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Women's Division of the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp (Heilongjiang Province) Brutally Tortures Falun Gong Practitioners

February 10, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) issued direct orders to forced labor camps to use inhuman methods to torture practitioners. Since the onset of the persecution of Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999, I have been imprisoned twice in forced labor camps, for a total of four and a half years. During that time I experienced and witnessed practitioners being brutal tortured.

All Steadfast Practitioners Were Subjected to Inhuman Tortures at Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp

1. Isolation: Staff at the forced labor camp held steadfast practitioners in isolation cells. The practitioner was not allowed to leave the isolation cell for any activity and especially no outdoor activities were allowed. At the same time no one was allowed to study the Fa, practice the exercises or associate with other steadfast practitioners. Should they meet by chance, they were not allowed to look at each other. Family and friends visits were not allowed. Any family member or friend who was allowed to see the practitioner had to first slander Teacher and Falun Dafa. During their isolation, the practitioners were forced to listen to and watch radio and TV programs that slandered Teacher and Falun Dafa. Staff at the forced labor camp tried to use the feeling of extreme loneliness and psychological pressure to destroy the practitioners' wills. The intent was for the practitioner to renounce the practice and their belief in the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance."

2. Sitting on a Small Stool: The so-called "small stool" is actually a spindle that is less than 20 cm. (8 inches) high with a diameter of less than 25 cm. (10 inches). It is used to wind industrial insulated wire. There is a hole in the middle of the spindle. Inside the hole is a long screw that sticks up higher than the surface of the spindle. When sitting on the spindle for a long time, the iron screw sticks into one's buttocks and flesh, and blood sticks to one's pants. Victims of this torture were unable to walk after they were released. All firm practitioners were subjected to this torture. Elderly and young practitioners were treated the same. No one was allowed to put a mat on the stool. If anyone was found to have a mat, he or she would be beaten. At times, the victims were punched, kicked, shocked with electric batons, and handcuffed. The practitioners had to get up at 5:30 a.m. After attending to daily needs, such as using the toilet and getting cleaned up, the practitioners were taken to the isolation room where they had to sit on the stool until 11:30 p.m. or midnight. Whoever talked or closed their eyes while sitting on the stool would have the time on the stool extended. Some practitioners were forced to suffer on this stool until 12:30 or 1:00 a.m.

Cruel Tortures Suffered by Practitioners

During the Chinese New Year 2001, after practitioners' appeals about beatings, verbal abuse, and other tortures were ignored by the inspection office at the forced labor camp, they asked to meet with the head of the labor camp. Zhu Tiehong, the division's political instructor, asked for everyone who wanted to meet with the head of the forced labor camp to follow her. A dozen or so practitioners were taken to an empty building. Liu Hongguang, the division head, along with several dozen male and female guards, were waiting inside the building. They surrounded the practitioners. Then two or three guards grabbed one practitioner and threw the practitioner onto an empty bed as if she was a sack of potatoes. The practitioner's extremities were handcuffed to the bed. They were detained under the "strict control" method for nine days in that building. Practitioner Ms. Jin Lihong from Qitaihe clarified the truth of the persecution to one of the leaders of the forced labor camp. In response, the evildoers stuffed a cotton quilt into her mouth to stop her from speaking. Ms. Jin almost choked to death. Practitioner Ms. Yang Yubo from Huanan was locked to the iron chair for three days and nights by one of the camp inspection team leaders for speaking out against the torture of practitioners. After she was released from the iron chair, her legs were swollen and she could barely walk. Practitioner Ms. Wang Shujun from Jiamusi City was diagnosed with kidneys necrosis before New Year's Day 2001. She had breathing and urination problems. She was going blind and on the verge of death. Staff at the forced labor camp were worried that she might die in the camp so they released her.

