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Ms. Liu Sheng, a Practitioner from Daqing City, is in Critical Condition after Being Subjected to Torture

August 28, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Liu Sheng, a practitioner from Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, has been arrested several times for upholding her beliefs. On July 7, 2007, she was arrested again after being homeless for a year. She was brutally beaten by the police until she lost consciousness. She was later released because the forced labor camp refused to accept her, due to her physical condition after the beating. At present, Ms. Liu cannot eat, vomits frequently, and is becoming very thin.

Ms. Liu Sheng, 53, from the No. 5 Oil Extraction Factory in Daqing City, is a retiree from the Water Supply Company affiliated with the Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau. In June 2006, she was arrested by policeman Li Wenzhong while she was clarifying the truth to people in Kaihuang Village. She later escaped with the help of righteous thoughts. One month later, a policeman surnamed Dong from the Honggang Branch Police Station, along with seven or eight others, surrounded Ms. Liu's home, broke in, and arrested her. She was later sentenced to one and a half years at a forced labor camp. She was tortured until she vomited blood and could not eat anything. One month later, she escaped with righteous thoughts. She has since been homeless. Meanwhile, the police often incite her work unit to harass her family members, by such means as not allowing them to go to work. Her husband could not bear this persecution any longer and divorced her. A formerly harmonious family was torn apart.

After being homeless for a year, Ms. Liu Sheng went to a fellow practitioner's home on July 5, 2007. She was arrested by police who were monitoring that area. The police confiscated a printer, paper, an MP3 player, electronic books and other private belongings, including over 500 yuan in cash. That same night, she was beaten by police officers from the Honggang Branch, in the Xingnan Police Station. Policemen Lin Shui, Li Jinrui and Weitao beat her until she vomited blood and lost consciousness. The police resumed beating her after she regained consciousness. Her whole body was swollen and black and blue. Her family members went to visit her that night and were refused by the police since the police were afraid their illegal actions would be exposed. The next day, the police sent Ms. Liu to the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Forced Labor Camp. In the forced labor camp, Ms. Liu was monitored by Weitao, who would not allow her to use the bathroom for long periods of time. This caused her severe pain.

On the way to the forced labor camp, Ms. Liu tried to clarify the truth to the police. Once she started speaking, however, Li Jinrui slapped her face and severely injured her left ear. Ms. Liu's wrists were handcuffed behind her back for a long time and her hands became numb. When they arrived at the forced labor camp, they found that she had high blood pressure. Officer Li Jinrui told the forced labor camp that he also had high blood pressure. When they found that she had heart disease, Li Jinrui told the forced labor camp that he also had heart disease. He meant to convince the officials that it was not a big deal that she had these diseases. However, the forced labor camp still refused to accept her. The police had to take her back and send her to the detention center in the Sa district. Three days later, the police told her family members to pay 20,000 yuan when they went to pick her up. The police told her family members that she would not be released her if the family did not bring the money.

As a result of being homeless for a long time and then tortured by the police, Ms. Liu Sheng's health is extremely bad. She cannot eat anything. She vomits when she eats and has become very thin. Her weight dropped from 110 pounds to 70 pounds, and she does not have enough energy to walk. She is in critical condition.

The following is a list of the people involved in the persecution:

Lin Shui: 86-459-5228257 (Note: Lin Shui has actively participated in persecuting Dafa practitioners and has received karmic retribution. While he was working in Babai Shang Police Station in Daqing City, he stepped on a small stone walking down stairs. The stone flew up and hit his eye, blinding him.)
Li Jinrui: 86-13836716110 (Cell)
Zhou Zhiyu: 86-459-5228412
Weitao: 86-459-4596481
Xingnan Police Office, Daqing Honggang Branch Police Station: 86-459-4596481

August 13, 2007