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Mid-Autumn Spectacular Touches the Hearts of Toronto Audience (Photos)

September 30, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On September 27 and 28, the New York-based Divine Performing Arts presented two shows at the Toronto Centre for the Arts. According to the organizers--the Falun Dafa Association of Canada (FDAC)--the Mid-Autumn Spectacular was a great success, receiving glowing reviews from the audience.

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The audience was absorbed by the Spectacular

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Toronto resident Mr. Liang (right) recovered from the flu after the performance

At a reception held before the Spectacular, Mr. Li Xun, the chairman of the FDAC, gave some hints of the show to come: "China is called the 'Divine Land.' This is because Chinese people believe that our culture is a 'Divine Culture' that was created by high level beings. During the show, the Divine Performing Arts performers will portray authentic Chinese culture and bring the audience to a land of mystery and beauty."

The Audience Had High Praise for the Performance

Renowned political commentator Su Gengzhe said that he was very glad to see a show that expressed the free will of Chinese people. "Besides its high artistic achievement, I think the show successfully portrayed traditional Chinese values such as loyalty, filial piety, and compassion. All the performances were first class. I loved all the dancing programs, and the Erhu solo by Ms. Qi Xiaochun was wonderful."

Mr. Wen Yishan, the vice chairman of the Canadian Multi-cultural Committee, was deeply impressed by the show. He said: "The selections that depicted the traditional values of loyalty and filial piety were great. These are the essence of our Chinese values. The dance that depicted Tang culture was very beautiful, and the high-tech backdrop complimented the performance very well."

Thomas S. Saras is the chairman of a minority publishing and media committee. He learned a lot about traditional Chinese values from the show. "I understand why Chinese people treasure their traditional culture so much. The Divine Performing Arts gave a beautiful and faithful presentation of the traditional Chinese culture. I am very glad to see that the troupe is so dedicated to promoting Chinese culture."

Mr. Su Peng has been studying Chinese history for many years. He said all the programs accurately portrayed the beauty of authentic Chinese culture. "I am touched. None of the selections reflected the influence of the Communist Party culture, which advocates violence and struggle."

Mr. Ji brought his little daughter to see the show. He said: "I think that such a show is very pure. It portrayed things that were very traditional and could therefore touch your heart and move you to tears. It is hard to describe how this makes one feel. I don't know how to describe it, and I am not a professional artist. I just feel so touched. This is the first time for me to see such a great show." He said. "I loved the Erhu solo because the performer, using just a simple instrument, depicted something so truthful. I was sitting in the second row, and as soon as she started to perform, I was completely absorbed. It was a great experience."

Mr. and Mrs. Flemington came to Toronto from Germany for a three-day tour. They bought tickets for the show at their hotel, where they heard the news of the show. "Every piece was very touching. This show was the best part of our vacation," the couple said.

Ivan Stern is a broker. He came to watch the show at his nephew's recommendation. He said: "I think the show was great and I learned a lot about a different culture. The Erhu solo was especially moving. I don't know how can only two strings can made such great music. It was wonderful."

Toronto resident Mr. Liang Qingxiang told the reporter: "I had the flu and was coughing very badly. I was afraid that I was going to bother others at the show. However, I couldn't just let this precious opportunity pass me by. When I entered the theater, the programs absorbed me completely and I didn't cough at all. I think the show is very powerful and moving, and I completely forgot my flu."