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While Rescuing People Drowning in a River, One Should Not Rely on Those Who Need to Be Rescued

July 25, 2007 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) I have always believed that the requirements for the title of "Fa-rectification Period Dafa Disciple" is extremely high. I have understood that one of the most important requirements is that we be responsible to sentient beings, but do not rely on them.

If we have the mindset of relying on help from non-practitioners, there could be the assumption that we are not as good as them. We would thus not be worthy of the glorious title of "Fa-rectification Period Dafa Disciples," which is only entrusted to the purest beings.

Why are some practitioners attached to the timing of Fa-rectification's end? Why are some practitioners attached to the tides of social change among ordinary people? In my understanding, it is because these practitioners still fundamentally have the mindset of relying on others and depending on help from such people. These practitioners always wish that others would finish their work and solve their problems, while they do not want to do that much and make that much effort. In other words, they do not want to meet that high of a standard. This is, in fact, a mindset of reliance.

A great being is one who is responsible in helping to save sentient beings. So how could we instead wish that sentient beings somehow become responsible for us? How could a Dafa disciple have this mindset of hoping that others will end this persecution and rely on ordinary people to help pave the road for the Fa-rectification of the cosmos and of the human world?

We should always remember that the Fa's standards of the cosmos are absolute, and so are the requirements that Dafa disciples have to meet. These standards and requirements will never change with the changes of the so-called objective environments of this world or our subjective wishes. That is to say, no matter how the social environment changes, and what kinds of thoughts we hold, Master's requirements are absolute and everything has to ultimately meet the requirements of Master and Dafa.

I feel that a fellow practitioners' words of "no matter how long it takes, no matter how far and deep we have to search, we must do ..." is well said. I also feel that it should be this way. No matter how the cultivation environment presents itself, the fundamental, ultimate criteria must be met, and we should definitely do well what we should do. Although the environment can change, the fundamental things are eternal and definite.

For example, there will be environmental changes resulting from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s 17th Party Congress and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. There may be other changes in the future. However, all these are superficial things. Being Dafa disciples, we should evaluate how we have done beyond these surface appearances in society. We should know if we have met Master's requirements or if we have met the Fa's requirements, and if we still have something that we have not done well or sufficiently. We should always look within ourselves and see how far we are from the requirements of Dafa. We should not analyze the changes in the social environment in the way that non-practitioners do, nor should we analyze whether the changes of environment will bring harm or benefit to us. In fact, in a certain sense, whether the social environment is good or bad, it is a good thing to Dafa disciples, because we can use it to reach Consummation and fulfill our prehistoric vows. However, in another sense, whether the social environment is good or bad, it will be a very stern test for us--we cannot become slack, because the criteria that we need to meet are still the same and will not change with the changes of the existing society. The essence of our cultivation practice, what we need to sacrifice internally, and the tempering that we need to go through will never change.

We ask non-practitioners to support Falun Gong, but we will never rely on them. We use the opportunity of Fa validation to let people be close to Dafa, so as to help them become correctly positioned in the future cosmos. That is to say, this is simply a way of saving sentient beings. It never means we should rely on them for any of our needs. There is one thing that is absolute, that is, no matter what attitudes sentient beings hold, the Fa-rectification is bound to succeed, the cosmos' renewal is bound to succeed, and the Fa-Rectification of the human world is bound to come. No one can prevent these things from happening because the Fa encompasses all of these aspects. It is something that the Fa originally had, and is independent of sentient beings living in everyday society. We need to always be rational. We are not asking sentient beings for help, we are saving them.

We also should not have the mindset of relying on fellow practitioners. We need to become the beings who are "As Tall as Heaven and Incomparably Noble," who can be responsible to the numerous sentient beings, and on whom the sentient beings can depend. How could we rely on others? We must do well what we need to do. No matter how the social environment changes, we should definitely do well what we are supposed to do, and we have to do enough of what we are supposed to do. That is to say, we have to reach Consummation on our own.

If we rely on other practitioners, we will not be able to do well when other practitioners have not done well, and we would stop validating the Fa if other practitioners lose their freedom. In this way, how could we become the lives who are "As Tall as Heaven and Incomparably Noble?" How could we be qualified to be Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples?

I believe that in certain regions, some practitioners who are responsible for the preparation of the truth-clarification materials were persecuted because the old forces took advantage of this mindset of relying on others. If a practitioner still has the mindset of reliance, the old forces could then use it as an excuse to persecute the practitioners doing Fa validation work. The intention that the old forces have is to remove this mindset of relying on others by destroying the material-production site. Of course, we should never acknowledge the methods of the old forces, because they are interfering with the Fa-rectification. However, from this outcome, we can see our mindset of relying on others. Eliminating this mindset of relying on others does not mean that there is no need for us to divide and coordinate our tasks. On the contrary, we need to more actively coordinate well with others and with the whole body of Falun Gong practitioners. We deeply believe that Dafa is formless. There are no administrative centers among practitioners, but each practitioner is a center. We do not have any forms of organization, but we can all coordinate and cooperate well because each of us does things in a proactive way and does not have the mindset of relying on the others. If we relied on others, we would not be able to build up our own virtue, and the overall situation of Dafa would not go so well. In the past several years, we have indeed had too much of the mindset of relying on others. The old forces capitalized on this gap; they arrested the coordinators and those whom they considered to be the so-called "backbone members" doing Fa validation work. They aggravated their persecution of these practitioners. The old forces want to use the excuse of eliminating the practitioners' mindset of relying on others. In the human world, the old forces have believed that by doing things this way, they can break apart the resolve of Falun Gong practitioners in one fell swoop. The old forces have not succeeded because practitioners have awakened, we have realized that we need to become independent and walk our own paths. Each of us will become a star that shines by itself. We will make the old forces' plot completely fail. The CCP's persecution of Falun Gong has been carried out in a systematic and unprecedented way. However, this "formless kind of form" has made this most well-controlled totalitarian regime feel at a loss. It is bound to disintegrate.

Today we hope more and more people stand up to support us and unite their futures with Dafa. However, we do not depend on non-practitioners. We must complete our mission and walk our paths well, no matter how difficult, how far, and how long it is. We must use the wisdom and power that we have obtained from the Fa to disintegrate the evil and save sentient beings. This is our vow, this is our responsibility, and this is what we have to accomplish.

These are some of my understandings. Please point out anything improper.