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Practitioners Suffer Persecution in the No. 2 Women's Prison in Yunnan Province

June 09, 2007 |   By a practitioner in Yunnan Province

(Clearwisdom.net) Every Falun Gong practitioner in the No.2 Women's Prison of Yunnan Province is forced to write a so-called "thought report" every month. The CCP authorities torture practitioners in order to try to force them to give up their beliefs.

According to practitioners recently released from the No. 2 Prison, once detained inside, every practitioner is required to write the so-called Three Statements (a Repentance Statement, a Guarantee Statement, and a "Dissociation Statement"). Otherwise, one is not allowed to purchase even basic necessities such as toilet paper, toothpaste, a toothbrush, a comb, and so on. Practitioners are given five minutes to use the restroom just three times a day. For the rest of the time, they are detained in prison cells. Two criminal prisoners are assigned as "personal cangues" to monitor each practitioner. They are either murderers on death row or criminals imprisoned for life. Practitioners are forced to sit on a small stool from morning till evening and are not allowed to stretch their arms or legs. This torture can cause practitioners' bottoms to fester. Guards also often make practitioners stand straight for long hours. They are not allowed to speak or move during these long durations of standing. Some are detained in solitary compartments. All day long they are subject to verbal abuse and brainwashing.

There are many mosquitoes and insects in the summer. Among 20 inmates in a cell, only practitioners are not allowed to have mosquito nets. The "personal cangues" often verbally abuse practitioners, and they use all kinds of deceitful ways to persecute them. One of the most insidious ways is to not allow practitioners to keep toilet paper or sanitary pads. A practitioner had her period when she was detained in solitary confinement and was not allowed to use pads. She had to wear her blood soaked pants for a long time.

Practitioners are forced to recite the prison rules and are forced to consume drugs that contain nerve damaging ingredients. Sometimes the guards secretly shock practitioners with electric batons. Some practitioners from Yuxi, including Ms. Shen Yueping, were prohibited from having family members visit them for several months.

These guards in the No. 2 Prison have committed many crimes against practitioners: Zheng Ping, Ma Lixia, and Yang Yiting.