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The Severe Persecution of Ms. Liu Yuwei in Baimalong Forced Labor Camp, Hunan Province

March 04, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa disciple Ms. Liu Yuwei was twice sentenced to Baimalong Forced Labor Camp in Zhuzhou City. The first time, she was illegally sentenced for one year, but her term was extended to two years. After Ms. Liu returned home, local policemen and the 610 Office harassed her frequently. They sent her to a brainwashing center and ransacked her home. Ms. Liu Yuwei was forced to leave her home to avoid the relentless persecution.

During the time she was homeless, Liu Yuwei revealed the truth of practitioner Ms. Chen Ouxiang's death. Ms. Chen was tortured to death when a concerted effort was made in an attempt to "reform" her. Baimalong Forced Labor Camp lied about the cause of death, stating that Ms. Chen Ouxiang died due to sickness. After her death they cremated her body to eliminate the evidence, and then gave her family a box of bone and ash remains. Ms. Liu Yuwei and Ms. Chen Ouxiang had been together for a long time, sharing the same cell, and they both experienced severe persecution. Liu Yuwei knew the truth of Chen Ouxiang's death.

In June 2005, Ms. Liu Yuwei was reported for distributing truth-clarification fliers. She was arrested and then sentenced for 18 months. Seeing the reason for her sentence, the prison guards decided to set Liu Yuwei up as a target for concentrated persecution.

At the end of May 2006, Liu Yuwei was sent to Team 73, where she was pressured to denounce Falun Gong. The guards took turns every few hours, and six criminal inmates were given the job of brainwashing Ms. Liu. For the first three days, she was not allowed to sleep, wash or go to the restroom. During this time she was forced to stand and was beaten by the six criminals. After three days, she was allowed to go to restroom twice a day, but the other forms of torture continued. The persecutors wrote Master's name on her hands and legs, and also on the ground and tried to force her to step on it. She refused, so several criminals dragged her over and forced her to step on it.

Later, the guards called over more criminals to beat Ms. Liu Yuwei, and she was slapped a hundred times within one day. She saw flashes of light before her eyes, but was not allowed to close them; if she did so, they would pour lots of water over her. Ms. Liu felt as if she had been blinded. She was soaked through, but was not allowed to change clothes. Later, the criminals took off her clothes and beat her, and poked her private parts with the wooden fork used to dry clothes outside. The guards ordered several criminals to hold her down, and grabbed her hand to force her to sign the guarantee statement. Liu Yuwei tore the paper several times, enraging police chief Wang Jiaojiao.

After ten days of continued torture, the criminals said, "If you continue to refuse the brainwashing, we will drag you to the restroom and force you to eat excrement and drink urine." Ms Liu Yuwei knew they would indeed do this. She had not slept for ten days and nights, her body was beaten black and blue, and her feet were swollen and terribly disfigured. While the physical torture was being carried out, her ears and eyes had been bombarded with very loud, slanderous VCDs, full of lies by the Chinese Communist Party denouncing Falun Dafa. She was mentally and physically exhausted, so she unwillingly signed the guarantee statement.

But the guards did not release her after that. Several labor camp administrators and guards made her say false words according to their orders. They even shot a video and forced her to say, "There is no coercion here, I have been willingly 'reformed.'"

Afterwards, Ms. Liu Yuwei was detained in Team 71. Team leader Zhao Shuaiqun, together with other guards, tried to brainwash Liu Yuwei for another month. Two criminals tortured her in turn, forcing her to stand or squat for long periods. They poured water on her and did not allow her to change her clothes. She was black and blue all over, and her legs were very swollen. When the swelling went down, they sent her back to Team 72, where she was forced to work for more than ten hours every day under the hot sun.

Severe persecution is still going on in Team 71. The guards want to get good results with their brainwashing and obtain a bonus. They don't care if the brainwashing is false. It is said that a Falun Gong practitioner surnamed Yao was tortured until she went into a coma, and another who was in his fifties was driven to a mental breakdown.