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Stories of People in China Quitting the CCP after Phone Conversations with Overseas Volunteers

September 24, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Since the Epoch Times newspaper published the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in November 2004, the number of people who have quit the CCP has exceeded 25 million. Although the Chinese Communist Party officials have not publicly responded to the tide of renouncing the party, the Nine Commentaries and the news of quitting the CCP have been spreading all over China through many different channels.


A businessman in Xinjiang felt odd that he should receive a call about "Quitting the CCP."

A volunteer from the Service Center for Quitting the Party smiled and said: "We are oceans apart. How can I know it's you? Your number was randomly selected by the autodialer. This must be predestined!"

The volunteer told the businessman that nowadays, all kinds of strange things happen, even live organs are harvested for money. The CCP can do any unconscionable things.

The businessman said: What does this have to do with me? How can I be bothered with things like that? I lost my job quite a number of years ago. Now I am just trying to get by with a small business. I have long ago lost interest in politics. When I joined the CCP and the Communist Youth League before, it was all to get a promotion, and to get a raise. Now all I want is to make money, and to have a better life. What's the use talking about things like this? Can it put food on the table?

The knowing side

With this businessman, who was obsessed with money, the volunteer worker chatted about philosophy, and the fact that regardless of how much money one had, one could not take it with him after death. Gradually, the more they talked, the more congenial they became.

The volunteer worker asked him: "Do you believe in the heavenly principle that 'Good and evil shall receive their due?" He said: "Certainly!" "Do you believe that there are deities a yard above your head?" He said: "I offer incense in worship at home daily." The volunteer said: "The CCP did such awful things. Would the deities let it go unpunished?" He said: "Of course they won't."

The volunteer worker said: "If you do not renounce the CCP, you are a part of it. When the time comes when heaven destroys the CCP, you won't be able to escape then." The businessman paused for a while and then seemed to come to his senses, and said: "That's true. It really is like that, isn't it? Then renounce it for me, would you please?"

"I cannot imagine that there are still people like you"

The volunteer worker learned that the businessman believed in Buddhas, so she used the two Chinese characters "Xin Fo" [believe in Buddhas] as his alias and helped him quit the CCP. The businessman was very happy and said: "This call took one hour. Your company must be loaded." The volunteer worker said: "You have it all wrong. I am a volunteer from the Global Service Center for Renouncing the CCP. There are many volunteers like me. They are in all corners of the world and they pay for the calls themselves."

The businessman sighed: "I cannot imagine that there are still people like you nowadays."

"Use my real name, I am not afraid"

A 64-year-old man in Beijing told a volunteer from the Service Center for Quitting the Party on the phone that he had seen too many outrageous things by the CCP. He had no doubt that the CCP is bad.

Through the conversation, the volunteer worker learned that the elderly gentleman had never joined the CCP or the Communist Youth League, but he once was a member of the Young Pioneers. He exuded righteousness and kindness, but because he was poisoned by the atheist culture propagated by the CCP for a long time, he did not feel the need to quit the Young Pioneers, and therefore, he did not take a stand.

In order to let the elderly gentleman understand the importance of this matter, the volunteer worker told the elderly gentleman the universe's principles of formation-stasis-degeneration-destruction and that good and evil receive their due, as well as various prophecies in ancient and modern China and around the world. Using a story about a Russian peasant woman who believed in god and a scholar who spread atheism, the volunteer tried to inspire the elderly gentleman to take responsibility for his own life, and that he had nothing to lose or regret for believing.

The elderly gentleman became enlivened the more they chatted. Finally, he unexpectedly said: "Help me to quit it using my real name. I am not afraid!"

The gentleman also said: "It must cost a fortune for such a lengthy call? If you come to Beijing, you must call me. I will pick you up and you can stay at my home for a while. My home is very spacious and it won't be a bother." To show his friendship he added, "Let's have a couple of bottles of white liquor and a good chat."

Quitting the Party by Public Declaration and Letting One's Membership Expire Are Not the Same Thing

After a woman in charge of a provincial democratic league listened to the telephone broadcast about quitting the CCP, a volunteer from the Service Center for Quitting the Party called her back.

The volunteer clearly said to her: "Do you know that the democratic league is a political front of the Chinese Communist Party, and helps it to confuse the people?" The woman said: "My phone and cellphone can be monitored by them. Do not say too much. It is unsafe if we talk long."

