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Persecution Experiences of Mr. Liu Guoquan from Shuangcheng, Heilongjiang Province

July 21, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Liu Guoquan and I live in Yonghe Village in Handian County, Shuangchen City, Heilongjiang Province. At 4:00 p.m. in February 2004, several individuals arrived at my home. They were Shun Jihua, who is the main leader in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in Handian County, accompanied by other county officials, the head of the Handian County Police Department, and other policemen and 610 Office people from Shuangchen City. They carried me into a vehicle.

A police officer stepped on my head until we arrived at the county government building. They wrote something and attempted to force me to sign it. I refused. The policemen handcuffed me behind the back, and one person on each side beat me. I was knocked down to the ground. They stepped on my head. That same night they sent me to the Shuangchen Detention Station. It was very cold, but they stripped me naked. They poured cold water on me for a long time. I was shivering from the cold. After suffering 15 days of such torture I was sent to Harbin City Wanjia Concentrated Training Team for another five days. Then I was sent to Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp.

On arrival I was assigned to the No. 4 Team and subjected to a body search. Team leader Ji Gang attempted to force me to write the three statements to reform. I did not agree. They then threw me into a huge water jar. There were rows of water-filled jars. In addition, there were rakes and plastic tubes used specifically for hitting people on their heads. They also pushed the victim's head down into the water and poured more water through the tubes from the top. If someone refused to write they would keep "watering," beating, and soaking the person. The cold was very hard to tolerate.

Later on I was reassigned to the No. 5 Division. The persecution of Falun Gong practitioners is most serious in this group. The head of the team was Zhan Shuang. The No. 5 Division is also called the "silent" team; only working, and no talking allowed. The workload exceeds the limits of what a person can do. Everyone has to finish 35 boxes of toothpicks. If one does not finish one cannot go to sleep. Prisoners serve as monitors and receive sentence reductions. I did not complete my work. They did not let me sleep for four days. They took turns during the night monitoring people. My thighs swelled badly, and my eyesight was not very good, either. I was still forced to do the work. I was completely exhausted from gluing the paper boxes and had no strength left to even sit up. I had blood in my urine. Zhao Shuang pointed at me and said, "If you tell your family to bring money, we will let you see a doctor. If they do not bring money, we will not take care of you even if you die here. We will not release you, and your family members cannot visit you either."

My family members knew I was extremely weak and they requested my release. The whole village knew of my situation. They signed a letter of appeal verifying that I am a good person. Zhao Shuang saw this letter. He kicked me with his boots and slapped my face. My nose was hit and bled. Zhao Shuang had signed a contract with the labor camp that the labor camp would give him 200 yuan for each Falun Gong practitioner he "reformed." He is a person without any humanity and abused the practitioners to death.

Another fellow practitioner related his experience: He was ordered to stand on a one- square-foot piece of wood till midnight. If anyone noticed him move, they poured cold water down his neck. Guards also threw burning cigarette butts down people's necks. When the practitioners were sleeping, they had to leave their clothes on. They were full of infections and swellings.

What I have mentioned here barely scratches the surface.