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Mr. Yu Huaicai Died after Being Abused at Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province

May 03, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Yu Huaicai from Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, could not speak after being tortured at Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp. He died on April 22, 2007. His family suspects that camp personnel injected him with drugs that affected his ability to speak.

The family saw Mr. Yu Huaicai at the labor camp for the last time four days prior to his death. He stared at his family with an open mouth. He moved his tongue but could not make any sound. He was handcuffed. The family asked the labor camp officials, "Why are you handcuffing him when he's already in such terrible condition?" The authorities answered, "That's the rule." They eventually took off Mr. Yu's handcuffs at the family's request. Yu Huaicai's eyes were bulging out. He grasped his shirt in front of his chest and repeatedly slapped his hands against the wall. He appeared to be in great agony.

Yu Huaicai was around 45 years old and lived in the Hulan District, Harbin City. He was illegally detained many times and had money extorted from him by lawless officials in the Hulan District. His wife, Du Xiuying, went into exile to avoid arrest. Their young daughter was forced to withdraw from elementary school and had to live with relatives.

Mr. Yu was illegally arrested in public on November 15, 2006. The police took more than 1,000 yuan, a mobile phone, and keys from him.

He was taken to the former Hulan District Detention Center. He was interrogated twice at the Hongda Hotel in the Hulan District but he did not cooperate. He was released on November 25, 2006. Then he returned to the Hulan District National Security Division to ask for the return of his money and personal belongings. The officials arrested him again and held him at a detention center.

Mr. Yu went on a hunger strike and was taken to Harbin City Police Hospital more than 20 days later. He was transferred to the Hulan District Chinese Medicine Hospital after January 1, 2007. Eight days later his family went to see him at the hospital, having found out where he was. They saw him lying in a bed with his feet shackled. His feet and ankles were swollen and severely bruised. He was emaciated. His family had been forbidden to see him before then and were not given any information on his condition. According to a nurse, his condition even in this state was much better than when he was first brought to the hospital. He was taken to Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp the next day.

Yu Huaicai's mother visited him at the labor camp on January 25, 2007. He said to her, "Just bring me a few clothes; don't come here again."

The labor camp officials called Yu Huaicai's family on February 25 and told them that he was in critical condition and was being treated at the 2nd Hospital Affiliated with Harbin Medical University. The officials forced the family to sign a document slandering Falun Gong and its founder before they would let them see him. They also demanded money from the family to "treat Yu Huaicai's illness" and threatened to force-feed him if the family did not pay them! The authorities said, "We are not responsible for anything that happens during force-feeding." The family immediately paid the officials 1,000 yuan. Yu Huaicai said again to his family when he saw them, "Don't come here again."

Yu Huaicai was taken back to Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp. Before he passed away, the camp officials contacted the family many times and urged them to visit him. They lied to the family and claimed Yu Huaicai would be allowed to practice Falun Gong and study the Falun Gong books if he resumed eating.

When the family did see him again he could no longer speak and could only look at his family.

The family knows Yu Huaicai did not do anything wrong. He only persisted in his belief in Falun Gong. Because of the ruthlessness of the CCP persecution and intimidation, his family dared not utter any protest or words of suspicion when they saw fabricated documents and medical records.

Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp:

Shi Yingbai, head of the campL 86-451-82037077 (Office), 86-451-82737856 (Home)
Shi Changjin,: former deputy head of the camp, currently the political secretary at Dongfeng Prison

Main switchboard: 86-451-82036637
Internal Division 1: ext. 8891
Internal Division 2: ext. 8892
Internal Division 3: ext. 8893
Internal Division 4: ext. 8894
Internal Division 5: ext. 8895
Division 1: 86-451-82037101; Officials Yang Jintang, Zhang Chunliang, Yang Yu
Division 2: 86-451-82037102; Official Wang, head of the division; Liu, deputy head of the division; guard Sun
Division 3: 86-451-82037103; Officials Wang Zhanqi and Xia Jingcheng, section head Tang
Division 4: 86-451-82037104; Officials Hao Wei, Wang Yuou, and Sun Qingyu: 86-13836189010 (Cell)
Division 5, or Strictly Controlled Division: 86-451-82037105
Wang Kai, group head: 86-13304513499 (Cell)