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Be Firm with Our Righteous Thoughts and Negate Any Demonic Interference

May 18, 2007 |  


Recently, I was extremely busy at work. Despite the extra hours I put in, I still could not finish my work. Besides, my duties at home had also been piling up, making me weary and wretched, physically and mentally. As a result, my Fa study and exercises were being neglected, and I was not able to keep up with Fa-validation work and saving sentient beings. A few of my fellow practitioners seemed to have fallen into a similar situation. Although we knew well that this was not right, it appeared that there was no way we could improve the situation.

Below is my experience that I would like to share with you all.

Righteous Thoughts Must Be Firm

Dafa practitioners' time schedule is planned by Master. In the blink of an eye, it will vanish. As the saying goes, each moment is worth ten thousand pieces of gold. I feel that all of us should treasure this brief Fa-rectification period in which we can cultivate. Because Fa-validation and the saving of sentient beings are the priority, we must not slack off, the work must not be hindered nor any interference be allowed. Keeping in mind the vows we once made--to carry out Fa-validation and save sentient beings--which we are now here to fulfill, regardless of how busy we are at work, at home, or with our social commitments, we must place Fa-validation and saving sentient beings before everything else. When the balance is right, then we will be able to sort out the urgency of each task and also walk right our cultivation path.

In this pressing time of Fa-validation and saving of sentient beings, everything must give way, every living being must help to make way, and all things that can help to make it happen must also work together. Therefore, attempts to disrupt or damage this process are crimes against Dafa and against sentient beings awaiting salvation, and they are unacceptable. Neither can we accept anything that a demon has arranged, nor the demon itself.

Claiming it is testing Dafa practitioners, the demon has systematically carried out what it has wanted to do, including interrupting the little time practitioners have left. If we are unclear on the Fa principles or weak in our righteous thoughts, the demon will take advantage of our weaknesses and create endless problems for us. On the other hand, if we neglect to do the three things well due to our heavy workload, we are seriously deviating from Dafa, and the demons will unceasingly seek us out to create a heavier workload. Then we will get even busier and never be able to do right the things we need to do most. However, if we completely negate the evil's arrangements with righteous thoughts, the "busy environment" will simply disappear.

Organize Our Time Properly

From the Fa principles, we know that time has been shortened and is moving forward faster. The speed with which Master carries out Fa-rectification is extremely fast, and we can feel that the time is passing equally fast. It seems as if we have hardly done anything and a day has already gone by. Hence, we must try to seize every moment and organize our time properly.

Our cultivation practice needs to fit into the state of everyday people. Everywhere we go, we need to do well and be a good person. Needless to say, to do our duties right at work is a matter of course and that applies also to our home responsibilities and social commitments. Whatever Dafa requires of us, we must do well. We cannot go to extremes either, thinking that as long as we do right our everyday duties, then we are cultivating. Sometimes, deep within us, we even hope that our superiors will arrange more work for us. Once I had this thought, too. Together with my other attachments, unknowingly, I was getting busier, so busy that I hardly had time to care about other things. Come to think of it now, it was my personal fear and attachment that prompted me to make that excuse.

Actually, the line drawn on work is not so clearly defined, especially in departmental organizations where employees don't have clear cut work responsibilities. If you want to do more, you will get more work. If you feel like doing less, you can push it away. If you are really busy, some of the things can be deferred. The important thing is to put Fa-validation and saving sentient beings as the priority. When you get back to your work again, you will find that your busy state has disappeared altogether.

More Fa Study, Looking into Ourselves and Letting Go of Attachments

As a Dafa disciple, whatever we come across is not coincidental. Most of the time, it is our attachments that cause the tribulations. It was during the course of such a busy process that I discovered many of my attachments: namely, craving for comfort, sexual desire, material gains, competitiveness, jealousy, etc. Some of these are particularly strong. In particular, seeking comfort and sexual desire are most difficult to let go. If we are not careful, we will fall into the trap again. If our righteous thoughts are not strong, we will lose control and get interfered with. I feel that those attachments must be thoroughly put down through cultivation. As a Dafa disciple, getting rid of attachments through cultivation is right and proper. Besides, those human attachments are what demons will burrow into. Wherever there are demons, they are simply evil and they can't be stopped from doing evil deeds.

The reason why demons continually give us work, keeping us busy, is to stop us from doing well the three things. This is unacceptable. The only way out is to do more Fa study and study it well. It is because:

"The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts". (Driving Out Interference)

Let us strengthen our faith in Master and Dafa, and work hard to do well the three things. Any interference or persecution will thoroughly disappear under our righteous thoughts and actions.