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A Sharing on the Serious Nature of Selecting Buddha Images for Truth Clarification Cards

April 24, 2007 |   By a practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) In China, giving people "amulets" (often in the form of plastic-coated cards) that bear a few words reminding them of the goodness of Dafa to wear or cherish has become a way for practitioners to clarify the truth. In order to make better use of them, practitioners have made them more and more beautiful by putting different Buddha images and designs on them.

In the area where I live, many of these amulets are being circulated. They have various images and designs on them, some of which I have seen on the Clearwisdom website. Others of the Buddha images look more like those seen in temples, and some of them made me feel uncomfortable because they also included non-compassionate messages. But I didn't pay too much attention because I thought that as long as they were Buddha images that ordinary people respect, the most important thing was the written inscription on the back. But after I read Teacher's latest article, "Disintegrate Completely All the Meddling Deities in the Three Realms That Have a Hand in Interfering with Fa-Rectification," I began to have a different understanding regarding the selection of the Buddha images.

From my understanding of Teacher's article, I feel that selecting a Buddha image is a very serious matter and that casual use of just any image is not proper, because different images of Buddha or God in the human world represent different attainment statuses of deities in different dimensions. So in the current period of Fa-rectification, we have no way to determine what effects these images could have. Should some of those images be the ones that Teacher discussed, then they would interfere with Fa-rectification. And if so, if we select that image for an amulet, wouldn't it have a negative effect? Wouldn't it interfere with saving everyday people? Therefore, I feel that when selecting Buddha images we must be extremely careful, and we should only select those images from "Hong Yin" or those Buddha symbols painted by Falun Dafa practitioners, so as to avoid bringing losses to the world's people due to our own interests or attachments.

April 10, 2007