The lady said she had not joined the Chinese Communist Party, but she did join the Communist Youth League when she was young. She said she was no longer a member because of her age. The volunteer told her: "That does not count."

He explained that when her membership expired because of her age, that only meant she no longer participated in its activities. However, the oath she once swore and the markings she received were still there. Only by publicly renouncing the party can she avoid the disasters when heaven eliminates the Chinese Communist Party. This is heaven's mercy for human beings.

The volunteer gave an example: "It's like a husband and wife living separately: as long as they are not legally divorced, the neighbors will still think of them as husband and wife." The lady immediately agreed to quit the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers.

The volunteer said: "The phonetics of the last three numbers of your telephone number are 'Lu Qiqi' (six, seven seven), Why don't I just use that as your alias to quit CCP on the Internet?"

The woman said: "Good! Good!" She also very carefully wrote down the methods for breaking through the Internet blockade and listening to the Sound of Hope radio broadcasts.

The police bulletin notice for reporting to the authorities becomes counter-propaganda

A tourist by the name of A Hai [alias], from a big city in China told a reporter: The first time I found out about the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was at the beginning of 2006 when I saw a bulletin the local police posted in public places. It said that if people received a copy of the Nine Commentaries published by the Epoch Times newspaper and NTDTV, they must report it to the authorities, and no one was allowed to keep it. If anyone was found in possession of a copy, he/she would be punished etc. A Hai thought at that time that whatever the CCP suppressed must be something good. He then inquired about it from his friends all over, but unfortunately was unable to find a copy.

Later on, he read one of his friends' Chinese language magazines that was published in Hong Kong, and it had NTDTV's advertisement. He contacted many places to find an NTDTV volunteer, who later mailed him a disc and the book Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party from overseas. As if obtaining a treasure, he read and watched the video over and over again. He especially liked the video, made by NTDTV, because the movie materials were thorough, and gave an indelible impression. He sometimes watched it eight hours straight. So far, he has already watched it more than 50 times.

A Hai said: "The most memorable part in the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party is the "lessons from history." Never believe in any promises the CCP makes, as none will come true. To believe the words of the Communist Party in anything, that would be the thing one would lose one's life over.

He has a friend who once read a document that said "Reporting to the authorities on the corrupt officials is commended," so his friend filed a report to the authorities. This ended up costing him his job. Now, he understands to never believe any words from the CCP.

The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party Videos are hot sale items on university campus

A Hai became an enthusiastic mobile media to spread the Nine Commentaries in China. The people who wanted it became more and more. Later on, A Hai simply went to a university nearby to buy it. He said that several universities in the city where he lived all had Nine Commentaries for sale. At five yuan a copy, he bought many to give to his friends, including some officials at CCP governmental departments.

A Hai said: Although so many Chinese Communist Party officials get benefits from the Chinese Communist Party, in fact they all know the Chinese Communist Party will be dissolved soon. After some officials finished reading the Nine Commentaries, they said to A Hai: This book is very good and it exposes the facts. Some people quietly asked A Hai to help them find ways to quit the CCP.

When Police check the buildings they just pretend not to see anything

Although the public security posted notices everywhere that they would severely punish anyone who had a copy of the Nine Commentaries, A Hai said that in fact many police read the book and curse the CCP privately. Because of their jobs, they do not oppose it publicly, but they comply in public and resist in private when they carry out the CCP's orders.

One day, when the police checked his building and saw that he was watching the Nine Commentaries, they asked where he got it from. A Hai told them he found it on the street and showed it to them. The police took a look and said to him: "It is fine if you watch it at home. Do not pass it out." After that, they left. A Hai also felt very strange: "Doesn't it say that there would be severe punishment for the people who keep copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party? Why did they not arrest me? It looks like the police do not oppose the contents of this book either."

Break through the blockade and more will quit the CCP

A Hai traveled to Hong Kong and envied the freedom of speech in Hong Kong most. There are Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party books in many tourist spots and they are free, unlike in mainland China, where people have to risk their lives to print them. A Hai said: The biggest problem in China is that information does not flow freely at present. If people can obtain information and learn the bad things the CCP did in history, I believe many more people would quit the CCP.