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Western Practitioner: Karma Elimination and Sending Righteous Thoughts

June 24, 2007 |   By a practitioner from Argentina

(Clearwisdom.net) I'm 25 years old and I obtained the Fa in 2003. At the moment I started to practice, I experienced a lot of things Teacher explained in the book, but at that moment I didn't realize what was all about.

Just a couple of weeks ago, my cultivation got to a point where I was totally confused and didn't know where to look or go. Even though I knew to study the Fa and look inward, I was unable to break out of this situation. I felt very weak physically and my mind was unsteady. Whenever I tried to study the Fa, my heartbeat was so fast that it posed a challenge for me to stay quiet and focus on the Fa.

I was not determined enough to break through and even though I did get up off the bed and went to do things, when I came back, the unhealthy state reappeared.

One of those nights I realized I had been neglecting to send righteous thoughts, so I made up my mind to eliminate the evil beings in other dimensions. That night I had a sharp thought about Chinese labor camps where fellow practitioners are persecuted by the vicious Chinese Communist Party. Only when I was in pain myself did I decide to take action over this, and only at that moment did I remember fellow practitioners' suffering. I think that's a pitiful state for me to have reached.

I realized I was being persecuted by evil because I left a gap. Then I focused my thoughts on fellow practitioners' gaps and I pictured evil beings seizing our attachments and using them to persecute us. So, my mind was focused on eliminating those beings because I thought Dafa practitioners would be able to use their own thoughts to deal with persecution instead of being confused by the evil beings. I felt great power and my own physical state improved a lot for that night.

From this experience I realized several things I wasn't aware of before. Firstly, I didn't take sending righteous thoughts too seriously until I was directly affected myself. Second, whenever we don't accomplish one of the three things, our whole cultivation will become stuck and lag behind. And the last thing is, if we really don't take sending righteous thoughts seriously, then just imagine how much harder it is for fellow practitioners in China to bear the evil persecution. Remember, we're here outside China. Our task is to assist the main body of Dafa practitioners in China to resist and eliminate the persecution. We cannot fail doing that.