Mr. Zhang came to Toronto from China for two years to study. "It's a brilliant show. I am busy and I am glad that I had to opportunity to come. ... Seeing the Falun Gong content in the show makes me feel there is more freedom outside of China and more protection for spiritual beliefs."

A Vietnamese accountant came to Canada with her parents when she was a child. She said, "I feel wonderful. I thought it was going to be boring, but I soon discovered the performances were excellent. The music, costumes, dances, and cultural aspects are amazing. I am here with my mother and she loved it too."