In 2001, when elderly practitioner Ms. Zhao Yaxian from Fujin was reading lectures written by the founder of Falun Dafa, Mr. Li Hongzhi, division leader Mu Zhenjuan caught her and ordered her to hand over the articles. Ms. Zhao refused. Mu Zhenjun tried to take the articles by force and in the process broke one of the bones in Ms. Zhao's hand. In late fall 2002, newly arrived female guard Chen Jing broke one of the bones in Ms. Lu Jing's forearms. Ms. Lu was a practitioner from Yilan. The right eye of practitioner Ms. Zhang Yufang, who lived at the outskirts of Jiamusi City, was nearly blinded from severe beatings by female guard Hou Li. Ms. Zhang's right ankle was swollen and is still in bad shape. Practitioner Ms. Meng Guifen's leg was injured from the beatings by male guards and took several months to heal.

In October 2002, guards at the Women's Division of the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp tortured practitioners in an effort to have them renounce their belief in Falun Dafa. The torture methods included shocks with electric batons, being cuffed and hung up, being handcuffed behind the back, beatings, sitting on an iron chair, and being kept in isolation.

As soon as the guards had selected a victim for torture, that person would be subjected to a very cruel torture method, called the "forced back-bend" position. This is an extremely painful torture. One arm reaches down the back from behind the head and the other hand meets it from the lower back. The two hands are then cuffed together to the bedside. The victim is forced to sit on the floor in a right angle and not allowed to bend the legs. While being subjected to this torture method, guards and criminal inmates constantly twisted and pulled the victim's hands, resulting in excruciating pain. The hands swell within a short time and the handcuffs cut into the wrists. The victim is short of breath, suffers accelerated heart beat, and is soaked with perspiration.

Some practitioners could not bear the pain any longer and wrote or signed statements under duress that were already prepared by the prison guards. Although the statements that betrayed Teacher and the Fa were written under duress, the practitioners who signed them suffered great mental distress. The practitioners believe they have committed a disgrace that cannot be erased with words or deeds. The mental pain was far worse than the physical torture.

Practitioners who were subjected to this torture included Ms. Pu Yanchun of the Hongxinglong Administration Bureau, a third year student of the Heilongjiang University English Department; Ms. Li Guoyun from Hegang; Ms. Zheng Yingchun from Fuyuan; Ms. Wang Yingxia; Ms. Kang Aimin; Ms. Tong Li from Jiamusi; and Ms. Huang Xiaolei from Hegang, a second year student of the Harbin Fine Art School. All of these victims suffered different injuries. Ms. Zhao Lixia from Jiamusi City could not raise her left arm for two years after that torture. Ms. Huang Bin, a teacher from Jiamusi City, came down with heart disease after being subjected to the "forced back-bend" torture. Ms. Zhang Xiaogeng from Jiamusi City had a big lump on her wrist, so that she could no longer perform any work. It was extremely painful whenever she moved her wrist. Because of the physical torture and extreme mental pressure, some practitioners became mentally traumatized, including Ms. Sun Shujie from Shuangyashan City, Ms. Wang Fengjun, and Ms. Yang Shuhui from Jiamusi City. Practitioners Ms. Tang Hong from Jiamusi City and Ms. Fang Cuifang from Boli County died because of the deep regret they felt after renouncing Falun Gong. The forced labor camp tried very hard to block the news that practitioners were tortured to death. The guards separated us, and the gate to our section was locked at all times. All the isolation cells were kept locked at all times and the doors and windows were covered with cloth. The guards did not feel any shame about their criminal activities but continued to beat, insult, and laugh at practitioners. They had lost all the reasoning of normal human beings.

Ms. Yin Ling was a practitioner from the No. 597 State Farm in Baoqing County. To protest the persecution of fellow practitioner Ms. Li Shuhua, Ms. Yin held a hunger strike along with Ms Li. After seven days she was taken to the hospital for examination. No one was told the result. Upon returning from the hospital the doctor gave her intravenous drips. Ms. Yin refused to cooperate whenever she was given the intravenous drip. The evildoers cuffed her hands to the side of the bed and sat on the floor to give her injections. Hong Wei, the team leader, verbally abused her. Another team leader, Mu Zhenjuan, swore loudly at Falun Dafa and the founder of Falun Dafa. On the tenth day Ms. Yin felt urinary pressure frequently, but each time she only had a little urine. Therefore, she urinated less frequently, which resulted in abdominal distension and pain. Eventually she lost consciousness, but the staff at the forced labor camp did not release her. They did not take her home until she was comatose. Ms. Yin died a few days after she was sent home. Ms. Yin's uncle said that, according to the autopsy, her internal organs had open wounds everywhere.

