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Michigan: Chinese Audience Members Greatly Impressed with the Divine Performing Arts in Detroit (Photos)

January 25, 2008 |   By Xia Yun

(Clearwisdom.net) On January 22, 2008, New Tang Dynasty TV's Chinese New Year Spectacular debuted in the Detroit Opera House. Members of the audience had abundant praise for the Divine Performing Arts touring company.

Dance Teacher: "This is a world class show"

Ms. Xue Ning, a teacher of Chinese traditional dance in Detroit, was thrilled by the show. She said, "I was very pleased to be able to see this excellent show in person. This is a world class show, from its staging to the lights to the skills of the performers and the overall quality of the performances themselves. It is indeed first class."

Ms. Xue continued, "As a dancer myself, I started training very young. I think these dancers must have had at least ten years of training to reach this level of skill. It's difficult and they are so young--they will have bright futures. I hope they will add glory to our Chinese culture in the years to come."

"I will tell every Chinese person I know about the cultural and spiritual content of this show." Ms. Xue said.

Newspaper Editor-in-Chief: "Every program is great"

Mr. Jing Zhong is the editor-in-chief of the Ohio News. He also is a long time student of Buddhism. After the show, Mr. Jing expressed his opinions.

"I think the show is very good. It portrays things everyone can understand it, and we don't really need language. I can't pick a favorite selection, because every one was very good. My overall feeling is that it presented truth.

"The man in a dream moved me most, because life is like that. It is unpredictable and short. You see, the flowers blossom and fade in a very short time," Jing said.

"I don't practice Falun Gong, but I have researched Buddhism. I researched it deeply, not just on the surface. I think Falun Gong and Buddhism are talking about the same truth. This truth is very important. Because in Mainland China, the Chinese Communist Party suppressed it so ruthlessly, it rebounded. Many people didn't know about it before, but since the persecution started, people have found out about it. I think it is also a good practice."

Librarian: "It had the feel of the great force of the Chinese people"

Ms. Wu Gong is a librarian at Wayne County University. She told the reporter, "The show was splendid. It did a good job promoting Chinese culture, and the costumes and music were very beautiful. It was a very pleasant and wonderful night. The dances were very good, very unique. The drum piece was very moving--it had the feel of the great force of the Chinese people."

The interviewees all said they would come again next year.