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The Deaths of Ms. Guo Xiumei and Mr. Jia Junxi, Practitioners from Zhoukou City, Henan Province, Are Connected to the 610 Office

May 09, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Director Yu Yiyun of the Zhoukou City 610 Office in Henan Province began to persecute the good people who believe in Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance on July 20, 1999. There have been a great number of deaths. Under the direction of Xu Guangchun, secretary of the provincial committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the Supervision Group of the provincial 610 Office was stationed in Zhoukou City for four years. They traveled between Zhoukou City, Xiangcheng City, Huaiyang County, and many other cities and counties to enforce persecution activities locally. Zhoukou City was one of the most oppressed areas in the nation at one time. The city authorities illegally arrested most of the practitioners, carried out the most severe punishments, and sentenced practitioners for the longest periods of time.

Recent reports from civilians tell about the deaths of Ms. Guo Xiumei from Huaiyang County in 2002 and Jia Junxi from Fugou County in 2005. They tell of the direct involvement of the public security personnel and the 610 Office in these deaths.

The Death of Ms. Guo Xiumei

Around 9:00 p.m. on September, 22, 2002, Guo Xiumei was distributing truth clarification materials in the city. She was found dead the next morning in the residential area of the Xiguan District in Huaiyang County. According to an eyewitness, the dead person was a forty-some-year-old female. Her face was purple and black, the left eye socket was empty, the neck was bruised, and the chest had fist-size bruising and injuries. She was lying face down looking west. There were signs of a struggle. One eye was wide open and her face was frozen in an expression of extreme terror. Her children and relatives could only recognize her clothing, not her face.

She was found by some merchants coming into town. They said she was still struggling and moaning near dawn. Someone reported the situation to the police. A policeman from the Huaiyang County Public Security Department came to look at the corpse. He said, "She practiced Falun Gong. She had a heart attack and died while distributing flyers." It was an attempt to cover up the fact that she was beaten to death. Some of those who witnessed the terrible beating were unable to eat that day and some woke up in the middle of the night screaming. A person suddenly dying of natural causes would not have that great an impact on others' minds.

How could someone be beaten like that? Where did the beating occur? The injuries indicate that she did not die from a single blow. She must have been beaten for a long period of time. One would scream out in pain from such a brutal beating. Those screams would carry a long way in the middle of a quiet night. Therefore, it is not likely that such a crime was committed in the downtown area. A sexual predator or a robber probably would not risk his life to attack and beat a middle-aged woman with no money for a long time. Patrol personnel sent by the Public Security Department and 610 Office are the likely suspects. She was probably beaten at the Public Security Department or a police department. Her body was probably discarded when they knew she was almost dead. The autopsy results were falsified to hide the truth from relatives and the public. This would be possible only with the knowledge of and under orders from the Public Security Department and 610 Office. The real criminals will not be investigated, as they are the ones who serve the Chinese Communist Party in suppressing Falun Gong.

The Death of Mr. Jia Junxi

Mr. Jia Junxi, a 58-year-old farmer and practitioner from Fugou County, was arrested and sent to the detention facility there on July 14, 2005. The family was notified of his death on July 24, 2005. He was held at the detention center for ten days. He was interrogated and tortured, but he seemed well and always spoke in a clear manner, according to his cell mate. He never returned after he was taken out of his cell that day. Sources say that he was beaten to death by four people with a wooden club in the interrogation room. There was a policeman in the control room and the beating was to stop when he rang the bell. However, by the time he rang the bell, Mr. Jia was already dead. His dead body was sent to the hospital, the hospital refused to admit him, and the body was cremated.

The National Guard from the Public Security Department arrested several practitioners and innocent civilians from Zhoukou City and surrounding locations in the spring of 2007. Many families were harassed and threatened. These arrests were obviously arranged and planned by the government. The provincial supervision unit and Yu Yiyun of the 610 Office took the lead in these actions. We also learned that several secret meetings were convened targeting Falun Gong prior to the two CCP meetings held at the end of March in every unit of each city and county. They wanted to force all the units to carry out the CCP's persecution policies regarding Falun Gong practitioners.

April 28, 2007