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Six Falun Gong Practitioners Abducted by Harbin Police (Heilongjiang Province)

March 05, 2007 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Shuangcheng City, China

(Clearwisdom.net) Six Falun Gong practitioners from Shuangcheng City were abducted by police from the Xinnong Town Police Station in Harbin City.

At noon on January 23, Shuangcheng Falun Gong practitioners Zhang Fengrong (male, 50s), Xue Ruihui (male, 50s), Jiang Yahong (female, 30s) and Miao Xiubo (female, 30s) were out walking, when a police vehicle approached them. They tried to avoid it, but the vehicle stopped in front of them and blocked their path. Liu Zhaoping and two other policemen got out of the car. Without showing any IDs or documentation, they pushed and dragged the practitioners into a grocery store nearby. The police then called somebody and said, "We have captured another four Falun Gong practitioners." The practitioners then asked, "Why are you arresting us?" The police felt guilty and denied it, "We did not arrest you."

More people gathered around them and started talking about the incident. The police were afraid, so they asked more police to come and quickly took the practitioners to the Xinnong Town Police Station.

According to witnesses, the police beat the practitioners, searched their bodies and stole a watch from a female practitioner. On the following day, the police extorted 450 yuan from the families of each practitioner. On the fourth day, the police again, without showing any documentation, ransacked the practitioners' houses. This time, they abducted Dong Liantai (male, 40s) and Tian Hua (male, 40s).

Their families requested that the practitioners be returned after learning the news of their illegal arrest. The police station then sent them to another district police station. The district police station did not give any reason and drove the families away. The families could only search on their own. After much searching, they found out where the practitioners were. The six practitioners were actually detained at the Guxiang First Detention Center in Harbin City. The lives of the practitioners' families were totally disrupted by the arrests. They waited day and night for the return of their family members. Some cried every day. Some elderly family members became sick and were hospitalized.

While the whole world is condemning the Chinese Communist Party for its inhumane organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners, the families have the right to question why the police unreasonably abducted these six practitioners.

The evil Communist party is to be eliminated by heaven. We advise the police of Xinnong Town Police Station to stop their evil deeds and immediately release all practitioners.

Organizations and individuals who are involved in kidnapping practitioners:

Police and staff of Xinnong Town Police Station:

Head of the police station: Guo Jun 86-13304512200 (C)

Deputy Head of the police station: Zhao Xiuzhi 86-451-88651722


Liu Zhaoping 86-451-89366780
Cheng Bin 86-451-88256648
Li Bin 86-13503609090(C)
Yan Changhai 86-15945186088(C)
Zhou Zhanyu 86-451-82086663
Zhu Yufeng 86-13359998386(C)