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Culture Is Bestowed by God - "Yuan's Shi Fan" Selection II

July 19, 2007 |  


Human affairs are determined by God

Human affairs change every day. They are determined by God's will. Nowadays when people see a prosperous career in front of them, they think that they don't need to worry for the rest of their life. However, there have been so many cases in which families were shattered and people died unexpectedly the very next moment. Changes in the celestial system seem to occur every ten years. Human affairs will correspondingly change. We don't need to talk about things far away. Simply comparing things in a village ten and twenty years ago, we find that there is no fixed formula for success or failure. Human beings don't have the foresight. When they see that others have a prosperous career or satisfactory status, they become jealous. When they see others encounter difficulties, they laugh at them. People in the same village or town, especially, tend to have this problem. If we could grasp the principle that everything changes, we would only worry about our own future and never have time to be jealous or laugh at others.

Life or death, poverty or wealth, are predetermined

Wealth and poverty are predetermined. God not only determines everyone's destiny, but also leaves some room for changes. People are driven by and live for power and profit. They will not wake up even at the moment they die. Conversely, if people were not busy working for their interests, then human beings would have nothing to do and God would not have a way to motivate people. Although everyone is busy, only a few people get rich and grasp power. There are many more people who achieve nothing even after working their whole lives.

However, just because of the few people who are able to get power and profit, others all follow. There are so many people who achieve nothing and then they die. They don't know that others' success is predetermined. If you are predestined to be rich, you will get rich even if you don't try very hard or wait for a while. Therefore, people who have foresight and can see through all the human affairs are very calm. They follow the course of nature. Nothing will make them worried or happy; nothing will make them complain. They will never chase after interests or fight with others. How could such people fight with others? Ancient people say that life or death, poverty or wealth, are predetermined. If you are predestined to be a nobleman, then you will certainly be one; if you are predestined to be a common person, then you will certainly be one no matter how hard you try to make it otherwise. This is very precise and real, but people don't usually realize it.