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Let Go of Our Human Attachments to Eliminate the Old Forces

April 16, 2007 |   By Yizhou

(Clearwisdom.net) No matter how long we have cultivated in Dafa, the levels we reach are still limited, and no matter how diligent we are in our practice, we still have human attachments before we reach consummation. Most of what we think and do in the Fa rectification process are trivial because we are not pure-hearted, but Teacher still helps us to complete our mission with great compassion and corrects us with the Fa. Because we are practitioners of cultivation and on the way to godhood, Teacher cherishes us all. However, as disciples, we cannot always let Teacher suffer for us.

There will definitely be hurdles on our cultivation path, because karma and meddling deities interfere. If we feel frustrated, that's because we do not understand the Fa well enough. Only when we let go of our human attachments will we be able to keep from adding more hurdles and running into more conflicts in our cultivation. Only then can we overcome and disintegrate the present difficulties and complete what Teacher requires of us. This is also a demonstration of enlightenment.

Dafa is boundless. Perseverance and determination on the path of Fa-rectification and following the basic requirements of Dafa carefully will result in a cultivation level that all sentient beings will admire. If we do not follow Dafa closely, the result will be far from Teacher's expectations.

What Teacher has asked us to do is the best for us, and it is the requirement of Fa-rectification. The Fa Teacher has taught is in plain language, so if we only understand the surface then our hearts are not focused on cultivation.

Regarding the specific projects in which we participate, if we can keep from mixing in our personal interests, attachments, and ways of thinking, the requirements of the Fa will be very clear to us. Doing things with a pure heart and without "self" will be the fastest and most effective way. Otherwise, there will be countless difficulties, wasted time, and internal interferences, which is what the meddling deities want. Only by letting go of our human attachments can we be free of the interference of the meddling deities. We must thoroughly eliminate the old forces and meet Teacher's requirements in Fa-rectification.