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The Hidden Brutality at Weining Labor Camp in Benxi, Liaoning Province

May 14, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Weining Labor Camp in Benxi City is a place where the CCP dictatorship carries out its brutal policies.

Since 1999, at least 2,000 Falun Gong practitioners have been detained at the Law Center of Weining Forced Labor Camp. In the words of the camp officials: "Those who do not change will have a hard time getting out of here." The center claims to "educate, act with empathy, and save" Dafa practitioners from Liaoning and neighboring provinces. Every newly arrived practitioner is "cared for" by the guards upon arrival. The guards pretend to be kind and warm. They ask for all of the practitioner's information and make the practitioner feel that they are truly public servants. At the same time, they work on brainwashing the practitioner. Even before breakfast, they ask the practitioner to come for a "talk." The director of the labor camp, the department director, the team leader, and collaborators take turns trying to "reform" the practitioner. They also constantly air videos that slander Falun Gong and Teacher, and praise the CCP. The practitioner is never left in peace. Video cameras are placed in all rooms and hallways. Every newly arrived practitioner has two "brainwashing" personnel that watch him all the time, even when he goes to the bathroom.

If these methods don't work on a practitioner, they will threaten him. "If you don't change your mind, if you don't study the materials we provide, if you don't answer our questions, or if you don't recite the regulations for labor camp detainees, your term at the labor camp will be extended." "We will transfer you to other places of detention, such as Guanshanzi Forced Labor Camp or Dabei Prison."

If none of these tactics work, then they will act more brutally. They prohibit practitioners from sleeping and have guards take turns talking to them for several days and nights straight. As soon as the practitioners lower their heads, the guards poke them so they can't sleep. They also force the practitioners to sit cross-legged and tie their legs in that position, saying that the practitioners cannot leave until they are "transformed." They look for any excuse to send the practitioners to the "severe treatment team" and put them on a "dead person's bed" to stretch their limbs. A healthy person can be damaged to the point of a mental breakdown from this treatment. The practitioners are locked to the floor with leg irons. They are put into solitary confinement and are given only a small piece of cornbread for each meal.

These are only a few examples of their tactics. Many of these bad things are done by those who have enlightened along an evil path under the direction of the guards. Every guard has a system of torture. For instance, Director Liu Shaoshi can be very deceitful. His many years of dishing out persecution have given him "rich experience." He is keen in observing others' reactions and can take advantage of their weaknesses. He is extremely evil and cunning.

Deputy Director Zheng Tao knows some "theories" about evil enlightenment. He can be both severe and beguiling towards a person. When he is beguiling, he brainwashes practitioners with evil theories and twists the law to scare them. When he is severe, he extends practitioners' terms and causes them to suffer unreasonably.

Guo Tieying is another deputy director. He is a thug who employs all kinds of base techniques, such as threats, sarcasm, temptation, slander, and bullying. He often curses Dafa and Teacher in front of the practitioners. Once a practitioner's wife brought his child to visit. Guo was so mean and threatening that the child cried out of fear; Guo found it amazing.

Policeman Su Zhengwei uses all kinds of means to deceive others. He is very good at conspiracy and taking advantage of situations.

Policeman Ding Huibo is a key force in the persecution and spares no effort in carrying out the evil policies. He is totally devoted to the CCP regime. In addition, Ding is apt at flattering his supervisors and causing difficulties for practitioners. He often directs collaborators to attack and persecute steadfast practitioners.

In addition, Instructor Zhang, Director Zhao and policemen Su Jing, Zheng Kai, Lin, Han, Wang, and Liang, are all direct implementors of the CCP's persecution.

Perhaps only these people themselves know how many bad things they have done. But each firm Dafa practitioner knows how much he or she has suffered. Everyone who has been persecuted should step forward to reveal the truth about this evil place and expose their crimes. Let's strip away their disguises, so that the evil will have no place to hide and will soon disintegrate.