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Exposing the Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners in Wumaping Prison, Sichuan Province

July 21, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Wumaping Prison is in Leshan City, Sichuan Province. The following Falun Gong practitioners were brutally tortured in this prison during 2006: Yang Zi from Chengdu City, Pi County, Xiao Huizai from Panzihua City, Jiang Yunhong from Suining, Zhu Sice, Wang Zhengqin from Leshan City, Zhu Zhaojie from Panzihua City, Miyi County, and Zhang Xingcai. Zhang Xingcai was tortured to death in 2007.

1. Brutal Torture

When more than 20 practitioners were sent to the Admission Division, police guards Gao Hu, Wang Yijun, Xiao Lin and Gong Jinfu ordered convicted murderers Lu Xiongchao and Zhang Weiping to ruthlessly abuse the practitioners. Every practitioner was supervised by two "personal cangues" around the clock. They were forced to recite the prison rules, to learn the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) songs, and to participate in so-called "military formation training." One had to finish eating or use the restroom in only seconds. Otherwise, the scoundrels would kick and punch the practitioners, often leaving the floor blood-stained. The practitioners were also forced to lay on the ground with their legs wide apart and both hands raised like an airplane, and were deprived of sleep for several nights, and exposed to the sun for days. Wearing only thin clothes they were exposed for days in the cold winter, were allowed no showers for a long time, and were not allowed to talk to each other, etc.

Practitioner Yang Zhi refused to cooperate and was tortured for nine straight days. He still didn't give in.

Guard Xiao Bin savagely beat practitioner Xiao Huizai. Mr. Xiao was then sent to the prison "assembly team" and subjected to more than 20 days of horrific abuse. Gao Hu thought of all kinds of ways to torture him. Guard He Qingquan was actively involved in the torture. Mr. Xiao was forced to hold different positions around the clock, was deprived of sleep, and had to wear several pairs of handcuffs and shackles. They wanted to destroy his mind by destroying his

Practitioners Jiang Hongyun, Zhu Zhice, and Wang Zhengqin started a persecution protest hunger strike. It lasted several months. At the end of the last year the prison hospital officials revealed that Jiang Hongyun, who had become very skinny, had liver ascites.

Many other practitioners, including Geng Dexin from Xichang, Xiang Yuanchao from Chengdu City, Zhao Benyong from Chengdu, and others, also participated in the hunger strike. They were all subjected to inhumane force-feeding with large tubes inserted down their throats, and they were injected with unknown drugs.

2. Zhu Zhaojie's Persecution Experiences

Because practitioner Zhu Zhaojie refused to participate in an examination, Xiao Bin and Gao Hu fiercely beat him and then put him in the "Assembly Team" to suffer more. Mr. Zhu started a protest hunger strike that lasted more than 20 days. Gao Hu ordered several accomplices to force-feed him. They kept him on the ground and tried to open his mouth with pliers. They inserted the feeding tube repeatedly to torture him.

Because Zhu Zhaojie refused to hand in a so-called "daily report," guard He Qingquan ordered him to remove his shoes and made him stand on the stone-covered ground under the scorching sun with bare feet. He Qingquan viciously trampled on and smashed one of Zhu Zhaojie's bare feet for about three minutes, so that Zhu Zhaojie could not walk for many days.

Zhu Zhaojie was subjected to brutal beatings for several days, being exposed to the hot sun, and being forced-fed. He lost consciousness many times during these tortures. Gao Hu ordered his underlings to check whether or not Gao was still breathing when he lay on the ground unconscious. Knowing he still breathed, Gao coldly said, "He is still alive. Why send him to a hospital? Is it to make him live again?" Gao Hu had said publicly at a mass conference attended by several hundred people, "Those who want to die can select the sharp corner of a wall and bump against it to kill themselves."

In 2005 Zhu Zhaojie was subjected to a brutal beating for almost an hour at the hands of He Qingquan, Fu Wensha, Bi Hai, Wu Jianhua, Chen Dahua, and others. These same individuals later beat him again.

3. Several Deaths from Torture in the Big and Small Solitary Confinement Areas

The prison has solitary confinement areas, and the "Assembly Division" has big and small cells where many people have been tortured to death. It is indeed a hell and is used to "destroy the bodies, wreck the souls, and extinguish human nature." According to those inmates who have been detained in the prison for years, 50 percent or more of those sent to the solitary confinement areas or the big and small cells were tortured to death. If one luckily came out alive, he often suffered internal injuries and died several months later.

The big or small cells were designed like a water dungeon. Each is a small pit, about one meter below the ground. It has a concrete bed and frozen water. The victims were thrown on the concrete bed without any cover. If the victims cried out from the extreme pain, those in charge would add more freezing water, and the crying would immediately stop. If one was lucky enough to get out alive, his muscles were frozen and rotten, and sores festered all over on his body. The food was thrown on the ground, and one had to crouch down to eat off the ground, like a dog. Whoever dispensed the food would start to count, and one had to stop eating at the count of 10. The evil scoundrels often fixed the victims in various cruel and painful positions. One would be either completely deprived of sleep or permitted only a few hours of sleep. In the winter one was only permitted to wear a maximum of two very thin layers of clothes. Sometimes the victims were even naked. The guards competed with each other to create different torture methods and to see which one was the most destructive and most humiliating, and which one made the detainee feel worse than an animal.

More than ten thousand people have been tortured in Wumaping Prison over the past 50 years. At least 2,000 people have died as a result. All the deaths were declared to be due to "sickness," or in general, "died after rescue attempts failed." Their dead bodies were simply tossed out. On Baima Mountain behind the prison are the bones of thousands of people who died unjust deaths.

4. List of Persons Responsible for the Torture at Wumaping Prison

Police guard Gao Hu has flagrantly tortured people with all kinds of methods. As long as someone is not pleasing to his eyes, he may show up at any moment. Sometimes he tortured people in person, but most of the time he ordered others to do it for him. He held regular meetings with the group heads who were appointed among the inmates or met with individuals to arrange for abuses to be carried out, which kept the No. 4 Prison Ward in a state of continuous terror. Numerous bloody incidents, overt or covert, happened there every day. If things went too far, Gao Hu simply scolded the involved group heads.

Others involved in the abuse of practitioners include Yu Chenwen, prison head Tian Yi , Education Section deputy head Luo Jiangtao, Wang Yijun (head of the Admission Team), Xiao Bin (head of No.4 Prison Ward), He Qingquan (in charge of the solitary confinement), Wu Guoqiang (head of the prison hospital), Gong Jinfu (police officer in the Admission Team), and also Yang Xilin, Zhong Shibin, and Xiang Rongzhi.

Yu Chengwen was transferred to Zigong Prison in October 2006 and became head of the committee. Zhu Wei took over his position and continued to do evil things.

Wumaping Prison telephone: 86-833-4652324, 86-833-4652041

We are calling on international organizations, on Falun Gong practitioners around the world and on all kind people! Please pay close attention to the crimes that the CCP commits.

July 7, 2007