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An Unforgettable Memory of My Happiest Moments

September 25, 2007 |   By a practitioner from Northeastern China


1. My Memory of the Time When Master Lectured and Taught the Exercises

I am a practitioner that obtained the Fa on September 27, 1994. After I found the Fa, I had a very strong wish: To be able to see Master in person. With luck, I was able to go to Guangzhou and hear Master lecture from December 21-28, 1994, Master's last time to lecture in mainland China.

My seat was in a remote corner to the right of the lecture hall. The place I sat was very far from Master, and I was unable to see Master clearly. When Master entered the hall, everyone stood up immediately, and the loud applause seemed to go on forever and never cease. Master gave a signal, and the hall quieted down. Master is so powerful! The whole crowd was filled with peacefulness. I just thought that it would be a pity if I couldn't see our benevolent and powerful Master, and I needed to do what I could to get a clear glimpse of him. When Master started cleansing our bodies, he told everyone to think of a sickness that they had or a sick relative. I just thought, "I am cultivating Falun Dafa because I have retired (I retired in October). I heard that Falun Dafa is of the Buddha school, and I want to know what the Buddha school is so I came to Dafa." I didn't think about getting a disease cured or having one of my relatives be cured. I only thought, "Master, I came from Northeastern China, over a thousand miles of mountains and waters without hesitation. My only wish is to have a clear glimpse of you."

On the second day, the young people who came along seemed to understand my wish, and one of them said to me, "Auntie, do you want to get a clear view of Master?" Immediately I said, "Yes." She led me to the first row and consulted with a person sitting there to arrange for me to sit there temporarily to get a clear view of Master, and then I would go back to my seat.

Right when I sat down, Master walked in and walked in my direction. Everyone rose and reached out their hands to shake hands with him. I seized this blessed moment and reached out my hand. I shook hands with Master's left hand (his right hand was shaking someone else's), Master was shaking hands with both hands. My tears of happiness wouldn't stop flowing, my heart was filled with excitement, and I couldn't even speak. That day, when the lecture ended, I was so happy. I was almost 60, but I could walk quicker than a young person. My whole body felt so light it was as if I was floating. The young people around me kept saying, "Auntie, please walk slower, you might get hit by a car."

One afternoon we were inside the Guangzhou Medical School. There were practitioners talking out on the porch, and suddenly someone shouted, "Look, a Falun!" Everyone looked up. About 20-30 meters away was a human-size Falun standing upright. It swayed from north to south then back again for a very long time. Half of the sky was lit up. At the time, many medical students came out of school to look. I was very happy.

Now when I remember Master lecturing in Guangzhou, I recall that it was such a happy time. Every morning, everyone would practice the exercises together, share experiences, and study the Fa. During the evenings, we listened to Master lecture. The god of the sky was very good to us. Not once did it rain at an inconvenient time during this eight-day period. Everything happened so fast. By the end of the eight-day period, everyone found it hard to leave. Some even asked Master when and where he would give lectures again. Master just said we couldn't go anymore, and that he was starting to spread the Fa outside of China. The host of this event said, "We hope, Master, that you will come back again. Everybody will miss you." I just couldn't stop crying, and I found it hard to leave.

2. Because of a Predestined Relationship I Met Master Again in Changchun

After the Guangzhou lectures ended, I always dreamed of the time when I could get to hear our benevolent Master lecture again, and if I had the predestination, I would see benevolent Master again. In July 1998, I went to Changchun. Master lectured there for Changchun's Dafa assistants and I luckily attended the lecture. My daughter, my son, and I had a chance to see Master this time through our predestined relationships. I remember the local assistants saying that there was a meeting for us to attend, and we went to a conference room in the Shangri-La Hotel and sat down. There were flowers on the podium and the audience members were talking in low voices, guessing who would be coming to talk to them in such a superior conference facility? Would it be Teacher who was coming? But most of us dared not think too much about it. All of a sudden, a burst of applause rose from the entrance door behind me, and some people said, "It is Teacher! It is Teacher who is coming to us!"I turned around and saw Teacher come from the back, waving to the audience, and walking toward the podium! I could not help bursting into tears.