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My Experience of Clarifying the Truth in Hong Kong: Saving One Sentient Being at a Time

July 10, 2007 |   By a practitioner from Tainan, Taiwan

(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Huang Suzheng. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner from Tainan. I would like to share with you my experience of clarifying the truth in Hong Kong. When I obtained the Fa seven months ago, I realized the importance of going to Hong Kong to clarify the truth. However, I was filled with various worries. Before I started cultivation, I suffered from hemorrhoids and insomnia and could not sleep when I was away from home. Thus, I went to Hong Kong with fearful expectations.

The short five-day trip was a big challenge for me. Since I did not let go of my worries, I experienced the symptoms of hemorrhoids and insomnia. At the time I was also having some conflicts with fellow practitioners, so I was not able to calm down and effectively send forth righteous thoughts to clear the interference. On the third day I felt that I would jeopardize the entire situation if I stayed, so I decided to return to Taiwan. Early in the morning of the fourth day, as I carted my luggage and readied to leave for the airport, Teacher enlightened me through a fellow practitioner who said, "You can save people, even if one at a time." My tears suddenly started to fall,and I felt that I should stay. At that moment I genuinely had the thought that I was willing to "endure hardship for the benefit of the world's people." All the conflicts and pain went away shortly after that. During the remaining two days, I wholeheartedly did the things I was supposed to do.

Besides breaking down health barriers, I also had to overcome psychological hurdles. I have never liked to talk since childhood, and a stammering problem further deterred me from talking. I always felt very nervous when talking in front of people. Oftentimes my mind became blank and I had no idea what I was talking about. During my previous visits to Hong Kong, all I could do was send forth righteous thoughts and hold the billboards. Once a fellow practitioner insisted that I talk to people. My heart was telling me, "It is not that I do not want to talk, I simply can't." Finally one day I cried and told myself that I had to speak. I realized that all the unhappy incidents that happened in my life (which deterred me from talking) were simply arrangements by the old forces. I told myself that I could not remain this way. I needed a breakthrough, and I had to clarify the truth by talking to people. Once I made up my mind to change, I was soon able to talk to people to clarify the truth. Although at the beginning I could only say a few sentences, things kept improving. Teacher has said in Zhuan Falun, "Cultivation depends on one's own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one's master." I know that Teacher has given me all the capabilities I need for cultivation.

Chinese people that go to Hong Kong see many billboards and banners that say things like, "Heaven Is Destroying the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)," "Falun Dafa Is Good," etc. They are repulsed by the CCP when they see the TV shows of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and the "Truth about the Self-Immolation Scandal." Many people want to see or accept truth clarifying materials, but they are afraid to be surveyed and checked by customs when returning to mainland China. Under such circumstances, how should I clarify the truth?

I needed an abundance of benevolence. My heart was filled with compassion whenever I thought about all the kings and lords from the remote cosmic bodies who reincarnated to China in order to obtain the Fa, and who unfortunately had gone against Dafa due to ignorance and had aligned themselves with the evil CCP. They will eventually be eliminated together with the cosmic bodies connected to them. Once my benevolence came out, my righteous thoughts became strong. At those moments I was in a divine state. All the bad things, such as fatigue, lack of patience, and attachment to competition were swept away, and my words became truly touching. Once a Chinese person told me, "Your Master must be very proud of having you as a disciple."

Once my compassion came out, I was able to clarify the truth according to people various situations. It was like choosing a "ship" that people prefer in order to save them. When clarifying the truth to the tour guides and drivers in Hong Kong, it was very important to clear the evil forces behind them. Usually, they would say to the tourists, "These people are being paid to do this," creating a misconception among the Chinese tourists. They would also say, "Don't take the materials, it will cause trouble." Then the Chinese tourists would be afraid to accept the truth-clarifying materials. They would even toss back the materials they had already accepted.

I found that, oftentimes, I could be very loquacious in clarifying the truth. When a person said one sentence with incorrect notions, I could respond with several sentences to correct him and make it hard for the person to argue further. However, the fact was that he only seemed to be in agreement with me but actually was not convinced. Therefore, he would not want to listen to me, as he was not moved by my words. If I only had good reasons but not enough compassion, and if I could not stand in other people's shoes to understand the source of their misconceptions and just tried to impose my own understanding to them, it would not work. I remembered Teacher's words:

"I have not only taught you Dafa, but have also left you my demeanor. While working, your tone of voice, your kindheartedness, and your reasoning can change a person's heart, whereas commands never could!" ("Clearheadedness" from Essentials for Further Advancement)

If someone said incorrect things, or if he was indifferent to the persecution, as if it had nothing to do with him, I would say, "I understand why you would think this way, but I believe that you have a more compassionate side." This can immediately ease the confrontational atmosphere. Then I could start clarifying the truth.

If they told me that So and So was their guide who watched over them, I would then go to clarify the truth to the guide first. If they told me that they dared not take the material in case of danger, I would say, "There is no problem if you read it in Hong Kong. In fact many people have taken these materials back to China. If you bring the material back and share with other people back home, it is a matter of boundless benevolence. You will be rewarded with good fortune. Be at ease." Our righteous thoughts are dissolving evil and also enhancing the courage of the Chinese people.

Teacher is very adamant about Taiwanese practitioners clarifying the truth to the mainland Chinese. Once when I was in Hong Kong, a practitioner was talking about how Teacher sent drinking water to practitioners who were clarifying the truth in Manhattan. Just as the practitioner finished talking, another practitioner brought soft drinks for everyone, saying that there happened to be a big sale on the drinks. Wasn't this the same as Teacher sending water to us? Everyone was very pleased.

As the Fa-rectification process marches on and practitioners continue sending forth righteous thoughts and clarifying the truth, the evil forces are being destroyed in huge numbers. Now many Chinese people are pro-actively looking for the truth. After I clarify the truth I will usually add, "Bring the truth clarifying materials home, and tell everyone to quit the CCP so that they will not become an artifact to be buried along with the CCP." Those Chinese people who have known the truth cannot only save themselves, but also more people around them. In Taiwan, I often clarify the truth to people I meet online. I find that if the person has been to Hong Kong, that person is more easily convinced. I only need to talk to him/her for a little while and the person will quickly understand and agree to quit the CCP.