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The Changes in My Husband

March 20, 2007 |   By a Falun Dafa Practitioner from Shenyang, Liaoning Province

(Clearwisdom.net) I started cultivating Dafa in 1995. I am fifty eight years old. Before cultivating Falun Gong, my husband was an alcoholic. When he became drunk, he would yell at and hit me. One year during the Chinese New Year, he got so drunk at his mother's home that he even started to beat and scold my mother-in-law.

On one occasion, I was beaten by my husband until my body was covered with purplish and green bruises. He did not stop until he got tired of hitting me. He even confessed to the neighbor afterward that beating me had made him sweaty and tired.

Once, he was crossing the street after purchasing tofu. A blind person accidentally bumped into him. The tofu he bought fell to the ground and he started to swear, only later when he realized that the person was blind did he stop. On another occasion, a cyclist bumped into him and accidentally knocked down all the tofu he bought. Shamelessly he demanded that the cyclist pay for the tofu that was dropped. When the cyclist replied that he did not have any money, he forcibly took away some pliers that the cyclist was carrying as compensation. He was persistently very unreasonable. He had not looked carefully while crossing the street and this resulted in the mishap. He always bumped into others through his own carelessness.

After I obtained the Fa and started cultivation, I also got him to practice. I said to him that ordinary people who do not practice cultivation will continuously be reincarnated. He replied that entering the cycle of Samsara would be better for him as he would like to be reincarnated as a tiger, so that the government would protect him under the endangered species protection legislation!

At that time all I wanted was for him to improve, so for this reason, frequently I played Master's lecture tapes aloud. While I was listening, he also listened. He would also let me play Dafa music, as he liked to listen to it. Although he had a very bad temper, I had confidence that Dafa could transform him. When studying the Fa, I would focus on reading material that would specifically target and benefit him. For example in Zhuan Falun it says

“There’s a law in this universe, called 'a person doesn’t gain anything if he doesn’t lose'—to gain, you have to lose, and if you don’t lose you’ll be made to lose.”

My husband witnessed my body being healed after practicing Dafa. After cultivation, the hypertension that I had for more than twenty years and other chronic aliments such as leg joint pain, wrist pain, kidney inflammation, chronic enteritis, chronic keratitis, palpitation of the heart, insomnia, etc, all disappeared miraculously. He felt the mighty power of Dafa and slowly he began to change.

At that time we lived in a small house. Its size was less than 13 square meters. The house was built with broken bricks, and it was very cold in the winter. Most of our neighbors would steal electricity to heat their houses. They all wanted to show us how this was done. Even the less educated people would sympathize with us that our house was cold and that we deserved to use the stolen electricity for heating. My husband would resolutely refuse, citing that after one knows the truth and principles of how to be a good person from listening to Dafa, one must defends his morality. He said that if a person does not have moral values, he wouldn't have anything. Stealing electricity would cause one to lose virtue.

On another occasion, my husband was knocked down by a motorcycle while crossing the street. The two fried chickens that he brought fell to the ground. The motorcycle was ruined because of the collision. Blood was oozing from the biker's hand. The biker wanted to take my husband to the hospital. My husband told the biker that he was fine, and that the biker was free to go. The police on duty saw the whole incident and confiscated the biker's license, and said to my husband “You are an elderly person. After being hit this badly, how could you let him get away just like that? Make a note of the person's name and address in case something is wrong, then you can find this guy.” My husband replied that there was no need for that, and there was nothing wrong. With this he walked away to go home. After arriving home, he told the whole incident to me. I told him that the outcome of good or bad comes from one thoughts; it's obvious that Master was protecting him. He could do this only because he handled himself as a practitioner. My husband responded that although he doesn't cultivate, in all respects he would strive to abide by Dafa 's principles to become a good person!

During 2003, my husband suffered from severe joint pain. Even the best medicated paste could not relieve the pain. On top of that, he got a very bad cough. He said to me that the medication he was taking for the cough relief wasn't working and if the illness were to continue, without money to pay for the medicine, he would just wait to die. Right after that, I gave him an amulet with a Dafa truth clarification charm to wear, and I asked him to recite, “Falun Dafa is good.” All his illnesses disappeared, and he felt lightness all over his body. He started wearing the amulet in 2004 and never took it off. Whenever he saw his friends, relatives and anyone with an illness, he would tell them his personal story about the wonderful experience and transformation that occurred after he wore the protection charm. He also showed the truth clarification booklet to them.

After the publication of the Nine Commentaries, My husband understood the evil and viciousness of the Communist Party. He also realized the importance of quitting the CCP. He would always remind me when it was time to send forth righteous thoughts. My husband's transformation has been very pronounced. He said to me that he supported me wholeheartedly. He never hit me after 1995. He also allowed my parents to live together with us, and he shows them great respect.

My 89-year-old father is another beneficiary of reciting, “Falun Dafa is good”. Every day he would ride his bike to the park. Once he was struck by a car and fell. Righteously, he told the driver that “nothing was wrong.” He did not make trouble for the driver. True enough, nothing happened to him.

Our whole family will forever treasure Dafa. I will also need to persevere to advance further, striving to do the three things well that Dafa disciples are required to do.