After New Year's Day 2003, a dozen practitioners were locked into a less-than-ten-square-meter room. At that time, Ms. Tang Fengqun's 16-year-old daughter sent a letter to her imprisoned mother, complaining that there was no one to look after her. The winter was very cold, she was freezing, and her legs were very cold. She felt like she had to urinate all the time. She hoped that her mother would be released as soon as possible. After reading the letter Ms. Tang Fengkun could not help but have a forced smile. The on-duty guard, Liu Yadong, and the division head jumped on to a bed, dragged Ms. Tang Fengkun off a small stool, and slapped her face. While slapping her on the cheeks the guard swore at her, "You still can smile! Now let me teach you a lesson. You Falun Gong people are all inhuman. I ask you, how can one call that a smile?" Ms. Yin saw the wry smile and felt like crying. There is no mother that does not care about her children. However, what could Ms. Yin do? She was still locked in the forced labor camp simply because she refused to say "I will not practice Falun Gong again." As a matter of fact, the staff at the labor camp wants to hear only the two words "I quit!"

On June 25, 2003, Li Xiujin, the on-duty team leader, along with guard Sun Hui, demanded that practitioners turn in written "homework." The practitioners were told to copy word for word something the guards had come up with. Practitioner Ms. Lu Jing was subjected to the "forced back-bend" torture because she clarified the truth to them. She was then cuffed to the iron bed. Her blood-curdling screams still resound in my ears. Li Xiujin, with a cigarette in one hand and a pair of handcuffs in the other, shouted, "Whoever fears no death just come forward! Let me see who dares not write this 'homework!'" We did not want to suffer more torture or the psychological pain from betraying Teacher and the Fa. We no longer wanted to suffer beatings with electric batons, handcuff tortures, or the mental pain and humiliation of the most cruel torture of all, the "forced back-bend."

Division Head He Xia assumed personal command, and Section Heads Liu Yadong, Gao Xiaohua, and Mu Zhejuan began beating practitioners while swearing at them. Ms. Cai Rong, Ms. Bao Lixia, Ms. Cheng Hanbo, Ms. Dai Lixia, Ms. Fei Jinrong, and Ms. Yang Fengying were beaten black and blue, and no one could even recognize them. When those in command became tired, they ordered criminals Wang Na, He Yaqin, and Wang Jie to beat the practitioners. Ms. Fei Jinrong was kicked at her waist. As a result she could not stretch her back for several months and had blood in her urine. After the beatings, practitioners were handcuffed to the iron railing of the bed. They were forced to sit without moving for more than ten hours. They were not allowed to use the toilet and the verbal abuse never stopped. Ms. Ma Xiaohua was handcuffed to the two boards of the bed and her buttocks and legs were tied to the boards with a rope. Liu Yadong ordered the criminals not to give her a pillow or covers and not to let her turn over or their prison terms would be extended. Ms. Ma was handcuffed like that for 25 days and nights. As a result, her back was injured. Liu Yadong gave orders that practitioners could not brush their teeth or take showers for 25 days. Ms. Fei Jinrong had her hands cuffed behind her back for 30 days and suffered the "forced back-bend" torture three times. Ms. Zheng Yingchun was subjected to this torture once. Ms. Su Yanhua from the Lianjiangkou Paper Mill was handcuffed to the bed for practicing the exercises and her sentence was extended. Besides the torture practitioners were subjected to, their terms were extended one to two months.

