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Who Stole Her Happiness?

March 27, 2007 |   By a practitioner from Laishui, Hebei Province

(Clearwisdom.net) People had always respected Ms. Lian Min from Dongguan Village, Laishui Town, Laishui County, Hebei Province. Now, however, her state of mind is unclear and she wanders about. She mumbles something nobody understands and does not keep herself clean. Her eyes are lifeless. What is the cause for this good lady's mental instability? Who took away her happiness?

Ms. Lian Min started to practice Falun Gong after the incident of Falun Gong practitioners' peaceful appeal on April 25, 1999. Having read Zhuan Falun she was excited and said to herself, "It will be great if I can obtain this Fa." After beginning the practice she became mentally and physically well. This practitioner's peaceful and serene countenance often influenced her family, so they were always happy. Because of that, her husband and son supported her wholeheartedly and often accompanied her to the practice site to study the Fa and practice the exercises.

After July 20, 1999, Jiang's regime started to persecute Falun Gong. Ms. Lian Min had only read Zhuan Falun a few times, however, she knew the truth about Dafa and wanted to clarify the facts to people. She wanted to tell people of the physical and mental changes she had experienced after beginning the practice. This the CCP would not let her do. Instead they took away her happy life and tortured her to the point of insanity.

Ms. Lian was detained because she went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. On October 4, 1999, she was transferred from the detention center to the Laishui County brainwashing center. Led by county CCP Committee head Han Yasheng, deputy head Sun Guijie, political and law committee head Zhang Haili, police department head Tan, police department political head Liu Yaohua, and political and security section head Li Zenglin, etc., a group of thugs carried out a brutal round of persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

Practitioners in the brainwashing center were handcuffed and brutally beaten. They were forced to kneel down face to face while slapping each other's faces up to 800 times. Father to son, mother to daughter, and other family member to family member were forced to slap each other's faces. If they refused, the guards would drag them out and barbarically beat them until the practitioners could bear no more the brutal beating and started to slap each other's faces.

Deputy CCP committee head Sun Guijie even beat practitioner Wu personally. He inserted his fingers inside Wu's mouth and then tore out the two sides until the corners of Wu's mouth started to bleed. However, Sun was still not satisfied. He still verbally abused and slapped Wu's face at the same time. Laishui County Police Department head Tan Shuping handcuffed practitioner Ms. Liu Guiying around a big tree trunk and said, "You want to hold a wheel? Now you can hold one for a long time!" Tan ordered some policemen to strip Ms. Liu Guihua and then beat her. They also handcuffed practitioner Song Tingjun behind his back and kept him on the ground and beat him while stepping on his face. Mr. Song's face was scratched and bleeding.

The practitioners were forced to raise their feet with their hands on the floor. Then the guards pushed them to crawl on top of dung hills. Practitioner Ms. Zhang Xiuxian was beaten so badly that her head was swollen to twice its size. Her face was blue and purple from a beating, and her eyes were swollen. The practitioners' basic human rights were taken away. They were also not permitted to walk around or use the restroom as needed and had to report if they needed to go. Every day they were forced to run for long periods of time.

Ms. Lian Min was tortured severely. Even her non-practitioner husband was arrested and detained on the third floor of the Laishui Town government building. They did so to prevent Lian Min from going to Beijing to appeal. Her two children were left at home alone. Her husband was detained for over a month. After that, with their relatives' guarantee, he paid 1,000 yuan and was only then released. When he went home, he saw their two children trying to immunize the chicks the family was raising on their farm. Because he had been detained for over a month, the more than 1,000 chicks they had recently bought had been neglected and not immunized. All of the chicks died, and very few of the adult chickens survived. Their chicken farm suffered a huge loss and went out of business. They lost their source of income.

On April 7, 2000, Laishui County CCP leaders started their second round of persecution. Ms. Lian Min was tortured by agents from Team One of the County Police Department. They put a shovel handle on her legs. Then several of them stepped on the handle to torture her.

Ms. Lian was tortured so severely that she could not help but scream, which sounded so miserable in the silent evenings. It broke one's heart to hear her scream. Sun Guijie also used shoes to slap Lian Min's face. Her face still clearly shows the shoe sole marks. In addition, the vicious CCP personnel forced her and the other practitioners to shout slogans and curse Teacher. If they refused, they would be forced to kneel for half a day. The practitioners were forbidden to sleep at night; instead, they had to sing CCP songs.

