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All Six Family Members Imprisoned, Ms. Liu Guifang Died

March 08, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Liu Guifang is a Falun Dafa practitioner from Jian'ge County, Sichuan Province. All five of her family members were sentenced to forced labor camp terms. Her eldest daughter was unlawfully sentenced to prison. Because of the long term persecution, Ms. Liu became very frail. She died on June 10, 2006.

Ms. Liu was over 70 years old. She lived in Xinhua Village, Chaoshou Town, Jian'ge County. She obtained Falun Dafa in 1998. On December 30, 2000, all six members of her family and 50 other practitioners went to Beijing to appeal. They were arrested, taken back to Jian'ge County, and unlawfully detained in a detention center.

The Party extorted a large amount of cash fines from Ms. Liu's family. Five members were sentenced to prison or forced labor terms. Her eldest daughter, Ms. Liu Furong, was unlawfully sentenced to five years in prison. Ms. Liu Guifang herself was sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor and sent to Xinhua Forced Labor Camp in Mianyang City. After the labor camp refused to admit her, she was detained in the Jian'ge County Detention Center and further mistreated.

After she was released, all her family members were separately arrested and taken to the Lianhuashanzhuang Brainwashing Center in 2004. They suffered severe physical and mental torture.

Xinhua Village is one the areas in Jian'ge County where the persecution of Falun Dafa is most severe. The practitioners there have suffered from a long period of persecution and harassment from the police officers led by Jia Guoying (male), Zhao Xiaolin (male), and Li Bixin (male) from the 610 Office. Practitioner Mr. Tusheng (last name unknown), a college student from the Flight Mechanics Department of the Tianjin Flight and Navigation College, returned home after he had a mental breakdown from the torture of being deprived of sleep for three months. The villains still frequently harassed him at home.

Jian'ge County is situated in a remote area, and the persecution news is difficult to get out. Thus, the persecution cannot be exposed in a timely manner and the evil is still running rampant. The main perpetrators in Jian'ge County include Jia Guoying (male) and Zhao Xiaolin (male). They participated in holding brainwashing sessions in 2004 and 2005. Jia Guoying pretended to be practicing Falun Dafa and acted as a spy. The practitioners who were sentenced include Mr. Wang Lin and Mr. Wang Jisheng, both to four years in prison. Mr. Wang Lin was sent to the Deyang City Prison and Mr. Wang Jisheng to Ya-an City Prison,. Their eyesight was severely damaged from the torture. After being released from prison, they continued to be mistreated by the 610 Office of Jian'ge County.

February 19, 2007