On November 5, 2003, we were transferred from the "strict control group" to the so-called ""transformation" group." The authorities tried all methods to have us renounce Falun Dafa. Over the last few years, staff at the forced labor camp failed to reach its goal in making practitioners renounce Falun Dafa, no matter their methods. Therefore, they thought of another very cruel torture method. They ordered practitioners to sit in rows of fives. They sat in an area of two square meters and were forced to watch video programs that slandered Teacher. We were not allowed to close our eyes, could not stretch over the two square meter boundary, were not allowed to talk or sleep, and could use the toilet only at set times. We had to sit up straight and could not change position. Our hands had to rest on our knees. We were not allowed to move, even when our buttocks were very sore. Several dozen practitioners sat in that area. We were surrounded by male and female guards from our and other sections. Rows of handcuffs hung from the central heating pipes. The high voltage electric batons crackled, and the guards also used rubber batons. We were subjected to verbal abuse and violence. From time to time practitioners were dragged out to be beaten. The air seemed frozen. The horror, the high pressure, and the extreme physical and mental pressure made us feel as if days were years. Many practitioners' buttocks were injured from the screws on the stools. Blood oozed out of the wounds and stuck to underpants and pants. The scabs were torn off when the pants were removed. It would cause excruciating pain. It was like peeling off a layer of skin. Several dozen practitioners were forced to sit on the stool for more than 100 hours, including Ms. Zheng Yingchun from Fuyuan, Ms. Deng Chunxia from Baoquanling, Ms. Tang Fengkun, Ms. Wang Yuhong, Ms. Li Shuhua from Jiamusi City, and Ms. Su Yanhua from Xinhua Paper Mill.

Yu Wenbin, the head of the Women's Division said, "To deal with Falun Gong practitioners you don't need to worry about the law. You can do whatever you like to punish them." Whenever the guards or criminal inmates inhumanly tortured practitioners, they would turn up the volume of the loudspeakers in an attempt to cover the practitioners' screams. Or they would take practitioners to a remote area to torture them to keep their criminal activities secret.

There was a pet phrase among the guards at the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp, "Reducing terms of forced labor doesn't count but extending does. We can extend the terms of forced labor for whomever and for whatever length we wish." They did just what they said.

Who refused to renounce Falun Dafa had their term extended. Ms. Zhang Chunyan from Shuangyashan City and Ms. Fu Meilin from Jixi City had their terms extended for one year. Ms. Li Guiying from Qitaihe, Ms. Li Xiaohong from Fu Jin, Ms. Wang Guimei from Boli, and Ms. Ma Xiaochun from Jiamusi had their terms extended between three and six months. He Qiang, the head of the women's section, told practitioners that if they met the production quota their terms would be reduced. Therefore, quite a few practitioners met the production quota. He Qiang said, "Look, I keep my promises. Those who met the production quota can have their terms reduced. However, since you did not renounce your belief, I was ordered by my superior not to release you. Therefore, it is not my fault."

Practitioners who had their terms extended for reading Teacher's new articles included Ms. Ma Xiaohua, Ms. Fei Jinrong, Ms. Gao Yanbo, Ms. Deng Chunxia, Ms. Tong Li, Ms. Li Ping, Ms. Su Yanhua, Ms. Zhang Lingde, Ms. Wang Dongxia, Ms. Bao Lixia, and Ms. Zhao Xiuyun. The minute the guards discovered practitioners reading new articles, they took the articles and extended the practitioners' terms. The minimum extension was one month and more often than not two months for any so-called infraction. Practitioners appealed, as was their right under existing law. Division leaders Liu Yadong and Li Xiujin said, "Don't talk to us about the law! Once we discover that you are reading the new article, your term will be extended. If you want to sue, just go ahead." Then they tortured and abused practitioners. When they were in a bad mood they were even more vicious.

Practitioner Ms. Li Ping from Shuangyashan City was nearsighted. She was designated to fetch water for practitioners, because they were not allowed to get water during working hours. It was a violation of rules if anyone other than Ms. Li Ping got the water. One day when Ms. Li Ping took water to a practitioner, guard Sun Hui shouted abuses. Apparently, Ms. Li Ping had not asked for permission to fetch water. Ms. Li's term was extended by three days for not following rules.

