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Sentient Beings Are Truly Waiting to Be Saved

July 02, 2007 |   By Xuelian, a practitioner in Jiaonan

(Clearwisdom.net) After reading Teacher's articles, "For the Good of the World" and "Opening the Gate of the World", I felt deeply the urgency of saving people. When I distributed the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and told people the facts about Falun Gong, I truly felt that sentient beings are waiting to be saved.

In the past when I distributed the truth-clarifying materials and the Nine Commentaries I always put them in people's mailboxes, hung them on door knobs, or attached them to doors. Sometimes I left them in people's cars or in motorcyclists' helmets. Only with friends or relatives that I knew well would I tell them the facts face-to-face.

My way of doing it was as follows: After I got the truth-clarifying materials and the Nine Commentaries, I would sort them first. Then according to their category I would either put each in an envelope or wrap them with paper. I wrote on the envelope, or a piece of white card attached with scotch tape to the wrapped package: "For a blessed person," followed by a few sentences wishing him or her well. I normally wrote with a thick pen in Fangsong font. With this nicely prepared package and the well-wishing sentences, people were happy to accept them. I would send forth righteous thoughts when I prepared the packages, so that the materials would have the power to save sentient beings. I wanted to let every person with predestined relationships to receive, read and understand the materials, denounce the communist party and all its associated organizations, and be saved.

I would send forth righteous thoughts before I went out to distribute the truth-clarification materials. I prayed to Teacher, and asked him to help eliminate all interferences and dissolve all the evil factors that kept sentient beings from being saved. With Teacher's help, I seldom ran into obstacles and could finish distributing all the materials that I brought with me. Most of the distribution was done during the day, which made it more difficult.

After Teacher published the articles "For the Good of the World" and "Opening the Gate of the World", I studied them repeatedly, memorized them, and totally absorbed them. I was moved by Teacher's immense benevolence and in awe of his greatness. I appreciated the urgency of saving sentient beings. We need to follow what Teacher told us and call upon people's consciences with our devotion and righteous thoughts, so that they can recognize the facts and quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its associated organizations. We want them to grab this last opportunity of being saved and not be destroyed.

Every set of the Nine Commentaries and truth clarification materials are precious. They are generated with money that fellow practitioners have saved from their thrifty lives. Some practitioners from the farming village donated the money they had earned selling eggs, for the production of the truth-clarification materials. Some of their donations came in bags - a hundred yuan would make a big bag, comprised of many one, two, or five-yuan bills. From these donations, I saw the pure heart these practitioners had for saving people and I was touched. Some practitioners risked their lives and worked day and night to produce those materials. They often had very little sleep, frequently missed their mealtimes, and had to try very hard to find the time for Fa-study and the exercises. Be it summer or spring, winter or fall, they never stopped no matter how hot or cold it was. It is not difficult to imagine the hardship they went through.

All of us that distribute the Nine Commentaries and the truth-clarifying materials need to truly put our hearts into it so that every set of materials can produce the best effect.

After studying Teacher's new articles, I changed my way of doing things. I decided that I would tell the facts to strangers face-to-face. As I had done in the past, I would wrap the materials nicely with well-wishing words attached. Before my departure I would send forth righteous thoughts and ask Teacher to help me distribute the materials to those that I had karmic relationships with. Then I would clear away all the evil. At first I carried four sets of the Nine Commentaries and three "Protection Talismans" to a good-sized market. I would buy something first, and take the opportunity to tell the vendors facts about Falun Gong. Then I would give them the Nine Commentaries, "Minghui Weekly", or an informational pamphlet. Everyone who got them thanked me. Some quit the Communist Youth League right away, and some asked me for a talisman. If I did not have any with me, I would tell them that I would bring it the next day. The next day I would go to the same market to distribute the Nine Commentaries, the informational materials and give people a talisman. On my way home I wept with gratitude. I truly felt that the sentient beings were being saved. Again and again I thanked Teacher in my mind for saving sentient beings with His immense benevolence.

Now every day when I go out, I take two sets of the Nine Commentaries and the truth-clarification materials with me. I give them to the fortunate people whenever and wherever. As long as one feels the urgency of saving people, and does it continuously with a pure heart, Teacher will help him and bring those fortunate people to him. As a matter of fact, it is Teacher who is saving people. All Teacher wants from us is our pure heart and our desire to be good.

I have hardly done enough. What I have done is far from meeting Teacher's expectations. Compared to those diligent practitioners, I am quite deficient. I will try harder in the future to accomplish the three things that Teacher wants us to do.