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Guta District Court in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province Sentences Practitioner Mr. Zhang Lifeng to Four Years in Prison

March 28, 2007 |  


At 1:00 p.m. on February 26, 2007, the Guta District Court in Jinzhou City held a secret trial to illegally sentence practitioner Mr. Zhang Lifeng. The presiding judge was Li Hongbin (male). On March 6, the court sentenced Mr. Zhang to four years in prison.

Mr. Zhang's family members were completely unaware of the trial or the sentencing. They learned about it only after they went to the court to ask about the case. They wanted to file an appeal, however judge Li Hongbin refused to show them the sentencing document. When they asked to look at the document, Li did not let them carefully review it. He said, "I will read it to you." Li also denied their request to meet with Mr. Zhang. He shrugged off the responsibility by directing the family members to negotiate with the police station. However, when the family members went to the police station, the officers said that the case had been transferred to the court, and they were no longer in charge of it. Mr. Zhang has lost vision in one of his eyes, and has a glass eye. His glass eye was lost during the police beating after his arrest and he is in a very weak condition. On the afternoon of February 26, he was held up by two people when he entered the courtroom.

The action of presiding judge Li Hongbin has seriously violated the Criminal Procedure Law. Item 4 of Article 151 and Article 152 states that "To summon the parties, notify the defenders, agent ad litem, witnesses, expert witnesses and interpreters, and the summons and notification shall be sent thereto at least three days prior to the opening of the court session" and "The hearing of cases of first instance in the people's courts shall be public." It is quite clear that the law enforcement officials are breaking the law and abusing human rights. Other individuals who have participated in the persecution of Mr. Zhang Lifeng include Lu Zhiqiang (male), head of the investigation and supervision section in the Guta District Procuratorate, and Han Jianwei and Tian Shihua, both of whom are from the Beijie Police Station.

Mr. Zhang was taken into custody on October 25, 2006. At around 8:00 p.m. that evening, a group of officers from the Beijie Police Station in Guta District, Jinzhou City broke into Mr. Zhang's home without cause. They took Mr. Zhang and other practitioners who were at his home, including Liu Guang, Qu Kai, Ju Xiaomei, and Jiang Yan, to the Beijie Police Station. Without following legal procedures, the police sent Mr. Zhang to the city's No. 1 Detention Center on October 26. The other practitioners were taken to a temporary detention center. The officers also took Mr. Zhang's notebook computer, Falun Dafa books and other materials.

Individuals Responsible for the Persecution:

Li Hongbin (male), presiding judge of the Guta District Court in Jinzhou City: 86-416-2395316
Li Yazhou (male), deputy chief of the Jinzhou City Police Department: 86-13897886666
Li Weimin (male), chief of the Guta Police Department: 86-13704065888
Li Qingyu (male), deputy chief of the Guta Police Department: 86-13504060966, 86-416-2323176 (office)
Lu Zhiqiang (male), head of the Investigation and Supervision Section of the Guta District Procuratorate: 86-416-2322469 (office)
Beijie Police Station in Jinzhou City: 86-416-2363869
Han Jianwei (male), director of the Beijie Police Station in Jinzhou City: 86-13904160110
Meng Weidong (male), deputy director of the Beijie Police Station in Jinzhou City: 86-13841692588
Tian Shihua (male) prosecutor in Mr. Zhang Lifeng's case, officer at the Beijie Police Station in Jinzhou City: 86-13941656817, 86-416-4332877 (home)
Liang (male), director of the Jinzhou City Detention Center: 86-416-4588717