Ms. Fei Jinrong was not in good health and could not participate in the morning drill. Therefore, Liu Yadong beat her and verbally abused her. She also forced Ms. Fei to take part in the morning drill. Ms. Fei shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" and was handcuffed and taken to the isolation cell. She was forced to sit on the stool and subjected to sleep deprivation. The evildoers also wrote words slandering Teacher and tried to force Ms. Fei to read them. Ms. Fei refused and Li Xiujin beat her. Her term was extended for shouting, "Falun Dafa is good!" Ms. Fei Jinrong was sentenced to three years of forced labor, but her term was extended by more than seven months. Ms. Ma Xiaohua's term was extended for four and a half months. Other practitioners' terms were extended from one to three months.

Criminal inmates were given authority by the guards to abuse and torture practitioners. This was called "assisting the work of the guards" and consisted of torturing Falun Gong practitioners who believed in the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." I witnessed Liu Yadong, division leader, Li Xiujin, Gao Jie, Gao Xiaohua, and Mu Zhenjuan ordering criminal inmates to beat, verbally abuse, and monitor practitioners. They said "Settle with them for me." Wang Na from Wuchang City, He Yaqin from Hegang, Wang Jie from Harbin City, Wu Xiaping from Jiamusi City, and Sun Xiaojuan from Shuangyashan City were among the worst in beating practitioners.

Ms. Dong Guiqin, 68, from Huachuan County had a huge lump in her breast which excreted liquid. She could not do anything because of the pain. She was very skinny and had difficulties walking. Division Head Liu Yadong and Li Xiujin swore at her, insulted her, and forced her to do manual labor. Since she was unable to work, they forced her to sit on a stool. Criminal inmate Yang Xiadi from Shuangyashan City punched the breast with the lump several times. Ms. Dong almost fainted because of the pain several times. Criminal inmate Yang Xiandi put flies into Ms. Kang Aimin's mouth. The guards simply turned a blind eye. Some criminal inmates did not have the heart to torture practitioners, so they were verbally abused as well. The guards even threatened to extend these criminals' terms if they did not participate in torturing practitioners. Some criminal inmates were forced to torture practitioners.

Practitioners were ordered to wear the camp uniform. Ms. Pu Yanchun and Ms. Huang Xiaolei refused, saying that they had not committed any crimes. They said that they were wronged and were the victims of persecution. The guards handcuffed Ms. Pu and Ms. Huang to a bed and made them sit on the stool for seven days and nights. They were handcuffed behind their backs with both hands bent backwards from their shoulders. It is impossible for anyone who has not suffered this torture to imagine the pain. Ms. Cong Minhua and three other practitioners were also handcuffed behind their backs for refusing to wear the camp uniforms. They were forced to sit on the floor for seven days and nights.

Practitioners had to do manual labor, such as pick beans, mend canvases, make cellphone cases and car cushions, sew carpets, and make boxes. If they didn't meet the quota, they were beaten or subjected to some other kind of torture. Practitioners Ms. Xie Xuepu, Ms. Yu Chunmei, Ms. Zhuang Shuqing, and Ms. Sun Xuelian were forced to mend canvases. Mu Zhenjuan claimed that they were too slow and made them sit on the stools. Ms. Yang Lijuan was a slow worker. Therefore, she was often harassed by the guards. Liu Yadong and Li Xiujin often forced Ms. Yang to work overtime. If she did not meet the quota she was not allowed to sleep. They threatened to extend her term. Ms. Kang Aimin, Ms. Tong Li, and Ms. Li Ping could not work because of their injuries. Li Xiujin and Liu Yadong threatened to handcuff them in the forced back-bend position if they did not work. They were often beaten and harassed. Ms. Su Yanhua had scabies all over her body because of poor ventilation and the dampness in the room. Since the medication was too strong, Ms. Su was poisoned and suffered from muscle weakness. She was unable to walk and work. Therefore, she was often beaten and verbally abused by the guards.

