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Clarifying the Truth in Nearby Villages

March 07, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) After 2003, I came to know what cultivation was, why we should protect the Fa, and that we should validate the Fa. I started to clarify the truth and validate Dafa through my own deeds.

At the beginning, I made some posters and put them up myself. In order not to be found by the evil people, I took the glue and posters to villages about 9 miles from my home. Sometimes I clarified the truth directly to others, but my fear was too overwhelming, so I only talked to my acquaintances, and only to a few. At first, the materials were very few, so I asked them to return the materials when they finished reading so I could give them to others. But this was too slow. Later I wanted to make some photocopies, but when I arrived at the copy shop, I could not make the decision to do it. What would I do if someone in the copy shop reported me? After thinking about it for a while, I decided to do it to protect the innocence of Dafa. When I made this resolution, my fear disappeared without notice. Thus, every time I received new materials from a fellow practitioners, I made several dozen copies and gave them to villagers. After they finished, I asked them to return the materials, and I then gave them to others.

In the spring of 2005, a practitioner gave me a VCD entitled Traveling Heaven and Earth Through Wind and Rain, and told me stories of how fellow practitioners had validated Dafa. I saw my own shortcomings and remembered that Master said,

"From now on, the Dafa disciples in China as much as anyone, both new students and veterans alike, should let go of their long-standing human attachments and start to seize the day and comprehensively save the world's people." ("Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People")

From then on I started distributing truth materials in nearby villages to save the people there. One practitioner provided me with the materials, and I made more copies when necessary.

Three villages nearby had only several dozen people, and were all very remote. Their houses were scattered and I was not familiar with the area, so I rode a bicycle there during the day.

My home was about 6 miles from village A. I needed to walk along the road, climb a big hill, go through some village roads, and cross a river. In the northeast of China in April, it was still cold. Though the ice in the river had started to melt, there were still two or three meters of ice on both sides of the valley. Looking at the cold water, I felt anxious. But I knew I needed to get over in order to save people. When I decided to cross the river, I did not feel that it was very cold. I got to the village, settled down on my bicycle, and went to distribute materials while sending forth righteous thoughts. There was no interference at all during the day time. On my way back, my attachment to fear of the cold came out again. I wanted to find some place to cross where there was no ice, but could not find anywhere after looking for some time. At last I had to cross the river, but this time it was different. The water was cold and pierced through to my bones. Later I understood that when going there I had a resolution to get across the river, and it was Master who had protected me.

To get to villages B and C I also needed to ride my bicycle for about 5.5 miles and then walk for about 3 miles. I did both without difficulty.

Afterwards I discussed with another two fellow practitioners how to distribute truth-clarifying materials in villages 31 miles away during late July and early August when we were not busy. They both prepared some materials, but it was not enough. So they spent 30 yuan and copied some more. When the materials were ready, we started out on a three-wheel vehicle. It was monsoon season at that time and while traveling along the road it started to rain. We sent forth righteous thoughts, eliminating the evil which hindered us from saving sentient beings. Later the rain stopped.

When we came to village D, there were only sixteen or seventeen houses. We did not run into any difficulty there. In the afternoon, we headed toward village E. On the way there and during the night when we were distributing materials, we faced many difficulties. Because we were not familiar with the roads, we took a wrong route that had many potholes and small ponds. In some places the vehicle was blocked, and in others we could not drive it at all. We had to go through the forest nearby, which had recently been culled. During the later half of the night, when we were going to leave after distributing materials, two villagers beat us. We were all seriously beaten. One practitioner thought of sending forth righteous thoughts to stop the evil deeds. He sent forth righteous thoughts at once and then they started to beat each other. We heard one villager say, "Stop, you hit me." Later, another villager came to persuade us not to distribute materials in the future. None of us changed our minds. Finally we reached home with the protection of Master.

Afterwards I distributed materials in six villages, traveling over ten miles and covering about two thousand homes. During a Mid-Autumn Day in 2006, with the help of a fellow practitioner, we found our way to village F. This village was about 44 miles, and we had to pass an inspection station on the way. There were no buses to that village. We hitched a ride on a vehicle that was headed to the village and got off at two in the afternoon. After walking about 6 miles, we arrived at our destination. After distributing the materials in the evening, we walked back for about 15 miles. We arrived at the village. A bus was leaving at dawn. We were cold and tired. I thought it would have been good if we could find some kindhearted people and ask for some hot water. Compassionate Master guided me to find a relative who had opened a shop there. Resting for a while, we ate and then took the bus back to the county. After one year's preparation, and due to the efforts of all fellow practitioners, we finally realized our hope to demonstrate Dafa in the farthest village in our county.

In the late fall, I rode a motorcycle belonging to a fellow practitioner to nearby villages to validate Dafa. This time I came across some strange things. Because I was not familiar with the road I chose a night when the moon was out. After distributing materials to several homes, a cat followed me. When I walked, it walked. When I stopped, it stopped. It followed me continuously. I said to it, "I know you came for Dafa. If you want to obtain Dafa, you should reincarnate as a human being. Animals are not allowed to cultivate, you go back!" But it still followed me. I wondered if it was coming to ask for truth materials for its master, so I tied one piece of truth material to it with a leather envelope and said to it, "Go back. Bring the truth materials back to save your master." Then I continued to distribute truth materials. After a while, the cat appeared again. I watched it carefully and found that the truth materials had almost fallen off, so I tied them again and said to it, "Go back with the materials and save your master." I never saw it again.

Since 2006, because I did not study the Fa well, I had a big shortcoming in my xinxing--that is, I took doing things as cultivation. I did many things but my xinxing never upgraded. As stated on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website in the experience sharing articles, mighty virtue does not come from doing things but from cultivation. I hope we fellow practitioners all remember Master's words that cultivation of yourself will always be the most important.