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The Court in the Chuanying Area of Jilin City is Controlled by the CCP and is Persecuting the Innocent

August 03, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On July 10, 2007, the People's Court in the Chuanying area of Jilin City held an illegal trial of five Falun Dafa practitioners, including Zhao Guoxing, Liu Yuhe, Zhao Yingjie, Mu Chunhong and Wang Liqiu.

The court suddenly decided before the trial that the defendants' families would not be allowed to speak in their defense, therefore depriving them of their legal rights.

The court was heavily guarded inside and outside. The 610 Office agents from city and local levels and officers from the Public Security Bureau and the National Security Section all arrived at the court. Many plain-clothes police officers surrounded the court. They questioned any person they thought to be suspicious, and examined and even searched bags. Several people were forcefully taken away from the site.

Every practitioner was only allowed to have two immediate family members sit inside the courtroom. In order to enter the court, they needed to show a pass that was issued in advance for the trial, an identification card and copies. They were also body-searched upon entering.

Due to long-term physical and mental torture, the five practitioners appeared bony and weak.

When the trial started, practitioners requested the absence of Gao Ming, who is from the Procuratorate in the Chuanying area of Jilin City. (It is the right of the defenders to request the absence of certain people.) However, the court not only rejected this request, but also allowed Gao Ming to give so-called "evidence" as a public prosecutor.

Practitioner Zhao Guoxing pointed out righteously that Falun Gong is an upright belief system and not what the CCP slander said it was. He requested the court show the related laws defining "Falun Gong" as such. Hu Chunwei refused his request by saying he wasn't qualified to see any laws.

When the five practitioners denied all the charges and pointed out the physical torture they received during interrogations, they were immediately stopped by Hu Chunwei.

Hu Chunwei would repeatedly cut in on practitioners so that they would not have a chance to speak. They were deprived of the right to defend themselves. However, the five practitioners still spoke out about the torture they were subjected to and the severe physical punishment they endured. They had scars on their torsos and legs. They submitted evidence of abuse and torture, but the submitted blood-stained clothes that belonged to Zhao Guoxing were taken away by court staff. Practitioner Zhao Yingjie told the court that he was once struck in his private area by an official using a wooden stick with spikes. He also suffered other brutal physical torture, causing his legs to be severely injured. He still has scars today. Wang Liqiu said that he was once force-fed seven bottles of spicy mustard oil during an interrogation.

Even in the face of the facts, Gao Ming denied the physical torture during the interrogation by the Jilin Public Security Bureau. He said that he came to this conclusion after investigation. Gao Ming from the Procuratorate persecuted Dafa practitioners along with the Public Security Bureau.

The presiding judge of the Chuanying court criminal trial: Hu Chunwei
The judge: Fu Lijie (86-432-2404965)
The public prosecutor: Jilin City Procuratorate Gao Ming

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