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The Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners at the Baimalong Women's Forced Labor Camp (Hunan Province) in 2006

May 06, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) In March 2006, Hunan Province 610 Office head Liu Daolong visited the Baimalong Women's Forced Labor Camp to "inspect" the work there. After that, labor camp authorities began a new round of persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. All the guards in Division Seven were required to develop a "reform plan," namely their method and agenda to force Falun Gong practitioners to give up their belief. As of the end of March, guards in Group One of Division Seven began to transfer practitioners to Group Three for a pilot "reform" program. Initially they quietly moved one person at a time, and pressured the practitioners to do slave labor, who had refused to do so before. If the practitioners still refused to work, they would be pressured to write the three statements (to give up Falun Gong) and watch video programs slandering Dafa. The ultimate goal was to "reform" all practitioners.

Practitioner Wen Huiying was in the forced labor camp for the third time. She began a hunger strike in January 2007 to protest the persecution. The guards force-fed her during the day. At night they forbade her to sleep. They locked Ms. Wen in a solitary cell. Once, she lost consciousness during a brutal force-feeding session. In March, Wen Huiying was diagnosed with a gastric hemorrhage, so they released her.

Another practitioner in Group Three (also called the "Fortified Target Attack Team") was severely injured by criminal inmate Yi Hongxia and others. The last information known about her was that she was sent to a hospital. Practitioners Zhou Aihua and Liu Yuebi were persecuted by having to stand on a small bench for a long time. The guards and criminal inmates also hit them on the legs and hands with a bench. They suffered tremendous injury.

To protest the evil treatment in Group Three, many practitioners went on a hunger strike. Yu Yingzhu, Fu Weijia, Zhu Guilin and Jiang Xinghua suffered from the force-feeding torture and beatings. Yi Hongxia once pinched Jiang Xinghua's nose during a force-feeding session until Ms. Jiang lost consciousness and almost suffocated. After she recovered, Yi Hongxia and others beat her again. Force-feeding caused Yu Yingzhu, Zhu Guilin and Fu Weijia to develop heart problems. Fu Weijia often felt heart pains, and her left hand was numb; her nose bled three times a day, she had edema in her feet and she also developed a gastric ulcer. Despite the practitioners' failing health, the guards still forced them to do slave labor. If they refused, they were told to prepare for prolonged imprisonment. So far, everyone has refused to cooperate with these unreasonable demands.

In April 2007, the guards suddenly disbanded Group Three and moved everyone from near the medical clinic on the third floor to downstairs and combined them with Group One in Division Seven. Then, systematic "attacking fortified targets" in Group One began.

The first practitioner to go through the torture was Duan Xiaoying. She used to have tuberculosis and was in poor health. Female guards Zheng Xia, Zhao Shuaiqun, He Yulian, Shi Wenchun, Peng Jinwen, Tang Geli and Huang Liping devised a scheme where criminal inmates Yi Hongxia, Yuan Chunxia, Peng Ying and Cui Wei took turns to torture Duan Xiaoying. They attempted to force her to watch video programs slandering Falun Gong. When Duan Xiaoying refused, they put her in a "straight jacket" and made her stand in a half-squatting position for long time. They made her squat for a long time and forbade her to sleep. They also subjected Ms. Duan to violent force-feeding when she refused to eat in protest of the mistreatment. After more than ten days of torture, Duan Xiaoying could not even walk. Two inmates had to carry her to use the toilet.

Luo Yufang's suffering was just as bad as Duan Xiaoying's. When criminal inmate Yi Hongxia forced her into a straight jacket by twisting her arm backward, Luo Yufang's arm was so badly injured that she could not even pick up a small object. When Luo Yufang refused to watch the defamatory video, they slapped her on the face. Four to five criminal inmates pinned her to the floor, pulled her hair and stepped on her hands and feet. They also grabbed her hands and forced her to write dirty words. They knew that, as a Falun Gong practitioner who strives to be a good person, being forced to write such things would cause mental trauma and humiliation.

Torture left practitioner Fu Weijia permanently injured and she needed assistance walking. When she was sent to the "Fortified Target Attack" room, Ms. Fu yelled out, "Falun Dafa is good!" Then several criminal inmates forced her into a straight jacket and also gagged her with a cleaning rag. When Ms. Fu refused to watch the video, they put her in a straight jacket and hung her up in the air, then grabbed her hair and forced her to watch the video. She could not straighten her right leg that night. It became swollen and was covered with bruises. Female guard Zheng Xia said, "She is faking it." To protest the torture, practitioner Fu Weijia went on a seven-day hunger strike. During that time the guards force-fed her twice a day and she was given an infusion. At night they forbade her to sleep. One severe force-feeding session injured one of her lungs, and she coughed blood. Even after that, criminal inmate Yuan Li and a prison doctor surnamed Tang still insisted on force-feeding her.