Ms. Wang Dongxia, who was introverted, was subjected to physical and mental torture. Her term was extended for reading new articles. She became emaciated due to malnutrition, and she had a high fever for a long time. Although she was too weak to work, she was still forced to meet her quota. Even after the doctor diagnosed her illnesses, some guards still said that Ms. Wang's illnesses were feigned. At that time Ms. Wang Dongixa was semi-comatose. Once they could no longer test her body temperature, staff at the forced labor camp hastily released her. Ms. Wang Dongxia has since passed away.

The Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp Inspection Office head and other management level staff said publicly that they would not accept appeals by practitioners. Therefore, practitioners did not receive a response after submitting an appeal. The guards accelerated the torture and mistreatment of practitioners. They yelled proudly, "We beat you and swear at you. If you want to sue us, go ahead. You can go wherever you like. Death of Falun Dafa practitioners from beating is nothing and shall be counted as suicide. This is the place where the state's mandatory dictatorship is exercised. We can fix you up at will." All levels of management at the camp supported the guards' brutality. They even gave incentives, bonuses, and promotions to guards who openly violated the law, rules, and regulations. They could commit outrageous crimes with impunity. Large scale torture activities against practitioners were planned and carried out at the direction of management.

On March 2, 2005, Yu Wenbin, the political instructor of the Women's Division, forced the practitioners to sign a "reeducation contract." There were seven sections to the contract, which were full of vicious words that betrayed Teacher and Falun Dafa. Wang Xin, the division head, and several male guards beat whoever refused to sign the contract. The male guards shocked practitioner Ms. Wang Qi with a 50-thousand volt electric baton until she lost consciousness. After coming to, she passed out again because of the excruciating pain. She could no longer walk and still needed help to use the toilet two months later. Ms. Wang He from Shuangyashan City was handcuffed to the bed. The guards shocked her hands and legs with electric batons. Ms. Zhuang Shuqing, Ms. Xun Xuelian, and Ms. Li Qingqing were beaten and their bodies were covered with cuts and bruises. Gao Xiaohua, head of the section, and Li Xiujin handcuffed practitioner Ms. Ma Xiaohua behind her back, and guard Lu Yuqiang took her fingerprint by force. At the same time another guard used an electric baton to shock the left side of Ms. Ma's body. Ms. Ma sternly told them that they were in violation of human rights and existing Chinese laws. Xu Jinli from the Administrative Section accused her of swearing and slapped her right ear. As a result, she lost much of her hearing.

Ms. Ma Xiaohua was tortured and received more injuries even though her back was not fully recovered from the injuries of June 26, 2003, when she was tied to the "dead person's bed." She became bedridden and could not look after herself. She was sent to the central hospital for a checkup and had to pay all the medical expenses. The doctor did not dare to give her his diagnosis openly. On the following day after Ms. Was released, her mother went to pick up the diagnosis and the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) films from the medical section of the forced labor camp. She was told that He Qiang from the Administrative Section had confiscated them. She went to see He Qiang, who claimed that he could not find them. Then he said he could not give these things to Ms. Ma's mother because her daughter was no longer an inmate at the camp.

He Qiang, formerly the head of the Women's Division, is currently the head of the Administrative Section. Why did he refuse to hand over the original diagnosis and the films? The only explanation was that he was afraid of the consequences once the torture was exposed. He was merely trying to cover up the truth. He Qiang transferred to the forced labor camp to become head of the Women's Division in the 2001 Chinese New Year. He was the mastermind and commander of all torture perpetrated against Falun Dafa practitioners.

One day, political instructor Yu Wenbin was giving a lecture on general legal knowledge. Yu said that, during a trial if the police use mental torture to elicit a confession, they are guilty of eliciting a confession under pressure. Practitioners asked Yu Wenbin what crimes were involved when the guards forced practitioners to renounce their belief in Falun Dafa and used different cruel methods, such as torture, violence, beating, verbal abuse, humiliation, and ruining mental health as well as causing injuries and death. Yu answered, "Falun Dafa practitioners are the exception here. There is no law regulating the treatment of practitioners. We just do what the Chinese Communist Party tells us to do."