Li Zenglin ordered the guards to brutally beat practitioners. The guards used shovel handles, stool legs, and whips made from ropes to beat practitioners. They used such force that the shovel handles and the stool legs broke, and the whips loosened. All of the practitioners had scars all over their bodies after the severe beatings. Practitioner Ms. Yan Zongqin, in her 60s, was stripped and beaten. After that, she was thrown into the hallway. Several practitioners' whole bodies were swollen after their bodies were tied with ropes for a long time, but they were still forced to kneel on sharp rocks under a tree. Sun Guijie beat every practitioner with a vengeance. The police forced a female practitioner to kneel on the ground, holding a big rock over her head. If she put the rock down she would be beaten.

This time, Lian Min was released only after having 2,000 yuan extorted from her. Nevertheless, her family members were still frequently harassed and threatened.

In October 2000, seeing that practitioners were still being persecuted, Ms. Lian went out again to clarify the truth. She wrote a letter to the Laishui Town CCP committee head and to the town head. She sincerely wrote of the truth about Falun Gong and related her personal practice experiences.

However, Liu Zhengfu and Hu Yuxiang expressed no regret for what they had done. Instead they sent someone to arrest her from her sister's residence. They detained her in a jail secretly set up by Laishui Town for over ten months. This facility was set up inside the Laishui Town courtyard and was formerly used as a kitchen. It was very dark, and the walls were very oily and dusty. The damp floor was covered with coal dust. A layer of hay scattered on top of the coal dust served as the practitioners' beds. The windows were welded with steal bars, and all of the doors and windows were sealed tightly. Outsiders had no idea there was a jail in the middle of the township courtyard. The practitioners were not given food or water. If families sent some food over they would eat, but if the families did not send food they would have nothing to eat. They were monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The practitioners were detained like this for more than ten months.

Inside this jail the practitioners were forced to read information that slandered Falun Gong. Xia Hongmin and Lian Min refused to read and Liu Zhenfu went crazy. He threw the practitioners to the floor to beat them with a thick club. The two practitioners were beaten to the verge of death. The thick club even broke. However, Liu still would not give up. By then the other practitioners had tried to stop the torture but were also severely beaten. More than a dozen vicious people came to push the practitioners down onto the concrete floor and beat them. Among them was the new Laishui Town CCP Committee head Jia Yongbao, who was notorious for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners while acting as the former CCP Committee head of Zhaogezhuang Town. Others who participated were Han Jingjiu, the chief of the Armed Forces Department; Han Dianqing, deputy chief of the Armed Forces Department; Li Dawei, former deputy CCP Committee head, currently Jiulong Town CCP Committee head; and some other Laishui Town government employees.

Ms. Zhang Xiuxian, an over 50-year-old widow, was transferred to the police department to be further tortured. All her children are serving in the army. She was born with heart problem but became quite strong after beginning Falun Gong practice. She has been persecuted and detained since July 20, 1999. Once, Laihui Town government officials dispatched more than 30 people to arrest her. She was arrested and detained inside the town courtyard. Their reasoning was that it would prevent her from going to appeal in Beijing. Zhang Xiuxian was tortured to death in May 2002. Her death was a big blow to her father. Soon after that he also passed away.

People who were primarily responsible for Zhang Xiuxian's death included: County CCP Committee head Sun Guijie, Laishui Town head Liu Zhenfu, Laishui Town head Hu Yuxiang, and CCP Committee head Jia Yongbao.

In 2000, Laishui County deputy CCP Committee head Liu Xinjian used metal bars to beat Ms. Lian Min until she could no longer move. Lian Min's back was full of scars. She had to lie with her face down for a long time before she was able to turn around.

In 2003, Ms. Lian Min was once again incarcerated in the Laishui Detention Center where she suffered from barbaric torture. According to some witnesses who were detained with her at the same time, she was brutally beaten daily in the detention center courtyard. The guards resembled hellish ghouls. They did not care where, but just wildly beat her. One could hear her miserable screams from outside the walls. These savage beatings affected her mind, and she became mentally unstable.

Who took Lian Min's happiness away? Who stole her family's happiness? Who changed her? It was the evildoing CCP officials.

Written on March 13, 2007