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Closing the Gap and Cherishing the Fleeting Predestined Relationships Between Practitioners

June 13, 2007 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner in Tangshan, Hebei Province

(Clearwisdom.net) One day practitioner A visited practitioner B and complained about practitioner C again. There have been ongoing conflicts between A and C for a long time. This hindered the group from improving as one body.

B said to A with a smile, "I don't seem to feel any distance between fellow practitioners and myself. I cherish each meeting and each opportunity to share experiences with each fellow practitioner. Each time we meet each other, the number of our predestined encounters is reduced by one. There are only a preset number of encounters between us. When the Fa-rectification concludes, all of our predestined encounters will have been concluded and we will never see each other again. Teacher shared this with us during his Fa lectures. This is the reason why I cherish each encounter with fellow practitioners. I have had arguments and fights with fellow practitioners. There are times when I fail to guard my xinxing when conflicts arise between us. But conflicts are inevitable, for they provide opportunities for us to cultivate ourselves. If we treat this cultivation environment abundant with conflicts as opportunities to improve ourselves and remind each other to improve, then there won't be any distance between us."

After this sharing, A felt she was terrible at her cultivation practice. Instead of searching inward for her own attachments or regarding conflicts or fellow practitioners' flaws as opportunities to improve herself, A always seemed to find faults in others or blame others. Consequently, the gaps grew wider between fellow practitioners and A, which jeopardized mutual cooperation and improvement.

By writing this article, I would like to remind fellow practitioners to cherish our transitory predestined relationships. Let's walk well the cultivation path Teacher has arranged for us. Let's fulfill our prehistoric grand pledge and return to our true home with Teacher.