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The Communist Party Secretary of Changchun City No. 52 Middle School Severely Persecutes the Teachers Who Practice Falun Gong

March 30, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started the persecution of Falun Gong, there were several teachers in the Changchun City No. 52 Middle School who have suffered due to their beliefs. Their homes were ransacked. They were illegally arrested, severely tortured, sentenced to forced labor, etc. Since they did not write the "guarantee statement" (promising not to practice Falun Gong), they were not allowed to teach. They could only do some miscellaneous work. They were watched and put under house arrest. They were even threatened with being sent to prison. The persecution has forced the teachers to leave their homes for several years in order to avoid further persecution. Their wages have been withheld by the school leaders. In the meantime, the Erdao District 610 Office, Erdao Police Station, the Education Bureau, and the school leaders have often led people to the teachers' homes to arrest them. They failed because the teachers had already left their homes to avoid being persecuted.

In late 2006, the school's communist party secretary, Guo Junying, informed these teachers that they had to report to school, claiming that they would otherwise need to bear the consequences by themselves. In late December, the teachers went to the school but they were unable to see Guo, who was busy in a performance rehearsal. Two days later, the teachers went to the school again. Once they sat down, Guo said, "You are fired, because you have not come to work for over two weeks." He also pretentiously showed them the so-called "regulation document."

The teachers said, "This regulation does not apply to us, because it is the school that does not allow us to come to work." They recounted the mistreatment and the bitter lives they had led over the past several years. They stated that to work, one of the teachers had spent one month appealing to the school leaders, but the leaders had shirked their responsibilities. The teacher was even shut outside the door by the leaders during one visit. When she went to appeal again, she was clearly told, "Without writing the letter of 'break away' (from Falun Gong), you will not be allowed to come to work."

Given these indisputable facts, Guo had nothing to say. He just said in an evasive way, "I do not care about other things. I just follow the upper government's order." During the conversation Guo often picked up his cell phone and went out of his office to make calls. Guo Junying went so far as to collaborate with the Erdao 610 Office and Erdao Police Department in setting up a trap, aiming to lure teachers to the school in order to arrest them. For several years, the teachers had already known about the school leaders' ploy, that is, they deceived the Falun Gong practitioners into going to school, and then arrested them. Because of this knowledge, the teachers were able to leave the school safely.

We want to solemnly tell Guo Junying and others who are involved in the persecution, "You cannot shirk your crimes for persecuting those with a righteous faith. You should think about yourself and your family members, stop harming good persons and do not plant the seeds of retribution for yourselves. Do not repeat the tragedy of former party secretary Sun Guizhen, who did not listen to this persuasion. She continued the persecution, and then received karmic retribution.

Sun Guizhen, the former party secretary of Changchun City No. 52 School, received karmic retribution and died because of her involvement in persecuting Falun Gong. Her crimes also caused harm to her family members.

Over the past several years of the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong, Sun Guizhen had actively followed Jiang's gang and persecuted her school teachers who practiced Falun Gong. This caused her health to become worse and worse. She died on February 22, 2007 (the fifth day of the first month based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar).

Ms. Sun Guizhen was 54 years old. During the years of her being the school communist party secretary, as long as the upper government issued illegal orders to persecute Falun Gong, she blindly followed them. When the persecution initially started, she reported all the teachers who practiced Falun Gong to the Education Bureau. She also went to talk with these teachers, saying that if they did not write the guarantee letter, the teachers would be deprived of their right to teach and they could only do miscellaneous work. Each was only paid 200 yuan per month.

In late 2001, Sun and School President Song went to a teacher's home, and attempted to send the teacher to a brainwashing class. They did not succeed because of the teacher's determined resistance. In 2000, after one teacher was detained for fifteen days, Sun went to the teacher's home and told the teacher not to go to work anymore as the teacher was fired. In July 2001, Sun tricked two teachers into coming to the Sijiazi Agriculture Education Station, where she put the two teachers under house arrest. The teachers pointed out that she was violating their human rights and persecuting them for their faith, and was acting against the law. They tried to persuade her not to persecute good people, as it would do her no good. She did not accept the persuasion, and instead reproached the teachers, "Is it I who is transforming you, not vice versa." The two teachers wanted to go home, and she tried to physically pull them back. After this pulling, she then started to feel pain in her arms and shoulders, and as a result, she could no longer do her own hair.

While she persecuted the teachers, her son, her only child, suffered from a perforated appendix and was in a critical condition, needing surgery. Her son's intestines needed to be taken out and washed. She spent 6,000-7,000 yuan in treating her son's illness. Her persecuting good people had brought harm to her family members. After the teachers whom Sun had put under house arrest learned the news, they, with great compassion and forbearance, disregarded their sufferings caused by Sun and brought gifts to her home. They genuinely hoped that she would stop persecuting Falun Gong, so as to avoid the damage that would be brought to herself and her family members. However Sun did not wake up.

In the summer of 2002, she again wanted to send two teachers to a brainwashing center. Under her persecution, the two teachers, who were only given 200 yuan per month, were unable to go to work. They were forced to leave their homes to avoid the persecution.

During the interim, Sun Guizhen often led people to the practitioners' homes to try to arrest them. When they failed, they went to the practitioners' families and their husbands' work units to make trouble. Sun made the teachers live in very difficult conditions and put their personal safety in jeopardy.

In March 2002, Changchun City started to relentlessly persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Two teachers from the No. 52 School were arrested and severely tortured. Sun Guizhen actively cooperated with the evil persons involved. She fabricated lies and became an accomplice to the evil. The two teachers were sentenced to three years of forced labor.

Over the years, Sun received karmic retribution several times because of her persecuting good people. But she did not repent. Once when she prepared a meal, the hot oil splashed and landed on her hand, and as result, the wound on her hand did not heal for several months. In 2001 she had back surgery. In 2005, she fell down the stairs when she shopping in a store, and her left leg fractured, which caused her lower leg to become atrophied. She could hardly walk and had to stay in bed for several months.

Although Sun Guizhen clearly knew that her mishaps were caused by her persecution of good people, she still did not express regret. Once she said to her colleague, "Ever since I was put 'in charge' of Falun Gong, I have had pain everywhere in my body, and even taking a lot of medicine does not help." In 2006, she developed lung cancer, which later turned into a lymphoma. She died very painfully on February 22, 2007, prior to reaching her retirement age.

Sun's persecution of good people brought severe consequences to her family. Her husband twice had cerebral hemorrhages and could not take care of himself. A family that should have been happy was destroyed because of the karmic retribution she received from persecuting Falun Gong.

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