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Three Falun Gong Practitioners from Liaoning, Heilongjiang, and Shandong Provinces Die as a Result of the Persecution

June 30, 2007 |  


Ms. Cong Peilian died after being released as a result of abuse in Dabei Prison

Falun Gong Practitioner Ms. Cong Peilian was from Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. She was born on May 26, 1943. She experienced chronic health problems after her retirement. She attended Master's lectures in 1994 and began her cultivation with her husband. After the persecution began on July 20 1999, the local police constantly went to her home and disturbed her. They forced her to sign a guarantee statement promising not to practice Falun Gong. She and her husband decided to move elsewhere to avoid harassment.

In 2002, some people in Beipiao who did not know the truth called the police. Ms. Cong and her husband were arrested. This older couple was sentenced to ten years in prison. Ms. Cong's husband also died as a result of abuse at Dabei Prison in Shenyang City.

Ms. Cong's health deteriorated in 2005. She sweat all the time and developed a severe tremor in her head. She was bailed out on medical parole, but Dabei Prison officials forced her family to provide them her medical reports several times and continuously disturbed them. The family had to provide reports proving she was sick every six months.

Ms. Cong Peilian died at age 64 on May 13, 2007.

Practitioner Mr. Zhang Huabin from Shuangchen City in Heilongjiang Province died as a result of the persecution

Mr. Zhang Huabing started practicing Falun Gong in 1994, after his wife introduced him to the practice. Their son also became a practitioner after that. The family received much benefit from Dafa. On July 20, 1999, the day Jiang's regime started persecuting Falun Gong, local officials arrested Falun Gong practitioners in Shuangcheng City and locked them up in the provincial government building. Mr. Zhang Huabing was a professional motor vehicle driver. He drove a big truck loaded with 40 to 50 practitioners from the village, who were going to the provincial government to petition for justice for Falun Gong and to clarify the truth and clear Master's name.

Mr. Zhang Huabing's wife Ms. An Ling went to Beijing to appeal in 2001. In November 2001, as she was cooking at home, the deputy head of the township police station arrived with several village people and broke into her house. The reason they gave for this illegal intrusion was her having provided banners and materials for Dafa practitioners who went to Beijing to appeal. They arrested her and put her into a vehicle. Before that day, her brother An Jingxing had also been illegally arrested. The police beat them and demanded payment in the amount of 20,000 yuan from their family. Since the authorities couldn't get what they wanted, they sentenced her to seven years in prison and put her in Harbin Women's Prison. Mr. An Jingxing was sentenced to eight years at Daqing City Prison. He has been abused and persecuted there for over five years.

Mr. Zhang Huabin had to be both mother and father during those five years. In order to make a living and pay the high expenses for his child's college education, he sold their house. His health worsened, owing to the tremendous mental anguish and worry about his wife being tortured. He had symptoms of liver cirrhosis and ascites, his stomach became swollen, and his face became grayish. His whole body was in pain.

On May 10, 2007, accompanied by his relatives, Mr. Zhang Huabin went to Harbin Women's Prison to visit his wife An Ling. Considering his bad health, he was afraid his wife would worry about him, so he didn't dare to see her in person. Instead, he tried to contact the prison warden, to apply for medical bail for his wife. Prison Affairs Section official Zheng Jie stopped them and said they could not find the warden. Zheng Jie looked at Zhang Huabin, who was at death's door, cruelly said, "As long as An Ling doesn't give up practicing Falun Gong, even I won't let her go, let alone the prison warden."

Mr. Zhang Huabin's health rapidly deteriorated. With many regrets he passed away on May 20, 2007, at the age of 46, leaving behind his elderly mother and his son, who was still in college. His wife, An Ling, in the Harbin Women Prison is still suffering from abuse and mistreatment for defying the authorities, not giving up Dafa, and refusing to write the three statements.

This is yet one more example of how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has ruined another happy family.

Falun Gong Practitioner Mr. Zhang Wanmin from Yishui County in Shandong Province dies

Local government agents had intimidated and harassed Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Zhang Wanmin from Quanzhuang Town, Yishui County, several times and had also sent him to a brainwashing center. He died on October 22, 2002.

Mr. Zhang Wanmin was 66 years old. His home was in Henan Village, Quanzhuang Town, Yishui County, Shandong Province. Before he began cultivation in 1998, he had severe acid stomach illness, and often vomited. After beginning the practice he became well quite quickly.

In 1999, after the persecution of Falun Dafa began, Mr. Zhang was penalized. Since he firmly practiced Falun Dafa, the authorities harassed him and levied several "fines" on him, totaling 1,300 yuan. In the winter of 2000, Quanzhuang Town Politics and Law Committee secretary Min Xiangyu subjected Mr. Zhang Wanmin to physical punishment, forcing him to squat on the floor for a long time. The Quanzhuang Town judiciary officials required that the practitioners check with them twice daily. In that same period they monitored the practitioners for five months.

Mr. Zhang was arrested and taken to the brainwashing center several times. Living under constant threats, he was always tense. In the spring of 2001, he went to check in with the local authorities. Because he was late, the local deputy Party secretary, Chen Yongdong, scolded him and ordered him to curse Master and Dafa. Mr. Zhang didn't comply, so Chen Yongdong made him stand for a long time. Following Mr. Zhang's release, he experienced heart problems.

Having endured horrendous mental torment and physical abuse, a year later, on October 22, 2002, Mr. Zhang Wanmin had a severe heart attack and died.

Chen Yongdong, deputy Party secretary in Quanzhuang Town, Yishui County, Shandong Province
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