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Member of the Audience in Boston: "We'll make this show a tradition! (Photos)

January 16, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) From January 10 to 12, the Divine Performing Arts Company presented four Chinese New Year Spectacular shows at the Boston Opera House and received high marks from many in the audience.

"We will make it a tradition"

Lori from Boston said: "Great! Oh, it was wonderful! I loved it all. I think I loved the drums the most. I recommend it highly. To hear live music was exceptional because you don't get that all the time when you go to concerts. You usually hear recordings that are taped. It was very real, very wonderful."

"I noticed the persecution in China. The show everybody aware of what is going on." When asked whether she would come back next year, Lori said: "Yes, we'll make this show a tradition!"

Family Celebrates New Year at the Show

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The Giordenos brought the whole family to see the show as a New Year gift

Richard Giordeno and his wife Annette bought tickets for their whole family on November 23 as a holiday gift. Later however, Richard could not find four of the tickets. The Giordenos called the hotline for help and one of the sale representatives helped them solve the problem. The family was very grateful.

Annette said: "We will be back next year with our son and his wife and our grandchildren. It was Spectacular. What a wonderful performance. Very well done! Beautiful! We thank you for all of your help."

"I liked the choreography, which was wonderful, and the costumes were excellent. I enjoyed the singing. I always enjoy operatic singing."

Asked whether she could understand the songs, Annette said: "Yes. I read it in English. It was so beautiful to do it that way. I loved the nymphs of the sea. It looks so real even though you know it isn't. They can still give you the feeling of the water and the feeling of simplicity, and the costumes were gorgeous--the color and the sparkling. You could just feel it. I just loved it and the dancing: so beautiful so elegant, so soft, wonderful, wonderful! And I loved the sharing of the culture that just came out to you. It was beautiful; nicely done." Annette said.

When asked about references to persecution in China today, the couple said: "Yes. We read about that and thanks for sharing. Thank you."

Richard said: "I am retired after working in retail all my life. I was in clothing retail and so I have some insights on clothing. That's why the costumes were gorgeous just gorgeous: Spectacular!"

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Mary Mady brought a group of seniors to the show

Mary Mady brought 14 seniors to the show. She said: "Many of the dances were beautiful and it was just wonderful choreography. The colors were spectacular. I loved the color combinations. The girls with the long white arms, are they called Water Sleeves? I liked the long white sleeves, with their very fluid motions."

Marianne and Marsha said: "Our friend, uncle Gu, recommended this show to us. We are so glad that we came. It was truly wonderful. We will tell our friends to come."

After the show, Pamela expressed her understanding of the persecution. She said: "People in China don't know about the persecution. A lot of people don't know this." Pamela hoped that people more people would pay attention and investigate the persecution for themselves.