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Falun Gong Practitioner Su Kezhen from Jingmen City, Hubei Province, Died As a Result of Persecution

July 03, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Su Kezhen was in her 50s and on the veterinary staff in Tuanlin Town, Jingmen City. She suffered a broken leg while participating in the repair of a reservoir when she was 15 years old, leaving her permanently disabled. Unable to walk after the injury, the pain was very hard for her to endure. Though the incident happened while she was at work, the authorities were unconcerned about it.

Su Kezhen did not fully recover until she started to practice Falun Gong in 1998. Within just two weeks, she was able to get out of bed and walk and could later even go to work.

After July 20, 1999, when the persecution of Falun Gong began, Su Kezhen informed people about the facts the practice. She talked about her own experiences and how Falun Gong had given her a second life.

The 610 Office of Jingmen City colluded with the City Police Department, the Duodao Police Department, and the Tuanlin Police Station to illegally arrest her several times. In December 2004, Su Kezhen went to the First Detention Center of Jingmen City, where she had been detained several times, to clarify the facts of Falun Gong to the officers and to ask them to release the innocent practitioners. They not only refused to listen to her, but they even dispatched more policemen to arrest her.

During that cold winter, Su Kezhen was forced to remain homeless to avoid being arrested. Soon after she returned home, she was arrested by the policemen who had been waiting at her doorstep all that time. She was then sent to the Women's Prison of Wuhan City.

In prison, Su Kezhen protested with a hunger strike and suffered all kinds of brutal tortures. Several of her teeth were broken from the beatings, and due to the tight handcuffs, her hands were so seriously swollen that the police could no longer close the handcuffs. They had to clamp the handcuffs with metal wires to restrain her wrists. Furthermore, they hung her up by her arms and let her fall her to the floor again and again.

Within only about ten days, a healthy person was tortured to the brink of death by the prison guards. When her family members went to visit her and saw her injuries and desperate condition, they did their utmost to request her release, but the police denied them.

Her family had no alternative but to rent a place to live nearby, going to see the police everyday to strongly request her release. After several days of effort, the police finally allowed them to take her home, but she was already in dire condition.

After she returned, her family saw that she had wounds all over the body, was totally incontinent, and had great difficulty breathing. Her family looked after her with great care but in tears. Everyday they dipped cotton balls in water to put on her dry lips. After being unconscious for three days, she unexpectedly woke up and opened her clouded eyes.

Despite Su Kezhen's being tortured so badly, the villains from the 610 Office of Jingmen City still frequently sent officers to her home to harass her and kept making phone calls to her home, which made her family very worried.

On June 21, 2005, a group of people from the Women's Prison of Wuhan City, along with the officials from the 610 Office of Jingmen City, went to her home claiming that her bail period for medical treatment had expired and that they were taking her to Wuhan City. Seeing that Su Kezhen still had difficulty walking, they took her to the Second Hospital of Jingmen City for a health assessment. The doctor's report showed her blood pressure as 190/120, her whole body was swollen, and her kidneys were not functioning. Fearing that she might die on the way to Wuhan, the authorities allowed her family to take her back home.

Due to the torture while she was incarcerated and the frequent harassment and threats from the Jingmen City Police Department and the Tuanlin Police Station, Ms. Su Kezhen passed away on the afternoon of May 24, 2007.

June 17, 2007