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Story of a High-Ranking Official Who Corrupted the Country and Led The People Astray, Committing Unpardonable Sins

April 05, 2007 |   By Luwen

(Clearwisdom.net) At the end of Jingkang era* of Emperor Song Qin Zong (prior to May 1127 A.D.), a high-ranking official died much too early**. Ten years later, this high-ranking official’s son had a dream. He dreamed that he was walking on the main road, but there was not a single soul to be seen. Suddenly, he heard very loud noises which sounded like the beating of hundreds of drums, and they were getting closer. He thought a huge army was approaching, so he quickly hid in a nearby house. When he peaked out the window, he saw hundreds of ghosts carrying a huge grinding pan. The gigantic grinding pan turned continuously. A person’s head poked out from the hole of the grinding pan, and it was bleeding nonstop. He looked at it carefully, and found that this ghost was his deceased father. As he was feeling frightened and sensing great pain in his heart, the loud drumming sound started again. When the sound was getting closer, another huge grinding pan appeared again. And there was also a head poking out from the hole of the grinding pan, and this time it was his mother! He could not help but cry, and he woke up from the dream.

After seeing his parents being tortured in the netherworld, the son of the high-ranking official was extremely frightened. He rushed quickly to Yan Province, spent a lot of money to set up an altar to conduct a religious offering ceremony. He invited Buddhist monks and Daoist priests to chant scriptures to eliminate the disasters, and to pray to the gods for the release of and pardon of his parents’ from this punishment.

During the religious ceremony, the high-ranking official’s sons and relatives saw a small Daoist immortal. He wore a purple robe with a gold sash around the waist. He was only a little taller than a foot height, but his facial features could be seen clearly. He stood underneath the ceremonial flag. After the ceremony, the little Daoist immortal disappeared. The master of ceremony told the sons of the high-ranking official, “I don’t have the heart to tell you about your father’s affairs. Therefore I’m giving you this so that you can see it for yourself.” The master of ceremony took out a large box, scattered the ash, and tightly closed and sealed the box. And told them they could see it the day after. The next day, the brothers opened the box and saw writings on the ash, it said, “So and so corrupted the country and depraved its citizens. His sins are unpardonable.” The brothers all cried and held deep grief in their hearts. (According to “Yi Jian Bing Zhi” Volume 16)

The Chinese characters “Du Guo” mean to damage the country, or to allow the country to become corrupt. When the high-ranking official was alive, his heart was not righteous, and he abused his powers, endangered the country and led its people astray. He died from a terrible accident. Ten years later, he was still tortured in the netherworld. His sons set up an altar and prayed to the gods, but it was no use because his crime was unforgivable. This is the manifestation of the impartial and righteous heavenly law. Their mother was an accomplice in this affair, therefore she had to suffer the punishment with their father after their deaths.

As of date, there are quite a few high-ranking CCP officials that have died unnatural and untimely deaths. It is inevitable that they will receive retribution for their severe crimes after they die. We advise the followers of the evil party to awaken, to stop before committing more serious crimes, to repent. Salvation is at hand.

*Era name or reign periods are used when numbering years in an emperor's reign and naming certain Chinese rulers. The era name originated as a motto or slogan chosen by an emperor. Some emperors have several era names. In this case, Jingkang is the era name of Emperor Qin Zong of Song dynasty. Emperor Qin Zong ruled less than two years.

**The author, Hong Maiyuan of Song Dynasty, did not want to reveal the high-ranking official’s name.