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My Understandings about “Completely Ending the Illegal Detention of Falun Gong Practitioners”

March 23, 2007 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner from China

(Clearwisdom.net) Time flies, Fa-rectification has reached this stage and the truth of Falun Gong has been widely spread through various means. As ordinary people understand the truth more and more, the righteous power becomes stronger and stronger. However, many innocent Falun Gong practitioners are still held in prisons and forced labor camps that are controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Recently, Falun Gong practitioners from Mainland China and all over the world have been trying their best to end the illegal detentions in labor camps and prisons. This behavior has surfaced naturally with the progress of the Fa-rectification. In order to stop the persecution, and “Completely end the illegal detention of Falun Gong practitioners in labor camps and prisons,” I would like to talk about my understandings in this area.

On the Minghui Website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net), many articles have been posted about “completely ending the illegal detention of Falun Gong practitioners in labor camps and prisons.” Most of the practitioners from both Mainland China and overseas are all working on ending the persecution against Falun Gong and the practitioners. As Dafa practitioners, everyone of us should relate this goal closely with our personal cultivation after reading these kind of articles.

In the following paragraphs, I would like to talk about my understandings, in order to improve as one body, end the persecution earlier, and better save sentient beings.

1. Focus on personal cultivation to end the persecution earlier

Labor camps and jails are the dark dens of the evil forces. They are the locations where the evil forces arranged to “test” Dafa disciples. Actually, the arrangement is the persecution against Fa-rectification. We need to think about why the evil forces want to maintain the existence of labor camps and jails. My understanding is that it is because we still have attachments as a group. We claim, “Even if I have an omission, the evil forces do not deserve to test me.” However, the evil forces are glaring menacingly at our every word and action and looking forward to taking advantage of the loopholes that Dafa disciples have. For example, attachments to lust, sentimentality toward our families, attachments to fear, fame, and profits, etc.

There must be some excuses that the evil forces use to maintain the existence of labor camps and jails. Therefore, to cultivate ourselves well in all areas is essential. That is, if we could reach the requirements of Dafa as a whole body, the evil forces could never find an excuse to persecute. Therefore, truly and solidly cultivating ourselves needs to be carried out by every disciple. Our improvements are because of Master and Dafa, not because of the persecution by the evil forces. If we reach the standard of Dafa, the standard far beyond the one of the old universe, the persecution from the old forces could not exist any more.

2. Forming a (formless) whole body is a good way to end the persecution

To rescue fellow practitioners is not just a slogan. All Dafa disciples should utilize their wisdom and energy to realize this fact. The formation of a whole body is essential to save sentient beings and rescue fellow practitioners. Ordinary people say, “When people's hearts are joined together as one, even Mount Tai can be moved.” These words are not groundless. Therefore, forming a whole body and uniting our strength needs to be considered by all practitioners, especially for those who are in charge of coordination. In fact, in the areas where practitioners are better at forming a whole body, the persecution from the evil is weak, the ability to rescue fellow practitioners is powerful and the success rate is high. The power of the whole body is based on all practitioners in that area cultivating themselves well, validating Dafa, saving sentient beings, and stopping the evil persecution.

Dafa disciples' “whole body” is not organized or coordinated according to ordinary people's formats. On the contrary, Dafa disciples' “whole body” has been mostly shapeless during the several years of anti-persecution activities. Therefore, the “whole body” is based on the work of the coordinator, but the coordinator's personal contribution should not be overemphasized. In reality, no matter whether we do Dafa work well or not, recognize the whole body or not, Dafa disciples are a whole body. Our existence is actually a whole body, a great way without form. If we have a clear understanding of this issue, our whole body will generate enormous power.

3. We do the work to “expose the evil committed locally to the people”

Our charge to “Expose the evil committed locally to the people” has a vitally important effect in the midst of Fa-rectification, since the exposure of the evil people could effectively eliminate the evil elements in other dimensions, greatly discourage the evil behavior, and even make these people give up persecuting Falun Gong, give up the evil, and follow a righteous way. Actually, those evil people are poisoned when they are used by the evil party. During Dafa's spread, those people are also given chances to be saved. However, the connection between them and the evil has to be cut off. Exposure of their evil behaviors is a good method for them to give up persecuting Dafa disciples and choose a bright future.

4. Design detailed plans to rescue our local fellow practitioners currently in detention

Currently, there are still a lot of Dafa disciples “illegally detained” in detention centers, labor camps and prisons throughout China. In order to end the illegal detentions of Dafa disciples, local practitioners should be responsible for rescuing them. In some areas, the situation of Fa-rectification still lags behind. Some practitioners were sentenced to jails or labor camps a long time ago. Therefore, the local practitioners only focused on requesting their release from labor camps or jails. Sometimes, local practitioners were even afraid of requesting fellow practitioners' release. Actually, while focusing on calling for their release, we should also expose the people who were involved in the illegal arrest and illegal conviction.

