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Mr. Chen Shaomin's Release from a Henan Province Labor Camp Overdue by More Than 1 Year

May 11, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Chen Shaomin, a Falun Gong practitioner from Luoning County, Henan Province, has been detained in the Henan Province No. 3 Forced Labor Camp. Although his term was supposed to have ended more than one year ago, he has still not been released.

Mr. Chen has long been a victim of state sponsored persecution. He was sentenced to two terms in a labor camp and has also been illegally detained in the Luoning County Detention Center in between his two camp terms. He was put in handcuffs and shackles and forced to walk back and forth in the courtyard of the detention center.

Later, Mr. Chen was taken to the Luoyang Forced Labor Camp in Henan Province. While at that facility in 2004, he refused to renounce his belief in Falun Gong and was switched to the notorious Henan Province No. 3 Forced Labor Camp in Xuchang City in late 2005.

At noon on his first day in the No. 3 Labor Camp, he tried to explain the real situation about Falun Dafa to a guard named Du Zhengtao (male) whereupon two other guards, Yan Lei (male) and Xu Zusheng (male) pulled him into a room adjoining the workshop and beat him brutally. After they were finished with him, the guards did not allow him to stand, but forced him to kneel down to further torture him, although he was in extreme pain already.

At 10:30 p.m. one day, Xu Shuiwang (male), the chief of Squadron One, brought Mr. Chen out to tortured him with a mechanical device until his face was injured and swollen and his wrists were chafed and bleeding from the rope used to bind him. Xu Shuiwang also covertly encouraged some of the drug addict prisoners, including one named Nie Yong (male), to torture Ms. Chen in various ways.

In November 2005, Mr. Chen's illegal term was finally up, although he is yet to be released. Mr. Chen used to live in the countryside and was the main support of his extended family with both children and parents depending on him. Without his strong support, his family has had problems making ends meet.

We encourage fellow practitioners who have news about the current situation of Mr. Chen to report whether he is being mistreated, so that practitioners in China and overseas can combine efforts to rescue Mr. Chen.

May 5, 2007