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Xinhua News Agency's Recent Attacks against Falun Gong Designed to Help CCP Continue the Persecution

June 01, 2007 |   By Ouyang Fei

(Clearwisdom.net) After being silent for a long time, the Xinhua News Agency has again resumed its efforts to defame Falun Gong. People may still remember some of the topics the Xinhua News Agency employed before to discredit Falun Gong, such as trumped up charges of suicides, murders, and so on. It's purpose was simply to defame Falun Gong. If practitioners were really like what they claimed, that is, if every practitioner always wanted to die, wouldn't Falun Gong have disappeared a long time ago? How come the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) still needs to pour the resources of the entire nation into persecuting Falun Gong? After eight years of persecution, all their lies have been proven groundless.

What is the Xinhua News Agency now concentrating on in its attacks? They are attacking in three areas: One, Falun Gong practitioners' respect for Master Li, the second relates to Falun Gong's spreading throughout the world, and, especially, the influence that the New Tang Dynasty Television's (NTDTV) Chinese New Year's Spectacular has generated in the world, and the third has to do with Falun Gong's founder attending practitioners' conferences and giving lectures, or writing articles to guide the cultivation practice of his disciples.

These three phenomena illustrate the tremendous vitality of Falun Gong, which, of course, unsettles the CCP regime. The CCP originally boasted it would crush Falun Gong in three months; however, eight years have passed and Falun Gong is still strong, and has now spread to the whole world.

1. Envying Dafa Disciples' Respected Master

Whenever it is a traditional Chinese Holiday or World Falun Dafa Day, Dafa practitioners around the world, especially those inside China, send to the Minghui/Clearwisdom website many cards, poems, articles, and other items to express their greetings and their gratitude to Master Li. The fact that numerous Falun Gong practitioners respect and thank Master Li from the depths of their hearts is proof in itself that the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong has failed. This has made those vicious individuals who persecute Falun Gong increasingly jealous. One of the direct reasons Jiang Zemin started the persecution was his jealousy. He had climbed to the highest position in politics, but he could not win people's respect, while Mr. Li Hongzhi won the genuine respect of millions of people.

China has an old saying, "Master for a day; Father for a lifetime." Dafa practitioners have benefited greatly from their cultivation practice, so their expression of gratitude to Master Li is a natural thing. If the Xinhua News Agency's hatchet men can also be counted as having parents, how could they not understand this basic quality of Chinese people?

2. Making trouble for the Divine Performing Arts Troupe and the Global Classical Chinese Dance Competition

Since the Divine Performing Arts had its first performance in Vancouver, Canada on January 3, which marked the beginning of its global tour in 2007, it has performed 80 times in over 30 big cities around the world. The grand scenes of its performances are reflected in the good box-office sales and the positive comments of the audiences and media. Many people shed tears while watching the performances. This was not due to any sad stories depicted by the dancers, but to a deeper level of inspiration that is felt from the origin of the universe and their own lives. This is where this performance is different from others.

Among the dances, one illustrates the principle that "good people will be rewarded while bad ones will be punished." Some people had some negative opinions about depicting themes in this way, feeling that this was getting involved in politics. As a matter of fact, if we look at the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and their efforts to resist the persecution from the vantage point of people one hundred years into the future, we would find their views to be similar to the way we now interpret Qin Hui's persecution of Yue Fei. Who would still connect it to the issue of engaging in politics? Aren't those attitudes instilled in people by the Communist Party?

NTDTV's Global Chinese Classical Dance Competition, which is inspired by the successful performances of the Divine Performing Arts, is designed to promote the pure and righteous Chinese traditional culture. What is the purpose of the CCP's hatchet writers in attacking and mocking this competition and threatening those who want to participate in it? On the one hand, they say no one would want to participate in the competition, while on the other, they are trying to prevent people from participating. If no one wanted to participate, why are they trying so hard to stop people from participating?

3. Talking nonsense about Falun Gong founder's lectures

The Fa principles that the Falun Gong founder has lectured on are used to guide the disciples' cultivation practice. It is normal that people who are not practitioners to not understand these lectures, as they are not intended for non-practitioners. As with orthodox religious doctrines, an atheist would not be able to understand what the doctrines are really about. Then if he were to make some unreasonable comments, it would only reveal his ignorance.

Wang Chong, an atheist in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 A.D.), did not believe in "the unity of heaven and man." He argued that with man on Earth and gods in heaven, and with such a long distance in between, how could man hear the gods. He thus denied "the unity of heaven and man." However, we now know that with a tiny signal-receiving device, man can communicate with satellites in the sky. The GPS (Global Positioning System) installed in vehicles is based on this principle. But man is an "instrument" that is much more complicated and advanced than these signal-receiving devices. If GPS receivers can communicate with satellites in the sky, why can't man communicate with gods in heaven? If Wang Chong had lived today, current scientific developments may have refuted his efforts to establish his atheistic philosophy. In fact, they may have reversed his thinking.

The Xinhua News Agency's propaganda is being spread only for the purpose of helping the CCP continue to persecute good people by means of arrest, detention, torture, and brainwashing. When media is used this way as an accomplice to state terrorism, it is no longer just talking trash; it is actually killing people