The goal of rescuing our fellow practitioners is to expose the evil and save sentient beings. While rescuing our fellow practitioners, the evil is eliminated and sentient beings are saved. If we only focus on rescuing fellow practitioners, we often do not achieve the goal of completely stopping the illegal detentions. As the number of people who understand the truth increases, and as the strength to expose the evil gets stronger, our entire environment will get better. The evil elements will be greatly eliminated, and eventually none will exist.

5. Do well with studying the Fa, practicing the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts

Master mentioned the importance of studying the “Fa” in every lecture. Actually, learning the Fa well is a guarantee for doing Dafa work well. Many practitioners have deep understandings regarding this issue while doing Fa-rectification work. Without deeper understandings of the Fa and without assimilating to the Fa, there is no rising of levels. Without wisdom, our work becomes powerless and noneffective. Only with the guidance from the Fa at high levels and by using higher standards, can we do well with everything during the continuously progressing Fa-rectification, better express Dafa's power and wisdom, better rescue fellow practitioners, and better introduce Dafa into every corner of society.

Practicing the exercises are also necessary. Actually, some practitioners are rather relaxed in practicing the exercises during the Fa-rectification period. They sometimes even use studying the Fa as an excuse to avoid practicing the exercises. In reality, without practicing the exercises, the transformation of our human body is slow, and our righteous thoughts are weak. We find that practitioners who regularly practice the exercises are all full of energy with a ruddy complexion, and their righteous thoughts are strong. More importantly, practicing the exercises can enhance our divine power, clean up our bodies, and make our righteous thoughts more effective in eliminating the evil.

Sending forth righteous thoughts is one of the “three things” we can never ignore. Master mentioned the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts in several lectures. Actually, Teacher is thoroughly rectifying the Fa without missing anything. However, Dafa disciples should eliminate the evil and evil elements interfering with Fa-rectification. This is an important mission of being a Fa-rectification practitioner. Every practitioner should believe in their power and do it well. Any form of interference and persecution is from the evil or evil elements. If we could effectively eliminate the evil, they would never dare to send Dafa disciples to labor camps and jails for persecution. Therefore, every Dafa disciple should keep sending forth righteous thoughts every day. The more we eliminate the evil, the easier it is for us to validate Dafa and save sentient beings, and the more effective it is for us to rescue our fellow practitioners.

6. Clarifying the truth thoroughly, better helping people quit the CCP, and introducing all Chinese people to oppose the persecution

As the truth is widely spread, more and more people understand Dafa. People gradually understand the true nature of the CCP which they have blindly trusted for many years. After understanding the goodness of Dafa and the evil nature of the CCP, many people will decide to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. As the number of people quitting the CCP increases, more and more people have a sense of justice and form a righteous power. Eventually, all the people in Mainland China will step forward to oppose the persecution. If all the people in Mainland China could cut their links with the CCP, the field which the evil depends on for survival would cease to exist. The detentions of Dafa disciples in labor camps and jails would no longer exist.

7. Dafa disciples in China and overseas work as a whole body

Since the beginning of the persecution, everything done by overseas practitioners was to validate Dafa, expose the evil, and back up the practitioners in China. Actually, the more powerful, widespread, and deeper the Fa-validation activities are by overseas practitioners, the more pressure the evil party will be under, and the faster the evil party will decompose.

There is an old story in Chinese history, “Sima Guang broke the water crock.” If China under the CCP is a big water crock, all the activities that overseas practitioners do, such as parades, anti-torture exhibitions, candlelight vigils, Minghui schools, and organ harvesting reenactments, are to break the “crock.” The “crock” is full of “water.” People live in the “water.” Whatever practitioners in China do, is to save the people in the “crock.” Although the crock is big, it starts to leak. Actually, every successful step in Fa-rectification is to break the “crock,” whether it is breaking through the CCP's Internet blockade, setting up a new “truth-clarification” materials production center, one more person understanding the truth, one more person quitting the CCP, one more practitioner being rescued, and righteous actions from human rights advocacy personnel. Therefore, if we want to completely stop the illegal detention of Dafa disciples in labor camps and jails, all the disciples should be steadfast as a whole body, coordinate well, and do well the three things. Since our goal is to “completely end the detentions,” if we reach the standard and the mindset of “completely ending the detentions,” labor camps and jails could no longer detain Dafa disciples.

The above is my personal understanding about “completely ending the illegal detention of Falun Dafa practitioners.” Please point out anything inappropriate.