After seven days they forced Fu Weijia to stand for a whole day and prevented her from sleeping. If she closed her eyes, the criminals would pour dirty water on her to wake her up. Practitioner Fu Weijia became disoriented and began to hallucinate. She would try to grab imaginary "flying objects." Finally she refused to stand and sat down. To punish her, inmate Yi Hongxia poured water where she sat, so she had to sit in water. When she refused to answer questions, Yi Hongxia hit her on the mouth with a coat hanger, making it bleed. A collaborator named Chen Heping was sent to "reform" her; after only one attempt Chen sprained a foot, making her ankle swell. Later a practitioner saw a duty record written by the on-duty criminal that was monitoring practitioner Fu Weijia: "At X o'clock and Y minutes, Fu Weijia dozed off. I poured water on her." Underneath the written record was a guard comment, "Take necessary measures to 'reform' her."

This was how the guards and criminal inmates worked together to persecute Falun Gong practitioners.

Practitioner Che Xiaoyang is in her fifties. She was detained in a utility room. They attempted to force her to watch a video slandering Dafa, which she refused to watch. The criminal inmates twisted her arms and pulled her up. Then they pushed her head onto a chair and forbade her to raise her body. Later her legs were swollen. When the torture was over, Ms. Che felt a severe pain in her legs and could not straighten her back. She is so far still unable to stand straight.

Practitioner Wang Baihua is also in her fifties. She had lost one eye and was physically weak. After she was forced to stand for more than 20 days, she could no longer walk normally. Her legs were swollen from the knees down. She could not even sit, so she had become bedridden.

The guards have now divided practitioners into three different sections: Group One, former Group Three (on the third floor at the clinics) and the Third Floor Production Team (also called Group Two of Division Seven).

Practitioners detained in Group Three included Jiang Yulian, Liu Yujia and Liu Dongxiu. Practitioners Wang Jianyun, Yang Changer and Yang Guixian were detained in Division One. Several policewomen and criminal inmates selected from different teams based on physical strength were responsible for torturing the practitioners.

When practitioner Jiang Yulian was sent to Group Three, several female guards cornered her and attempted to force her to sign a prepared "three statements." Jiang Yulian called their plan "dirty and shameless." A female guard slapped her and later handcuffed her for a whole night. Ms. Jiang was forbidden to sleep for 15 days. She was forced to stand for a long time and was not even allowed to use the toilet during those 15 days. She had to relieve herself in the cell. Her legs were swollen for two months.

Practitioner Liu Yuwei was forced to stand for more than ten days and forbidden to sleep or use the toilet. When she dozed off they splashed dirty water on her face. Criminal inmate Peng Yan came up with an idea to poke her genitals with a coat hanger. Later on Peng Yan herself was punished by the law of karmic retribution and suffered from vaginal bleeding for months. Doctors told her she had a tumor of the uterus. Practitioner Liu Yuwei's feet were hurt, and she became crippled from long-time standing. Female guard Wang Lianhua ordered the criminals to "reform" her with maximum effort. They twisted and injured her fingers.

Practitioner Liu Dongxiu is in her fifties. Her husband and her daughter-in-law (who worked in a "610 Office") turned her in and she ended up at the forced labor camp. After long-time torture, Ms. Liu's hair turned completely white. She had previously suffered from a uterine tumor. This time, guards forced her to stand and kept her awake for a long time. She refused to cooperate with them. They forced her into a straight jacket and hung her up from a bed board. The long-term torture caused Ms. Liu to have vaginal bleeding. She also repeatedly lost consciousness.

Practitioner Yang Changer is in her sixties. She used to suffer from hypertension. After 13 days of standing and sleep deprivation, the guards attempted to force her to watch a slanderous video. She refused and warned the guards and criminals not to do this. The guards could not do much to her and left. At the end of the 13th day, Ms. Yang suddenly dropped to the floor and went into a coma.

Practitioner Yang Guixian is in her 60's. Despite the pressure she kept saying, "Falun Dafa is good!" Criminal inmates Yuan Li and Li Manli gagged her with used women's sanitary napkins and put her into a straight jacket. They then hung her up with her arms tied behind her back. She was also deprived of sleep and forced to stand for more than ten days. The perpetrators even injected her with drugs used for mentally ill patients. After Ms. Yang left the labor camp, she wobbled left and right when she walked and constantly shook her head. She was unable to speak a word. Criminal Chen Xuemei verbally insulted Ms. Yang and beat her frequently. The perpetrators used these dirty and violent methods to torture anyone who yelled out, "Falun Dafa is good!" After Yang Guixian was permanently injured, they still forced her to do cleaning, but she could barely even pick up a broom. She remained in the labor camp until her term expired.

According to some criminal inmates, several other practitioners were also injected with strong drugs for treating mental patients.

Practitioner Wang Jianyun was tortured repeatedly. After more than ten days of sleep deprivation and forced standing she became emaciated and weak. The criminals still beat her and splashed dirty water on her face. When her family picked her up from the labor camp after she had served her time, her younger sister cried, "Sister, how come you aged more than 10 years?"

Many practitioners had recently refused to do slave labor. They were targeted for intensified persecution. Some criminal inmates said, "If we want to punish anyone, all we have to do is to write her name in the report and we can do anything to her."